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YOUth: An Opportunity

I attended the youth orientation programme conducted by Microsoft Innovation Center, Kathmandu Nepal. It was a full package which not only provided us with information and encouragement to be part of the YOUth program but also inspired us to live our dream and be a responsible citizen as a youth.

I think to be a part of YOUth in itself is a matter of great achievement for one will be getting the opportunity to learn, grow, improve skills and also discover new potentials.If I get a chance to be a part of youth I will take it as an opportunity to polish myself to become a better version of me. Besides this will be a great learning experience for me outside of the classroom.

I think this is the high time for us to think what you want in life and make a move to reach there. And I think YOUth will help us to make that climb being that support we need. So I wish to be a part of YOUth, and if I get selected I promise to stay committed and give my best.

Being a youth of the country it is our responsibility to develop our country.So I try to share my knowledge and experience to every interested person so that I can make my society grow along with me.

Because it starts with you

Because it starts with me

 This might be a small step but I believe this can make a difference. And together as a YOUth, I believe we can make the change possible.

Posted: 09-04-2018 6:44 PM by kreesa

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