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Since, I had been using Windows 7 Professional, thumbnails along with aero peek as well as transparency features had made me work efficiently than I had ever worked. I had heard about the incompatible applications in windows 7 but never realised that once such incompatible applications are run, your other fascinating windows features might be disabled. So did that horrible thing happened in my PC too. Whenever I run Macromedia Flash 8, the windows automatically notifies me about the disabled features. It bubbles up "Windows theme has been changed to Windows basic". Then the thumbail,aeropeek and transparency are all gone within a click. I used to restart my system to retore them back but was tedious of restarting again and again.  Thank heaven that windows 7 has automatic troubleshooter. Before approching troubleshooter, I went through the Windows Help And Support. And I got to know the reasons behind automatic turn off of the visual elements.

The last point in Help and Support  "Your computer doesn't have enough memory to run all of the programs that you have open and also run an Aero theme. If Windows automatically changed your theme to the Basic theme, and you want to change it back to an Aero theme, close some windows to free up memory, and then follow the steps below." was quite helpful for me.

I directly opened the temp folder from ComputerName/AppData/Local/Temp Or you can type %temp% in run window to open this Temp folder too. Now delete all possible files and folders from that Temp.

At once, the aero peek features were turned on in my case.

If the features are disabled due to any other reasons as mentioned in Help and Support then I recommend you to follow the steps mentioned in Help and Suppport. As far as I know, these features are automatically turned off if some applications are incompatible to Professional but those features are automatically turned on when you close all such incompatible applications. Besides that if you are using laptop then please check your battery power also since low battery doesnot support these aero features as well as transparency. Last but not the least if your hardware doesnot meet the recommended configuration, then it is obvious that none of the visual elements will run. Besides hardwares and low battery, you can troubleshoot visual elements as well by running aero troubleshooter.






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Installing SQL Server Management Studio

1. Read the setupsql.chm from four digit numerical folder. Then run Setup to install Server Management Studio selecting appropriate options. Therefore, make sure that Database Engine, Analysis Service and other options are not missed. Set it as Local System.

2. Now before installing SQL Server Management Studio Express, uninstall Management by performing as mentioned below:
     2.a. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.    
     2.b. Click on Uninstall a Program.
     2.c. In the list of installed programs, select Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then click Change.
     2.d. On the Component Selection page, select Workstation components, and then click Next.
     2.e. Click Next.
     2.f. On the Change or Remove Instance page, click Change Installed Components.
     2.g.Expand Client Components, click Management Tools, and then select Entire Feature will be Unavailable.
     2.h.Click Next.
     2.i. Click Install.
3. Now run SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.exe file to install SQL Server Management Studio Express.
4. Enable required protocols.
    4.a. Click Start, and then All Programs.
    4.b Click Microsoft SQL Server 2005 folder then Configuration tool folder.
    4.c. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
    4.d. Click on SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration, click on Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
    4.e. Enable TCP/IP and all other required protocols.
    4.f. Repeat the same process for Protocols for MSSQLSERVER too.
5. Allow SQL SERVER Management Studio Express by Firewall too.
6. Run as Administrator.
    6.a. Click Start, and then All Programs.
    6.b. Click Microsoft SQL Server 2005 folder then right click at SQL SERVER Management Studio Express.
    6.c. Click Run as Administrator.
7. Now Run SQL SERVER Management Studio Express.
8. Type computer name\SqlExpress in the Server Name.

9. Click Connect.

If you install in this way then , I'm sure that error: 18456, error-40, error-26, error-0, error-262, error-53 etc will be vanished. And I would like to suggest you to make sure of remote connection be enabled as well. But if you have problem in connecting SQL from Visual Web Developer then please consider the following front ends.
<remove name="AspNetSqlMembershipProvider" />
<add name="AspNetSqlMembershipProvider"
System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral,
passwordStrengthRegularExpression="" />
<remove name="AspNetSqlProfileProvider" />
<add name="AspNetSqlProfileProvider"
System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" />
<remove name="AspNetSqlRoleProvider" />

If errors are still prevalent then I recommend you to bing the error!!!



