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youTH Leads You Toward Success.



YouTH is an award and title given to the selected youth below 27 years of age. The first orientation programme of youth was held on June 22, 2018 at Microsoft Innovation Center, Khichapokhari. Youth programme provides us with good deal of opportunities and services which aims to promote digital awareness, new technologies, and other activities for the welfare of the country. We the juvenile, are the change makers of the society. If guided, motivated and inspired we can change not only the destiny of our but also the entire nation with the help of all those personality development activities. Therefore, YouTH acts as an anchor in our life.

The orientation programme which was conducted by Sir Mr. Allen Tuladhar was full of inspiration and motivation. Talking about my personal experience, only in 7 hours of time, I got to learn about the importance of technologies in our day to day life. Also we learned that no matter how much obstacles we face in our journey we should never give up on our dreams.

On the other hand, At first I was reticent, but later on I was able to talk frankly, present my views properly and also made many new friends. it really developed the gregarious nature within me. Also I learned the benefits and power of team work. The main motive of the programme was to make us interact and develop our personality and I guess he nailed it. He made us realize that the key to success is hardwork, dedication and faith and also gave us the proper vision of how YouTH makes us better person.

YouTH programme is all about empowering us with skill enhancement training for the personal and professional growth so that we can help in raising awareness and contribute to the society. It is the platform where we youngster can groom ourself for higher things and achieve our goals. It provides us with enormous training courses regarding technologies. This makes us up to date about newer technologies and help us bring personal and professional growth. This is one of the best platform where we can intensify our personality and do something to the nation. Personally speaking, it is one of the best experience I have ever had and I am very excited to witness more events in the coming future. All in all YouTH acts as wind beneath our wings.

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