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Youth itself is a talent – a perishable talent

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term ‘youth’ is defined as the qualities of vigour, freshness, or immaturity as associated with being young. Since the inception of human civilization, it has always been a fantasy to appear young and beautiful throughout one’s life time. But time is such a cruel master that neither gets intimidated nor gets friendly to anyone. 

In my opinion, the excitement of learning separates youth from old age and as long as you're learning you're not old. With that being said, I would like to embark upon the ‘Youth’ program which is literally pronounced as “You to the power of th”. Frankly speaking, when the first time Sir Allen introduced the name to us, I cringed for a brief because at the time being, it sounded way too cheesy. But when I pondered upon it, it came to a realization that the name actually makes quite a sense. 

With the increasing pace of globalization and the growth of the digital contents and medias worldwide, the online piracy has become one of the most pressing matters in recent context. Online music and movie piracy is a real-life crime, and witcrime comes severe consequences.  However, in our country where the anti-piracy rules and regulations are not implemented properly, it is no wonder that many of us are downloading loads of cracked, patched softwares and programs which has ensued in the loss of many indispensable data due to malicious contents (programs). Hence, my foremost priority after being a youth would be to discourage these sorts of practices by bringing awareness and providing my juniors with lots of alternatives. 

45% of the world’s internet users are below the age of 25, and 30% of the world’s youth have been active online at least five years. The number of youths entangled on today’s technologies is piling up day by day and if this trend continues, then the doom of human civilization is inevitable. I recon the net and phones in generally, have completely diminished our attention span, to the point where we now expect almost immediate gratification for performing task. When a book gets really boring, when learning a new skill becomes a bit difficult or when we get stuck with our own thoughts, we switch to doing something mediocre online rather than persevering with something difficult in the real world. This is a paramount problem which needs addressing immediately. “With great power comes great responsibility”, keeping this in mind being a youth, I would help today’s generation kids to peruse their true objective rather than fulfilling their short-term boredom and gratification.  

The above two paragraphs says it all as for what would I do after, if I get selected as a youth. Besides these I would love to hone my own personal skills to the extent where I could impart what I’ve learned, to others.  

Posted: 08-22-2018 12:23 AM by Abhi Lamsal with no comments