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 “Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides”. It is the most powerful weapon human-bing employ to express their message to others through which they communicates. If language hadn’t been invented then a newly borne baby will never learn to speak the words of pains and happiness. Moreover, anthropologist or biologist would have failed to distinguish human from the wild animals. Today we use language to satisfy our deep need to complain. Besides this, gradual development in civilization had introduced so many official languages nation wise such as Nepali, English, Chinese, and Hindi etc. Official sectors in Nepal uses Nepali language and some private sectors are prone to English too. And our history tells us that Nepali language originated from Gorkha which is the derivation of Sanskrit language plus uses Devanagari script in written form. Dwelling of “Chaar varna chhattis Jaat” is brought to unity by Nepali language. Talking about the remote areas of Nepal, inhabitants can hardly speak English or understand other language except their mother tongue. In such case, what is the feasibility of computer and its uses? 5*, 4*, 3*…It would have been dynamic if the computer talks Nepali, eats Nepali and walks Nepali if possible. To our delight Microsoft had answered the feasibility of Nepali OS and in many more other languages so called LIP’s. That is, Nepali Vista Language Interface Pack is knocking at our doorstep in a distance of a click.

1.       Open page

2.       To download language interface pack in Nepali click “जारी राख्नुहोस” button in above page.

3.       Read privacy statement, choose appropriate options and accept it to be verified by Microsoft.

4.       Download file named LIP_ne-Np.mlc.


1.       Microsoft Windows Vista should be installed in your computer.

2.       4.63 MB space for downloading

3.       14 MB empty space for set up

~Things to remember that LIP’s support 32-bit Windows Vista only!!

This service is compatible for Windows Vista only that will provide you the wide varieties of translated services. Once you install LIP then most of the menus, submenus, wizard boxes, and other tools of user interface will appear in Nepali. Basically the numbers are displayed in Nepali whether be in calendar or be in your word document.

 Wow! It’s a great help to typical Nepali who had some enthusiasm in technology but had never seen any machine like a computer before. Such people can learn quickly with their one mother tongue. It’s so comprehensible that I wish to have OS in Newari so that I could run adult education in my community. However computer worms at town laughed at the Nepali commands used in User Interface. Well, that may not be pretty awful for them but regarding remote areas, it’s the best.

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What will you do if there’s no one to snap a group photo besides your own members? I tell you not to worry if you use windows live photo gallery. One of your friends can snap rest of the member’s photo at first and then you snap his/her photo with the same background and stitch it together using Gallery. You’ll not miss any of your members in your group photograph. Beside this if your camera’s viewing angle is small and you are unable to snap all the range of scenes you want then not to worry again. Remedy is take all scenes in partition and stitch it with the gallery! It overlaps the photographs detecting the similar pixels in such a way that you cannot distinguish between synthetic and natural photo.


1.     Start Windows Live Photo Gallery.

If you are signing for the first time then “Sign in to Windows Live” box open. Sign in using your Live ID with appropriate options.

2.     Connect your camera and transfer your photos to your PC.

3.     Choose the photos you want to stitch together.

Mind that the photos you are about to overlap must have same background.

4.     Under the “Make” menu, click “Create Panoramic Photo.”

5.     Click “Print” to send to your printer, or order professional prints.

Not to worry if no printer coz save panoramic stitch box is opened in which we can define the location, select file name and file type. Click save selecting desired options.

Photo1                                          Photo 2                                        Stitched Photo


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A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over. Hence always switch on your sixth sense and beaware. My suggestion be aware of crackers too, they can crack your password, and play wid your account. One of my friend a----- tested me if i know bit encryption since it is the basement of hackers. Don't take it in other sense, but I felt as if i had read it or seen it...and i was right I had read it in microprocessor and seen it in internet explorer 8. Go to Map the address on this page drop down button on the menu bar then point on Get local results from recent searches and click on bit encryption.
You'll see a dialog box with the title Windows Internet Explorer in which the message"Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?"
 In which there's two command buttons one is OK and another is Cancel. Try both and see what happens. Encryption is the process of transforming information like plaintext using an algorithm known as cipher to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge or key. It  has long been used by militaries and governments to facilitate secret communication. Encryption is now commonly used in protecting information within many kinds of civilian systems. For example, in 2007 the U.S. government reported that 71% of companies surveyed utilized encryption for some of their data in transit. It can be used to protect data "at rest", such as files on computers and storage devices. In recent years there have been numerous reports of confidential data such as customers' personal records being exposed through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives. Encrypting such files at rest helps protect them should physical security measures fail.Digital Rights Systems which prevent unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted material and protect software against reverse encrytion,Encryption is also used to protect data in transit, for example data being transferred via internet, e-commerce, mobile telephones, wireless microphones, wireless intercom systerms, bluetooth devices adn bank ATM(automatic teller machine). There have been numerous reports of data in transit being intercepted in recent years.Encrypting data in transit also helps to secure it as it is often difficult to physically secure all access to networks.

Advanced Encrytion Standard  is encrytion standard adopted by the US government. The standard comprises three block ciphers AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. Each AES cipher has a 128-bit block size, with key size  of 128, 192 and 256 bits, respectively. Block Cipher is a symmetric key which operates on fixed-length groups of bits,  termed blocks, with an unvarying transformation. Hence I guess Advanced Encrytion is bit encryption.  !!!!!!!

