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Essence of Youth

Being a youth in this generation means taking the power in our hands to mold and shape the future world. While there is always so much learning to do and so much knowledge to gain from different places there is also a huge responsibility to spread that knowledge and empower others with it. This the core of being a youth in this generation. I believe you can only learn as much as you believe and that there is no limit as to how much you can broaden your mind with all the knowledge. Every time that we wonder what the essence of our life is, we may stumble upon the small materialistic things but it is actually the learnings we get throughout the journey and what we pass on to others.

So what can you learn from the Youth Program? Well. As I said before you can only learn as much as you want to. But talking generally, you will be able to grow your personal as well as professional abilities. Networking, interaction, innovation, all these things will be experienced practically. It guides us to realizing our potentials and exploring our capabilities to use them for the greater goals and not just momentary satisfactions.

Thus, the Youth program is not just a program but an institution where the mentors and students collaborate their ideas and skills and use it for the greater goals. This is an extremely empowering and fruitful program as it focuses on the youth but mostly it focuses on you and all the great things that each one of use can achieve.  

Posted: 09-04-2018 4:07 PM by Bodhita Tuladhar

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