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youTH – where A Million Dollar Ideas are Born
                         About a month ago, when I first saw the post on Facebook wall about"youTH" made me to visualize the common meaning of the Youth. I always love meeting and building up connections with the students like me especially the people who loves playing with technology. Besides, as I came to know that it was hosted by Microsoft Innovation Centre, there is a no way that I could miss the program.


                             So, on 6th of June around 10:30 A.M. I reached Unlimited Technology building, registered me there and attended the 2nd orientation of youTH. The program was for about 7 hours where Allen Bailochan Tuladhar sir talked about his journey of building Empire of Microsoft in Nepal and how the concept of youTH was developed. In addition to this, he talked about the works and the vision that youTH has created and will be implemented very soon with the vision of changing the face of Nepal. This brought me more excitement and responsible at the same time. There is a line between the education in college and practical one and youTH was the program that gives our dreams wings to fly.


                       Well, that was about the orientation program but let's discuss about what I've learnt and understand the role of youTH in making the change. From the title "A Million Dollar Ideas"I mean to say the idea that can change the world can come from the young minds like us .I always believe that we're never too young to change the world. I've seen the impact of building innovative ideas on the orientation day. The range and the field of technology is really wide so different innovative minds can have interest on different fields. But without the team work it is very difficult to make the ideas into reality. youTH is such a platform that binds the students together with the different vision and gives a platform to work on it.

                        Working in youTH can increase the learning. When we collaborate with the team ideas, this helps to sum up with the better ideas and vision. Everyone has the knowledge and ideas in their respective fields. When there is platform where we can actually share those ideas the comment and feedback from the people can make it more efficient. The learning is such a process where you share more, you will learn more so working in a team is always of better choice.


"It's really wonderful to meet with people who have great vision as yours."

                           I always have a great dream of developing the Artificial Intelligence that can solve the Unmanaged Traffic Problem in the Kathmandu valley. I've seen more of my friends who are actually interested and doing research in Machine Learning and Algorithms where a strong network can be built up and come with a better idea about that problem. Being a Computer Science student it is necessary to keep up to date with the current affairs related to technology in the world. Sharing of the ideas in the youTH can help everyone to be updated. This is only a case of mine. But what I want to share is that youTH can bring the ideas together and people with the common thoughts together and to think globally and locally.

                           Everyone can be Heroes. Everyone has bright side within them. It is just a opportunity everyone is lacking to showcase their talent. youTH has an amazing package that can take the young minds to the next level. The youTH has a common feeling of learning and growing together. The skills and knowledge that every students can gain in youTH with no doubt can change the face of nation.


                             In spite of the different thoughts, every students have the common goal on bringing the best outcomes from themselves. We have Bill Gates around our locality, we have Elon Musk roaming around in search of better platform, we have Jack Ma around us with the biggest startup plans and other brilliant minded people who can actually create a Million Dollar Ideas.

                             A proper mentoring, empowerment, networking, experience, innovation along with the technology is what a student needed besides from the college life. youTHis great journey to make a positive change within ourselves and contribute equally for the betterment of others. I'm much excited to begin a new journey with youTH and create a story of my own.

Posted: 07-10-2018 11:39 AM by Aadarsha Acharya