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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. The principle can be reaped from good market that seeks the evidence of your qualifications. Our years and years of sweat of brow can't be shown by a clicks as Hercules conquers every challenges from his step mother H.....Unfortunately good companies demands for solid proof that can be meet by one and only certification. Despite there's piles of certificates whether be of good performance, activeness ....from club, school, colleges or be it about technical knowledge from different institutions but according to seniors voice microsoft is recognized globally though u place that certificate at the bottom of the stack or hide it. No matter the certificate is light or made up of paper but it has heavest weight that encites your career so why are we lagging behind from certification? Every tech lovers should give exams and be certified to build tranquil tech world. We had a treat from MSP's(Ravi, Sabina, Prashant, Kushal, Pradeep) for being certified by microsoft with good marks. MSp's that has turned to MCTS are:

Pradeep Kandel and Ramesh Karakheti expertised  forefront .

Kushal Gautam and Gaurav Pant  are  MCTS  on .net

Sabina Agrawal, Ravi Singhal, Prashant Dhewaju, Amrit Palike  have done their MCTS on Vista Configuration. Similarly Manisha, Anu and other MSP  on the queue to be expert.

Anita Agrawal has been certified with full marks MCDBA(SQL).

Genius without education is like silver in the mine, so I suggest you all to rise and lead the world towards technology. Mr Sailendrea Jha is one of the best presentor about certification who had continuosly been presenting in each install fest. Few of MSp's blogs about certification and their experience about giving exam are linked herewith. Please visit them, learn and grow to rise!!!!!!D2C8F3046CA44BD2!297.trak

One single step pioneered by Msp. Ram Hari Regmi and Msp. Ashok Basnet had to transform into giant leap after they had marked it for Msp’s which was chained by Kathford in order to bring a giant leap of sharing knowledge by Microsoft Community, Nepal. Microsoft in Nepal was the alias for install fest held in Thapathali Campus that was followed by the fabulous presentations by famous Microsoft professionals among Msp’s.  Registration fee was charged to the interested Kathfordians so that fish shop remains out of our program. Registered one got Windows 7 RC in dvds as goodies . We were preinformed that the programs main guest Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar will be late due to Himalayan White House's fair and e-blood organised by blodan, so we entertained Kathfordians by the videos that you can access through the skydrive of Msp Prashant Dhewaju. Its abt future plans with magnificent prediction that how far Microsoft will reach after a decade.  Program was hosted by Ms. Nabina Shahi  addressing Mr. Deepak Neupane for the presentation abt live@edu (free mail service and advance way of communication online)which was instantly followed with the presentation on Microsoft 7 by Mr. Udhyan Timilsina. The whole program was brought to life by our country manager Mr. Allen by quenching the thirst of enthusiastic Kathfordians. Mr. Allen introduced dreamspark, Bizpark, Student to Business as well as MSDNAA to the students. He also sparked rays of light  on elms server, Certification, Msp’s , 4 pillars of Microsoft Community, codeplex, popfly, rampup, developers portal, professionals portal, etc. Moreever he emphasized to fill form for interested new Msp plus introduced about our first country portal and briefly as mentioned before. As in Thapathali he highlighted the upcoming events of Microsoft community along with the launch of PTA in Nepal that benefits both students as well as professionals. Eventually the whole program was adjourned by the BE coordinator Mr. Nabin with the vote of thanks.

It was shameful when Kathfordians were stunned by the very simple and comprehensive questions of Allen sir and sometimes its boastful when we receive complements for what we had done. Msp Prashant Dhewaju from KEC shared his incredible experience as being a Msp that has inspired Kathfordians to enroll in Msp Program. Moreever the whole program was launched to convey the message about using genuine softwares of Microsoft free of cost and to feedback Microsoft for better products. So it has a theme that goes: Your passion, our potential. I guess program held at Kathford had worked quite hard to implement the crucial theme of Microsoft community which had summed the impression left by Msp’s from thapathali to pace forward with giant leap…..

