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How can youTH make you successful?

youTH is the program launched by Microsoft Innovation Center which mainly targets the students who wants to boost their skills and explore technology beyond the limits.

The motto of the program is the educate students with the proper mentoring to help them advance their steps in the field of technology. This ultimately leads them to approach their career goals in coming days. Also, getting proper knowledge is not enough to boost students towards successful professional life; communication also plays a huge role. In one hand like-minded people can help to create productive environment around us. In the other hand, the experienced ones can help students with the dos and dont's which matters a lot in the field of technology.

youTH will get us chances to be involved in many events, workshops, seminars  e.t.c . Organized not only inside but also outside the country where diversity can help us learn more things.  From the first orientation youTH focus on co-ordination among the participants.

All the skills and the knowledge that I earn will not be limited to me. It will be spread to the interested ones and investing on to certain task with better result is also the success. With the knowledge provided, growing networks with better coordination and also experience to spread it out youTH can be the guidance leading me to the way to the success.

Posted: 06-28-2018 4:48 PM by Ashis Giri