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Welcome to Technet Nepal!

We have always learnt that 'to share is to care' and 'in teaching do we learn'.

For the IT Professionals in Nepal, we are presenting a portal to ensure that there is a portal to learn as well as to teach, to share and collaborate; to educate as well as to be educated.

We use a triple-E approach:

Education and Awareness: This portal hopes to be able to increase the awareness level on the latest technologies and products from Microsoft!

Engineering: This portal also aims at being able to share source codes, troubleshooting tips, experiences and tricks and tips in helping IT Pros to be better able to implement the solutions.

Embrace: This portal hope to be able to assist our users to embrace Microsoft products and technologies.

I am sure you will join, blog and share your knowledge in the forum section of this portal.

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar
Chief Executive Office
Unlimited Technology P Ltd


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