It is not what you read but what you remember that makes yourself learned. Everyone might have noticed that our memory proves to be brilliant when we see through our eyes, so I believe that videos are more efficient than the abstractive lectures. I suffer from the difficulty to cope with semiconductors, electricity, electrostatic forces, magnetic forces and most of the physics so I really undergo dull in those classes at my college. Personally it might not have been boring if professors have done something extraordinary in the class such as teaching through videos or slideshows etc. What about animations? I mean learning how semiconductor device works through animation, or how electrostatic forces work…etc. I made thermodynamics cycle for petrol engine using flash which had helped my colleague to demonstrate engine. And now I’m trying to make it through the Expression Blend-2. Let’s start with deforming rectangle into circle:

Opening a New Document:

1.      Open New Project sub-menu from file menu.

2.      A New Project Dialog Box opens, select WPF Application.exe from Select project type tab.

3.      Choose appropriate Name, Location, Language and Target and click ok.

Switching to animation window:

4.      Press F6 to switch to animation window

5.      Under Objects and Timeline, click new button. The Create Storyboard Resource Dialog box opens. In the name key field write the name of your storyboard.

6.      Choose appropriate time from the timeline.

7.      Also turn on the timeline snapping.

Draw rectangle:

8.      Select Rectangle tool from the tool box, hold and drag in your design window at any place up to desired size.

9.      Check the rectangle is selected or not? If it’s selected then its blue in color. Otherwise select the rectangle

10.  Click on properties tab at your right side, From the Brushes properties select Fill then click on the desired color in the color editor. For different patterns of color you can choose gradient button, tiles…

11.  Else if you need to color the border then select the stroke from same property bar then chooses appropriate colors.

12.  Change opacity into 75 or into desired percentage if you want to make your rectangle look dim.


13.  Select another time from the timeline so that there exists difference in the time between the two events.

14.  Select the selection tool from the tool box then move the rectangle to another position in the design window.

15.  Use handle tool that appears at the left corners of the rectangle to deform it into the circle. Hold and drag the handle tool when it shows + sign.

16.  Also change the color of the circle as done in the rectangle.

Finally click play button from the object and timeline window.

This blend can be used for 3-D animations. I am thinking of making Rato Machhindranaths movie.  That may be either genuine Newari movie or Nepali. I guess assembly of individual effort is needed, so would you like to join me?

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No entertainment is so cheap as reading, or any pleasure so lasting. Thus book plays great role in our life. I have been crazy for the series of the books of” Harry Potter”. So passionate I was that time I used to stay whole night to reveal the secrets of Harry Potter in spite of such thick novels. It’s amazing that I hardly stay overnight at the meantime of the exam irrespective of the sake of my future. Subsequently my bunch of gratitude to JK Rowling for bestowing us seven mystical novels. Furthermore I think we should be grateful to all the authors who had helped us to entertain us at the time of load shedding also. You can create your own book in Microsoft Word 2007 with content page, and infinite numbers of chapters. 

1. First type heading of the chapter of the book and select heading 1 from styles gallery from Home tab. Continue typing along with the heading 2, 3, 4 etc.

2.  Secondly insert page number by clicking page number in header and footer tab. Select the position such as top of the page, bottom of page or page margins depending upon the appearance in your document. Don't forget to choose splendid designs from page numbering gallery. Once you select the page numbering, the remaining document appears dim but don’t worry in such case, for the reason that dimness has provided you the opportunity to edit your page number in which you can add the title of the chapter or some quotations as footer else try endnote instead. To return back to your original document just close the page numbering gallery at the right corner displayed as header and footer close.

3. Insert a blank page at the beginning of the document to add content of the book. Make sure that the chapter titles are specified or headings are specified. Go to reference tab and select Table of contents from the gallery, pop up list is displayed from which you can select the format you wish. Ha! Your content page is ready only index page is left.

4. Select the word or phrases that you want to place in the index page. Then go to reference tab and click on mark entry from the gallery. A dialog box appears in which the selected word or phrases are displayed. Type a hint in see and select the page range too. You can choose appropriate option accordingly and click on Mark and close if all entries are inserted. Go to the last page then from the same tab click on insert index. Choose appropriate styles and options from the dialog box then click ok.

5. In some cases it is required to give short description or comment about certain words as reference. Word provides Markup as solution. Select the word or phrase then go to review tab, then click on new comment from the gallery, type the comment in the balloons. If balloons are not displayed then click on balloons make sure that appropriate options in balloons group is checked or select show markup with appropriate options.

In this way your book is ready with content page, chapters, and index and with short descriptions or comments. Now you can take it to the press, print it, eventually publish it.





