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Things that I would like to learn if I become a YouTH

Youth is "the freshness,energy,willingness".

It was absolutely an amazing experience to be a part of YouTh Orientation Programme. The more skills you have, the more valuable you are. Unfortunately, many of us are zero in other skill sets --for example, a coder might learn techniques for dozens of programming languages. This is good, as it makes us a better fit for those specific positions, but there are some general skills that are far more important.Therefore, I am determined to learn more on valuable lessons that can be applied in real life if I become a YouTh.

Some of the skills i want to learn are:

  • Communication/Public Speaking:

          No matter who we are, where we work, or what line of work we are in, communication will be a critical factor. I am not so good at public speaking, I would like to enhance my communication skills and deliver my ideas to the mass effectively.

  • Teamwork:

         Knowing how to work with others effectively will increase my strengths in problem solving. As there are many programs orgainzed by YouTh where team work is required I hope it will help me to work collectively in group.

  • Manage Time and Energy:

         This is a life changing skill. Many of us cannot manage time and energy properly. As an IT student, there are many technical stuffs to learn where I sometimes get burnout and cannot manage time properly.So, it would be very     productive if I could learn how to manage time give proper input to the things I learn.

  • Critical Thinking:

         Critical thinking allows for more creative solutions to problems. Critical thinkers are capable of handling any situations properly. I hope to learn this skill and tackle bad situations in a proper way.

  • Technical Skills:

         This is an era of modern technology. We are all inter-connected with technology. We rely more on technology to help us conduct our daily tasks like communicating, writing, calculating, presenting, drawing, creating sound, and many others. Thus, it will be helpful if there will be workshops, competitions like hackathon,appathons etc.

           In a conclusion, skills including soft skills and hard skills would be very helpful for enhancing our ability,talent and skills.


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