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How can youTH make you successful?

       Success is not an accident or a chance. It's the hardwork, patience, learning, sacrifice and love. In this competing world, everyone craves for success. But the one who dares to take the first step, put together all the hardwork and patience only get to reach the pinnacle of success.

       Youth is an award and title given to the selected youth below the age of 27 which promotes digital awareness, new technologies and other activities for the welfare of the community. The orientation programme held on 22 June,2018 hosted by Unlimited Technology was one of best programme I ever attended where I got to learn about significance of communication, collaboration and technology.

       Literally, I was way too shy to start the conversation with a total stranger person but the way how Allen Sir made me to start the conversation with one of the youth member, developed an amiable nature within me. Short Programme of Nanya Ma’am about entrepreneurship was mind blowing. On very short period of time, we got to learn about generating new ideas, putting those ideas into action and teamwork. Journey of Sonika Ma’am from MIC to Silicon Valley to South Korea was incredible and really motivating.

      Youth is all about empowering skills for personal and professional growth and also for the digital awareness and the welfare of the community .As a member of Youth, I will be able to groom myself for my future and make a great team for my journey. Youth might not make me reach the success but youth will definitely give hand to hand on the ups and downs throughout my journey. Some Inspirations and some perspirations will undoubtedly make my dream came true. I’m very excited for the upcoming events on Youth.

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