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First impression is the last impression, so it is of utmost important to decorate. For e.g. if we are about to select the college, what will you look in the portrait of the college, I think obviously the environment. So I was stick to DAV College in my case. For more example, if you are applying for the vacancy, then the presentation you present determines your job. In the offices also, if the front desk is wacky then who’ll visit the office so often. Hence at least to impress the VIPs’ we should have good environment at our working surroundings. In case of front desk officer, s\he should look gorgeous and had extra talent on office packages. For the reason that, s\he may have to type letter, proposals, notices and other official documents. In my view I guess Microsoft Office 2007 is a great relief to cope the task faster and efficiently since it has stunning outlook than word 2003. With its extra new features it has eased to edit our letters and other documents. One of the seen features is that, when you right click the word you will be welcomed by pop-up menu along with the sub-formatting toolbar either at the top or at the bottom, so that you can either format that single word or change its designing format. When you select the characters and point on it, sub-formatting toolbar pop ups dimly that is visible when mouse pointer is pointed on it to format that selected part. Similarly while typing, if you need arrow then you just type minus sign twice and then greater than sign and a space key then you’ll get a built in arrow without changing the font face or selecting the style in the bullets and numbering or without using symbols. To change the size of font we can select the desired characters and press ctrl + shift + . + . to increase the size of the characters in converse press ctrl + shift + , + , to decrease the size of the characters. The outlook of menu bar in 2007 is so simple and decorated that you hardly wish to free hand from the mouse. The list of submenu is designed just below the menu bar in the format of the animated tab that has pop up information for the instant help. This time you don’t need to wait for a classic dialog box to change anything in the document directly. In the insert menu, there’s “Smart Art “button which has list, process, cycle, hierarchy, relationship, matrix and pyramid with completely new style. We can type the list in type the list here fill up box and also add the list just entering. When we double click the list the whole submenu tab changes into the listed tabs from which we can edit the theme colors and layout of the list. Its size can be changed by dragging its border lines.For e.g. as shown beside list of the examples of embedded system are given below: Also the insertion of mathematical equation is easier than before since there’s a quick access button in which we can find some built in formulas too or you can insert new formula. One of the noticeable things is that when you point at the themes in page layout or styles tab for a while then you can observe the automatic change in the whole document which makes you easy to determine which layout suites your document. Another interesting fact is that the undo and redo submenu of edit menu is now at the left corner of the title bar in the format of button. Isn’t it easy to work with now? I guess it has approximately all the features of the PageMaker so I guess you can design the layout of a magazine from Microsoft Office 2007 in excellent way and best for the receptionist or any front desk officer.

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"Every second of every day, people around the world - of all ages and from all walks of life, need blood transfusion to survive.The need for blood is universal, but access to blood for all those who need it is not." Homo sapiens has approaximately 66-76 ml per kg blood in their body that consists of RBC, WBC and platelets. it traverse from one cell to other cell through the blood vessels and transmits water, minerals, nutritions, O2 ,CO gases, proteins and other neccessary chemical elements. A man can live without his legs, eyes, hands, ears etc but without healthy blood s\he is dead. But due to mounting traffic density, mishaps, calamities and misfortunes are daily cookies in our papers. That has raised  the demand of blood transfusion( to insert the safe healthy blood inside the body of the patient). But how can we get the required blood in time? We have to match the blood group i.e. ABO group and Rh group. In case if it is found then we have to check that donating candidate for eligibility to donate such as pressure, age, weight , his\her health condition, ..etc. If blood isn't transfused to the victim instantly then he may die, meanwhile can we weight for such tests?

I guess obviously not, so the best solution for us is  e - blood.  It is the process of getting all required information about blood bank, donating blood if interested, requesting blood for transfusion etc onlilne that can be done even from your mobile which is definitely accessible and relevant out of the hospital. In the history of e-blood, BLODAN comes first to pioneer e-blood so has already initiated with a web page i.e. My gratitude to MSP Ankit from prime college for inviting microsoft community to attend World Blood Donor Day celebrating the gift of blood, 14th June 2009. In the site of blood you can register free that asks for ur detail information such as blood group, name, phone no, address, email, call that they be able to keep in touch for emergency. Hence procedure to use e-blood is very simple i.e.

1. First submit the form with the total information asked in the registration form which appears in the selected blood group after few days or immediately indicating that you are the part of blood member. Hence you can be called by anyone in emergency still the rights will be on you to decide whether to donate or to stay calm according to your health condition( as defined in who can donate in the tab of this site)

2. If you are in emergency but are in difficulty to match your required blood group, then you can search the database of the site There's different blood group drop down menu in this site, so considering your requirement  click on one of the blood group such as O+ve, the list of blood members that has O +ve will be listed down page wise. Call one of them who is  near to the hospital so that s\he can reach to you immediately .                                               

Now consult with the doctor about the fitness of the blood transfusion from chosen interested candidate. If the chosen one is not approved then againg you have to contact with the others accordingly.

In this way we can either donate blood or receive it using internet. Isn't it cool to volunteer online? There are some conditions to check whether we are eligible to donate blood or not?

