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Encrypt USB Flash Drives with BitLocker To Go in Windows 7
Microsoft has extended Bitlocker functionality in Windows 7. BitLocker To Go extends BitLocker data protection to USB storage devices, enabling them to be restricted with a passphrase. In addition to having control over passphrase length and complexity...

Posted: 10-02-2011 5:44 PM by Deepak Bhattarai | with no comments

In WLW write a post today and publish tomorrow
WLW refers to Windows Live Writer . Windows Live Writer developed by Microsoft , is a desktop blog-publishing application that is part of the Windows Live range of products. It features WYSIWYG authoring, photo-publishing and map-publishing functionality...

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Animated Windows Live Writer icon for RocketDock
RocketDock is an application launcher developed by PolyVector and Skunkie of Punk Labs, working with artist Zachary Denton, for Windows that provides a dock similar to that of the Mac OS X Aqua GUI . It is freely available under a Creative Commons license...

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8 Steps To Make Windows 8 USB Device or DVD Bootable
Be what’s next, Windows 8 is the codename of the next version of Microsoft Windows. It adds support for ARM microprocessors in addition to the traditional x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD . Its user interface has been changed to make it better...

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“Touch Screen on the go…”
Overview I use to wonder when I first know about touchscreen and see it in action. I was amazed with its working principle and was more curious about its features and the way it can lead the tech products in the future. Touchscreen A touchscreen is an...

Posted: 03-06-2011 6:59 PM by Deepak Bhattarai | with no comments