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What a lovely experience it was to be a candidate of youTH orientation program that I am now very eagerly looking forward to join the youTH community. If I become the youTH, I would love to learn about some arena of interests listed down:-

  • Time management:
Time management is one of the biggest problems that we all face. There are so many tasks needed to be performed within a fixed short span of time. And on top of anything, we all are very much aware about the importance of time. By being a youTH, I,specifically, want to manage activities at their own time and expediency along with carrying around their own prioritization.
  • Project management :

    Many students who want to achieve something in life are disappointed about their own situation and the nation's environment as they have to go through desks to desks so that they could get a job on which they are best at. In this matter, being a youTH I want to develop self confidence on what I love to do and what I am good at so that, I don't have to depend on 9 to 5 jobs by having a project management training and gaining entrepreneurship skills.


  • Technical expertise:

    Being a technical student, I want to be an expert on any fields of technicalities. Once gained technical skills is not enough. After having complete information on one particular technique, jumping on to learning another technical skills makes us even more better in our professional fields. Thus, I would want to gain complete technical guidance on one topic rather than putting hands in many different fields at the same time. And youTH is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience to gain better understandings.


  •   Become a focused youth :

    The main problem that we all, millennial face is we get easily distracted by hindrances and social medias and entertainment that we even procrastinate our own actual real jobs and waste our time on it. We lack the power to focus and carry patience within us. We want instant results of our work that if the result is a long run after effect, we just tend to leave it in the middle. Thus, being a youTH I want to acquire the techniques to maintain that deep level focus on anything that I would perform. 


  •   Adaption to out of comfort zones:

    Our generation don't like things getting change that we have to leave our comfort zone. We rather don't go out to avoid talk and stay at our homes watching Netflix with a packet full of chips by our side. We don't want to do the actual work but love manifesting them, living it in our own bubble. Thus, I would want to get involved in real impact tasks which are out of the comfort zones that challenges me and make me realize of what kind of individual that I am on this youTH platform. 


  •   Communication :

    Every single tasks and behavior does depend upon our communication skills with other individuals or business partners or sponsors whether its in form of having a conversation or giving the presentation. On this youTH platform, I want to learn to interact with people so that I can demonstrate my projects or products to achieve the set standards along with building networks. A good leadership: Leadership skills involves dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse and build respect. Thus, I would eagerly want to learn the skills required for setting up own business, which is often linked to leadership skills in this youTH journey. 


  • Management skills :

    Being a science student, I lack the skills of managing and making strategies at the unexpected chaotic situation where I need to take the right decisions.
    Thus, I would learn the skills of handling the real world obstacles by proper planning and strategies being a youTH.

    Summing up, I am very eagerly looking forward to join  youTH and becoming an influencer.

Posted: 09-05-2018 12:58 AM by Anisha Ghimire with no comments