1. Decide your blood is pure and safe or not? -> That means your blood is said to be impure if it is polluted with the bacterias, germs, or medicines that you use to cure your diseases such as common cold, diarrhoea, chicken pox, AIDS, Hepatitis,..etc. Only pure blood is eligible.

2. Weight -> You should be above 45 kg to be eligible.

3. Blood Pressure -> Blood range should be 160/90 to 110/70.

4. Menuastration -> It's not safe to donate blood at the time of menuastration in sense that it may cause anaemia. Hence one is eligible after two weeks from this period only.

Besides this you can see other information about your eligibility from 'who can donate' menu. For detail you can also contact blood members throug the same site online. There's very few links to visit other sites to acquire more informations. There's few other menus on the same site where you can browse to bing about BLODANS objectives, activities, recognition, board members and future programs.

5. You can bing the particular candidate through specific name using the blood group through search engine that has "go" button. If s\he is the blood member then s\he will be displayed immediately.

Our involvement and support will help to ensure a wide impact for e-blood that bring the world one step closer to cent per cent  voluntary non-remunerated donation. So lets step forward being e-BLOODDONOR to save life with the gift of blood and adopt healthy life in return.

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Ms-Excel provides powerful tools and features to analyze, share, and manage data with ease and more effectively than ever. I have seen the new aggrandized features in excel 2007 such as Office themes and Excel styles, Easy formula writing, New OLAP formulas and cube functions, Improved sorting and filtering, Excel table enhancements, New look for charts, Shared charting, Easy-to-use PivotTables, Quick connections to external data, New file formats, Better printing experience, New ways to share your work, Quick access to more templates,etc. 

Excel provided me a great help to publish result of +2. First I entered all the marks of the students in the separate sheets for the science faculty and commerce faculty of both 11 and 12. The problem I got was in designing the Mark Sheet of each students and printing it. It wasn’t the sheet of the single student, since it was the case of hundreds of students; I designed master result at first then used VLOOKUP to link all the marks of the each student in the master result. VLOOKUP searches for a value in the first column of a table array and returns a value in the same row from another column in the table array.

Syntax is:

VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup)

 Lookup_value à value or reference to search in the first column of the table array (array: Used to build single formulas that produce multiple results or that operate on a group of arguments that are arranged in rows and columns. An array range shares a common formula; an array constant is a group of constants used as an argument.). If lookup_value is smaller than the smallest value in the first column of table_array, VLOOKUP returns the #N/A error value. 

Table_array  Two or more columns of data. Use a reference to a range or a range name. The values in the first column of table_array are the values searched by lookup_value. These values can be text, numbers, or logical values. Uppercase and lowercase text is equivalent.  

Col_index_num  The column number in table_array from which the matching value must be returned. A col_index_num of 1 returns the value in the first column in table_array; a col_index_num of 2 returns the value in the second column in table_array, and so on. If col_index_num is:

Less than 1, VLOOKUP returns the #VALUE! Error value.

Greater than the number of columns in table_array, VLOOKUP returns the #REF! error value. 

Range_lookup  A logical value that specifies whether you want VLOOKUP to find an exact match or an approximate match:

If TRUE or omitted, an exact or approximate match is returned. If an exact match is not found, the next largest value that is less than lookup_value is returned. The values in the first column of table_array must be placed in ascending sort order; otherwise, VLOOKUP may not give the correct value.

If FALSE, VLOOKUP will only find an exact match. In this case, the values in the first column of table_array do not need to be sorted. If there are two or more values in the first column of table_array that match the lookup_value, the first value found is used. If an exact match is not found, the error value #N/A is returned.

 1,. When searching text values in the first column of table_array, ensure that the data in the first column of table_array does not have leading spaces, trailing spaces, inconsistent use of straight ( ' or " ) and curly ( ‘ or “) quotation marks, or nonprinting characters. In these cases, VLOOKUP may give an incorrect or unexpected value.

2.  When searching number or date values, ensure that the data in the first column of table_array is not stored as text values. In this case, VLOOKUP may give an incorrect or unexpected value. For more information. 

3.If range_lookup is FALSE and lookup_value is text, then you can use the wildcard characters, question mark (?) and asterisk (*), in lookup_value. A question mark matches any single character; an asterisk matches any sequence of characters. If you want to find an actual question mark or asterisk, type a tilde (~) preceding the character.

Using above syntax correctly in the master result, I successfully printed 100’s of results in few minutes, such as

=VLOOKUP ($D$8, Sheet3! $A$5:$C$200, 3). Here sheet3 is added to link the table array made in the 3rd sheet of the book. On the same way, each marks and the faculty name, plus symbol number on the master result were linked by the help of VLOOKUP. Remaining calculations were completed by using other formulas such as MAX, AVG, IF, AND, SUM, etc to calculate highest mark, total marks, percentage, division etc.

