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    A National Conference on Creating a Knowledge...

    Posted to Swaabhimaan 2066 by swaabhimaan on 04-23-2009 | 259 View | 0 Comment(s)
      After successfully organizing four annual Swaabhimaan conferencesfrom the year 2061, Forum for Information Technology Nepal (FIT Nepal) in association of Microsoft, Microsoft MDP Nepal Unlimited Technologies Pvt Ltd and with the support of Prime...
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    ServerQuest II, are you up for the challenge...

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 04-16-2009 | 409 View | 1 Comment(s)
      It’s time to compete against IT Pros worldwide in ServerQuest II . The story is like this: The company’s resident IT professional extraordinaire has just returned from a much-deserved vacation but, in a temporary spell of relaxed judgment, has...
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    April Portal: A Great New...

    Posted to Allen by Allen's Blog on MSDN Nepal on 04-16-2009 | 1,395 View | 0 Comment(s)
      In Nepal, 32 engineering colleges now have 58 Microsoft Student Partners.  These are student ambassadors who are passionate about technology, are wiling to share it with others and want to develop their skills and knowledge outside their field...
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    New year Message

    Posted to Allen by Allen's Blog on MSDN Nepal on 04-16-2009 | 2,190 View | 0 Comment(s)
    I have received messages for New Year Greetings from a lots of people for this Bikram Sambat New Year, from the President, Prime Minister, the former King and the most surprising of all was this New Year Greeting message from the Secretary of State, US...
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    Exchange Server 2010 Beta available

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 04-15-2009 | 551 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    The first Beta version of Exchange Server 2010 is now available for download here . You should also check the “ What’s new in Exchange Server 2010 ” and this general documentation on Exchange 2010. There is not that much information out there yet but...
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    Free e-book available for download

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 04-14-2009 | 579 View | 1 Comment(s)
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    The free e-book this month from MS Press is Windows Small Business Server 2008 Administrator’s Companion . As described on the website: This comprehensive administrator’s reference delivers the details you need to successfully deploy, manage, and support...
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    I’m a PC contest extended

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 04-06-2009 | 363 View | 0 Comment(s)
    We have decided to extend the I’m a PC contest until April 30 since we heard some people have recorded their videos but not yet uploaded them. All information about the contest here , record your video today to have the chance to win a Windows Vista Ultimate...
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    Add Nepali Calendar (Bikram Sambat) and...

    Posted to Allen by Allen's Blog on MSDN Nepal on 03-29-2009 | 1,821 View | 0 Comment(s)
    I have created a small file called outlook which is uploaded in my skydrive: You can download this file...
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    Posted to Pradeep's blog by Pradeep Kandel on 03-26-2009 | 901 View | 2 Comment(s)
    A Blogging Workshop With Windows: Life without walls In order to develop a community of enthusiastic people who would love to blog about latest happenings and share knowledge in the field of internet, communication and web technology, Microsoft MDP Nepal...
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    Discount on Microsoft Certification Exams...

    Posted to Allen by Allen's Blog on MSDN Nepal on 03-24-2009 | 538 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Watch this YouTube video to hear what Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and hiring manager has to say about the best course of action for MCPs in this challenging economy. (One of Asia’s MVP is featured in the video) If you are interested in getting...
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    More IE8 facts

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 03-23-2009 | 1,357 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    After my post about IE8 last week I got an email from someone asking me to explain more about other security features and also the Compatibility View that you can use. As always with a new bro wser, there might be web sites that are not displayed correctly...
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    Blogging Workshop: A Journey of Discovery

    Posted to Allen by Allen's Blog on MSDN Nepal on 03-22-2009 | 531 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Microsoft MDP Nepal organized a two day Journey of Discovery: A Blogging Workshop on March 22 and 23, 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal. On the first day, slightly over 350 people attended the event at the Staff College in Jawlakhel despite the transport strike...
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    Internet Explorer 8 is ready to rock!

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 03-20-2009 | 491 View | 2 Comment(s)
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    Internet Explorer 8 is now released and available for download! This is a faster browser than previous versions and as an end user you get some new cool features like Accelerators, Web Slices and InPrivate Browsing. With Accelerators you can highlight...
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    Deep Zooming your pictures

    Posted to Allen by Allen's Blog on MSDN Nepal on 03-18-2009 | 561 View | 0 Comment(s)
    In preparation of the upcoming Journey to Discover: A Blogging Workshop, I uploaded all the pictures of the Microsoft Student Partners 9th meeting to photozoom site with expression Deep Zoom Composer.  You can see the photos here: http://photozoom...
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    SQL Server 2008

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 03-16-2009 | 375 View | 4 Comment(s)
    I get a lot of questions around SQL Server 2008, it seems like a lot of people have started to look at this product to see what it can do and how to skill up on all new features. The SQL Server TechCenter is a good place to start, here you can find product...