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ASP.NET, a web application framework, developed by Microsoft is designed for web development allowing us to build and deploy the dynamic websites, web application and many more. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal has conducted a 2 day training for MSPs  on how to use MVC framework for developing dynamic web pages. On the very first day, we were given the basic overview of Object Oriented Programming Language i.e, C#. Then, on the second day we were taught HTML, CSS and Javascript  basics that are considered to be important part of web design together with .NET MVC framework.

As per the knowledge we gained in the training, offers three frameworks for creating web applications; Web Forms, MVC framework, and  Web Pages. We were taught to build the web pages using MVC framework. MVC framework today, has been the most popularly used framework for web design and development. The Model-View-Controller is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main layers: the model, the view, and the controller.

Models: Model objects are the part of applications defining the logic and computation that manipulate and process the data.They are often used to retrieve and store model state  in a database. For Example, Creating a model object say Product might retrieve information from the database, operate on it, and then write the updated information back to the database server. Overall, models are used for manipulating the data and information associated with the database in a database server.

View: A view object in an application is an object that users can actually see.They are used display the application’s user interface(UI). They are used to display the application’s model objects and to enable editing of the data.Views are actually the pages that we create in the framework seen by the users.

Controller: A controller object in an application acts as a mediator between  one or more of view object and model objects. A controller object interprets the user actions that are performed in the view layer.The users’ actions that create or modify the data in the view are communicated through  a controller object and results in the modification of model objects and when the model objects change, the controller object makes the communication of new model data to to the view layer. i.e, the controller object actually handles the users’ interaction, work with and manipulate the model data, and finally select the view layer to display the information as per the user’s actions.

We were given the basics knowledge of how actually the .net MVC framework  works on designing and developing the dynamic web pages and hence the website.

Posted: 01-11-2018 8:20 PM by Alisha Sharma with 2 comment(s)