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Yesterday, when I was watching the Rato Machhindranath, Robocup  “Bhotojatra “ striked my mind. I was differentiating between Rato Machhindranath and Robots at “Bhotojatra”. I was visualizing the difficulties and team working present in that festival. There were three leaders in total , one at the front side to lead the chariot from the front, one at the wheel to control the steering of the chariot, and the other at the top to lead the extensions so that the chariot doesn’t bend away. If the audacious leaders had not put their hands together, then it wouldn’t have been possible to pull chariot without destructing the neighbor dwellings. This festival is really adventurous and entertaining that teaches us the importance of team working. Similarly, to build a well functioning robot, team should devote their effort and knowledge together as bees does to collect honey. In Bhotojatra, there were both automatic and manual robots. One of the major automatic robots has to collect the balls and put it inside the rings at the four corners of the square and the center. In the same way the manual one had to collect the bottles on the ground and keep it in the dustbin. As the robots put the balls or bottles in the correct way, they secure some points. As I am in 5th semester, I guess me and my colleagues can start designing good robot. For that I hope one should have sound knowledge of programming, whether be it C programming or microprocessor plus about hardware.  


It is the solid part of some larger system and expected to function without human intervention. Except this hardware one should know how embedded system works. Embedded System is a special purpose computer system board, which encapsulates all devices such as processor, memory, interface and control in a single package or board to perform only a specific application tasks. For e.g. machine at Any Time Money Booth, cell phones, Radio Frequency card, fax, CCTV monitoring, etc. It has sophisticated functionality plus restricted memory that functions in low power that has following types:

a.               Similar to general computing       b. Control systems      c. Signal processing      d. Communication.

Apart from software, one had to assemble the hardware in adorable and nominal form. Hence we have to either solder the tiny electronic components in the board or weld the bodies of the robot to give unique shape. While giving the unique shape we can take the examples of the manual machines, such as the chariot. It has the long shaft that can move to and fro, in which the ropes are tied to pull it, likewise the mess of bamboo to minimize the shock with the cone shaped body to reduce air friction plus to pull it from side by side. Isn’t it enormous idea helpful to build our new robot-chariot in our own way? Hardware also includes interfacing memory devices and input/output devices. Memory interfacing circuit allows microprocessor to select the chip, identify the registers and enable appropriate buffer.


It is the abstract part of the system that initializes actuators and controls the entire system. One can program in structural language C, because it can be directly implemented in hardware. I came to know that C language is still used in the most developed country North America in the telecommunication centre, ATC. It is the base of programmer so I presume that for a single robot, team of electronics, computer, and mechanical engineers can be the best.

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Design is the creation generated with imagination with the abstractive flavors mixed with real world. When our mouse encounters the platform of design, some may take shorter time while some may take longer than expected. It is because one might be lacking the presence of tricks for the straightway. In my case I usually edit my photos using Photoshop, similarly to design logos I basically use either freehand or CorelDraw. Besides these I use PageMaker to manage my pages of magazine. Except magazines, for web designing I frequently use Photoshop and flash.

 There occur many cases in which we need to enlarge our photos while editing. Once enlarged the photo, one may require to scroll up and down frequently to see the particular imperfect part of the photo to check whether it is edited or not. At this moment we may feel a bit tedious to scroll vertically and horizontally using scrollbar. I think its shortcut key is pretty cool. Such as the spacebar for hand tool to move page here and there in the platform of Photoshop, Flash as well as Freehand. In case of PageMaker we need to press Alt to get hand tool in shortcut. It’s not finished yet, we have to click and drag in the direction we want to move our document. Isn’t it simple to scroll our page now? Besides these we can either enlarge or undersize the document or photo with shortcut keys too. Press Ctrl+1 to get actual size, Ctrl+0 to get fixed size, or Ctrl+++ to enlarge the document as much as we want, and Ctrl----- to undersize it up to our desired form  in any of the above mentioned applications.

Most of us want owns world to be perfect from every aspect, whether be it work or own portrait. Somebody may feel disappointed for not being photogenic. Don’t worry from now on coz Photoshop is the remedy for them, you can play around with your photo and be a star using Photoshop tools. One can lengthen the hair or shortened it, and remove the pimples from the face and many more. To remove the pimples from your face I can be your beautician.

Before this we need to know about the Healing Brush Tool:

It tool lets you correct imperfections, causing them to disappear into the surrounding image. It matches the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sampled pixels to the pixels being healed. As a result, the repaired pixels blend seamlessly into the rest of the image.

