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What panelists have to say about education.




The panel discussion started with discussion on education system and Pavitra Gautam, moderator of the program initiated the talk.He said that everybody should see the positive side of education and they are in the dias to talk about the improvement in education.He then asked the audience about what were the qualities they seek in an employee being a CEO. Answers like proactive,passionate,adaptability,creativity, etc were there but “Nobody said degree” which he caught and said the focus for the day was how our education system was dealing with these skills and how as a leader the panelist were working for enhancing these skill.


Yuvraj Sharma said small level business risk taking attitude was missing in students .He accepted that they are failed to teach ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility In Business School. So, social entrepreneur is lacking .He said the negative point was more focus on knowledge rather than skills.


Pavitra Gautam then asked Ashish Tiwari about the gaps that he saw in students before entering and after leaving B-school. On reply Ashish Tiwari stated the problem that learning by rote is more rewarded by the society and the main focus is on end result. Similarly, the current system also rewards knowledge with rote than skills. He said that the traditional classroom had to be changed, where knowledge is only imparted. “What is a good teacher?” when asked, he said that its hard to find good teacher speaking good English and the good ones goes abroad. He believes that everything depends upon person who delivers and he is even optimistic towards new generation. He stated that its the duty of primary school to develop good attitude in students as the primary level students are raw and they learn what they are taught.


Narottam Aryal when asked about his challenges to change the traditional ways of teaching said the consumers of B-school graduates still focus on grades. He also stated the fact that even the students and their parents also focus on grades.Focus on practical education and extra activities is lacking on everyone. He said that we should focus on ourselves and realize on how passionate and trained the educators are and should have attitude of taking on the blame. On talking about Business education he defines business as a professional education and it should focus more on skills.


On questioned about the statement” if you get good input you get good output” and what have he done in improving the quality of input. Sudhir Jha compared it to ecosystem and said we can do something to change but can’t bring complete change. He said that the system of education system doesn't exist on its own and depends on other things like present Nepal condition.He even stated that he is out of focus due to many hurdles that directly and indirectly affects the education system.


Narotam Aryal also said that the ecosystem demands other thing and  we deliver other and believes in learning by doing.Similarly the challenges are we still hold our attention on marks than actually doing.  The challenges are all mindset.


Ashish Tiwari conveyed to the audiences that knowledge should be relevant to real life and your real score card is how you perform  in real life. The first focus should be learning not marks and learning is accompanied with wisdom and humble and said percentage might kill your learning. Similarly, independent thinking is also important and he has been trying to make the students understand about that.


On asked Yuvraj  Sharma about his objective of starting business school, he said that they are taking chances  by implementing SSDP(School Sector Development Plan),making it online learning and making learning fun instead of making it classroom bound.


Q/A with audience


Questions from the audiences.
1) Business school asks for grades., can we hope for change? Should we be focused on learning or grades?
2) what are we going to do about 70% percent?

These complex questions were justified with a simple answer by Ashish Tiwari. He said that grades reflects how hardworking a person is and advised to have bare minimum grades. He suggested to find an expectation of industry and also said keeping balance in everything is important.

Also, different experiences of the panelist were honestly shared with the audiences.

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