To use the Healing Brush tool

*      Select the Healing Brush tool.

*      Click the brush sample in the options bar and set brush options in the popup palette:

Note: If you’re using a pressure-sensitive digitizing tablet, choose an option from the Size menu to vary the size of the healing brush over the course of a stroke. Choose Pen Pressure to base the variation on the pen pressure. Choose Stylus Wheel to base the variation on the position of the pen thumbwheel. Choose Off if you don’t want to vary the size.

*      Choose a blending mode from the Mode menu in the options bar. Choose Replace to preserve noise, film grain, and texture at the edges of the brush stroke.

*      Choose a source to use for repairing pixels in the options bar: Sampled to use pixels from the current image, or Pattern to use pixels from a pattern. If you chose Pattern, select a pattern from the Pattern popup palette.

*      Select Aligned in the options bar to sample pixels continuously, without losing the current sampling point, even if you release the mouse button. Deselect Aligned to continue to use the sampled pixels from the initial sampling point each time you stop and resume painting.

*      Select Use All Layers in the options bar to sample data from all visible layers. Deselect Use All Layers to sample only from the active layer.

*      For the Healing Brush tool in sampling mode, set the sampling point by positioning the pointer in any open image and Alt-clicking (Windows) or Option-clicking (Mac OS).

Note: If you are sampling from one image and applying to another, both images must be in the same color mode unless one of the images is in Grayscale mode.

*      Drag in the image.

*      The sampled pixels are melded with the existing pixels each time you release the mouse button. Look in the status bar to view the status of the melding process.

*      If there is a strong contrast at the edges of the area you want to heal, make a selection before you use the Healing Brush tool. The selection should be bigger than the area you want to heal but should precisely follow the boundary of contrasting pixels. When you paint with the Healing Brush tool, the selection prevents colors from bleeding in from the outside. 

We can use  Ms-Paint also, and X-pression too.



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I am about to take classes of Since I have used internet I am craze to know how these man-made machine  provides information in well designed format from one corner of the world to another. My thirst to know that magic started growing and am still eager to know properly. During quenching my thirst I happened to walk trough html and php that had helped  me to generalize websites somehow. I was so excited to develop my own website using html and php codes. I can still remember that day how happy I was when I knew marquee tool. Time passes by and I started using dreamweaver for the sake of ease. For good designs I used some CSS libraries from dynamic drives. And now I am stucked into database while approaching through PHP.  Obviously PHP is very simple language to cope with  and is really helpful in case of dynamic pages. But now before diving into database I am curious to know about  internet platform. I come to heard about the operating system that runs in internet like Windlows 7 does in our PC. Its very new to everyone and called Windows Azure. It is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, run-time, and control environment for the Azure Services Platform. Very flexible and interoperable platform that can be used to build new applications to run from the cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based capabilities. Its open architecture gives developers the choice to build web applications, applications running on connected devices, PCs, servers, or hybrid solutions offering the best of online and on-premises. Simply we can conclude that it can be frequently used to

Ø       Build, modify, and distribute applications to the Web with minimal on-premises resources

Ø       Create, test, debug, and distribute Web services quickly and inexpensively

Ø       Reduce the effort and costs of IT management

In the early stages of CTP, .NET managed applications built using Visual Studio will be supported. It is an open platform that will support both Microsoft and non-Microsoft languages and environments.It welcomes third party tools and languages such as Eclipse, Ruby, PHP, and Python. One can develop their own unique customer offerings such as Windows Live, Microsoft Dynamics etc by offering the foundational components of compute, storage, and building block service to author and compose applications in the cloud.

Way to use Windows Azure:

v      Write Applications to Run On Windows Azure using the Microsoft® .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio®.

v      Write web or mobile applications or author web services.

v      Once you’re done coding the application, deploy it to the cloud and run it in Windows Azure and make it available via the internet to your end users.

v      Scale compute capacity up or down based on traffic.

Use Azure Services In Online and On-Premises Applications

Take your cloud application to the next level by adding new functionality using additional Azure services. Use Live Services to reach over 460 million Live users, Microsoft .NET Services for workflow, access control, or service bus functionality, or use the Microsoft SQL Services cloud database.

Additionally, Azure services can also be used to augment an existing application that runs on a PC or a server to give on-premises software cloud capabilities. The services use industry standard SOAP, REST and XML protocols so using them won’t be a problem regardless of the operating system or programming language you’re using.

The Azure Services Platform is a cloud operating system and collection of services that can deliver web, mobile, or hybrid software-plus-services applications to users. Existing software can utilize the services to add cloud capabilities, and developers can easily write applications for the cloud to be used by end users, or write services that can be consumed within other applications.

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