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    MIC Nepal Invites Students of MICNIC Premium...

    Posted to Suchitra's Blog by Suchitra on 05-05-2017 | 915 View | 0 Comment(s)
    MIC Nepal has opened up the application for MSPs  for Fiscal year 2018. Colleges where we're nominating MSPs   are from ALL Public and Private Colleges in Nepal that have a formal MOU in place with MIC Nepal. If their application is...
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    Team Nepal was able to grab coveted spots...

    Posted to Suchitra's Blog by Suchitra on 05-04-2017 | 654 View | 1 Comment(s)
    Microsoft innovation Center Nepal conducted Imagine Cup National Finals for the fourth time in Nepal. Imagine Cup Nepal for this year started with registration of team and submission of application at ImagineCupNepal from January. On 23 rd March, All...
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    Posted to Shirisha's Blog by Shirisha Maharjan on 04-22-2017 | 1,218 View | 0 Comment(s)
    22 April 2017, Saturday Kathmandu Bernhardt College, Bafal GABC2017   Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 got started by our very first speaker Mr. Sujan Maharjan with the question “What is cloud?” .Then some students answered this very question smartly,...
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    WSC holds Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 for...

    Posted to Eeda's Blog by Eeda on 04-22-2017 | 809 View | 0 Comment(s)
    As part of GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2017, One has been conducted  for Professionals at Microsoft innovation center Nepal, organized by winserver community with support of  Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal and Unlimited Cloud. Program was hosted...
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    Where are womens??

    Posted to Eeda's Blog by Eeda on 04-22-2017 | 266 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    Skill Enhancement Training

    Posted to MIC Nepal by Suvasini on 04-04-2017 | 1,517 View | 0 Comment(s)
    On 27 th March, Skill Enhancement Training happened at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal’s office. A group of 77 teachers from more than 15 districts and 35 schools attended the event. The main agenda of the event were: Introduction to Windows Multipoint...
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    Inauguration of 100th School

    Posted to MIC Nepal by Suvasini on 04-04-2017 | 493 View | 0 Comment(s)
    On 12 th March, EdunetNepal team, Mike, Allen, Sapna, Alisha, Lily, Gavin, Jacinda, Amy, Ravindra, Prashant, and two filmmaking crew from the Himalaya Television left for the 1ooth school’s celebration in Solukhumbu. After driving the whole day, the team...
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    Lab Donation Program in Dhading

    Posted to MIC Nepal by Suvasini on 04-04-2017 | 564 View | 0 Comment(s)
    On 16 th March 2017, a team, Allen Tuladhar, Mike Chisholm and Ravindra Sah, from EdunetNepal and Khitiz Raj Prasai from United Mission to Nepal left Kathmandu at 9 a.m. At 12 p.m., the team reached Janajagriti School which is on the way to Dhading Besi...
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    Microsoft Professional Program – Data Science

    Posted to MIC Nepal by Suvasini on 04-04-2017 | 856 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Recognizing a shortage of qualified individuals to fill the growing need for specific job roles, Microsoft Professional Program is a new way to learn the skills and get the hands-on experience these roles require. After passing all courses in the curriculum...
  • 03

    Digital Mahila

    Posted to Digital Mahila by kamanaShrestha on 04-03-2017 | 562 View | 0 Comment(s)
    31th March,  2017(Friday) Digital Mahila Event was started by Registration/Tea and coffee and them Keynote Remarks by Gail Marzetta ,Head of DFID Nepal-Harnessing the opportunities offered by the new digital landscape in Nepal . The main goal of...
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    Microsoft Professional Program

    Posted to Shirisha's Blog by Shirisha Maharjan on 03-15-2017 | 728 View | 0 Comment(s)
    14th March,  2017(Tuesday) Data science and Machine learning:   Today’s Microsoft Professional program was started with inspirational and fruitful speech by Allen Sir . He gave introduction about this program on how importance data science is...
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    Invention Lifecycle Workshop

    Posted to Dipesh's Blog by Dipesh Khadgi on 03-13-2017 | 592 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Date:2017,13th March Monday , 12pm to 3pm One day workshop was conducted by MIC Nepal in Sagarmatha College Of Science And Technology for 1st and 2nd year students  which was lead by Nayana Shakya and Susheel Manandhar. It’s the concept of earning...
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    What is TechCamp Nepal 2017?

    Posted to TechCamp Nepal by Suvasini on 02-28-2017 | 1,142 View | 0 Comment(s)
      Female Student developers, designers, programmers and Female tech professionals will team up in an energetic race of programming to develop innovative solutions. We are targeting total of 50 participants at the moment coding for 72 hours on their...
  • 19

    MSP Diary

    Posted to Dipesh's Blog by Dipesh Khadgi on 02-19-2017 | 735 View | 0 Comment(s)
      In 2015 MSP presentation was organized in Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology for Bsc.csit students. On that day I came to know about MSP and its process . My friends told me participate for MSP selection from my college but due to exam...
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    Windows Server 2016 File & Storage...

    Posted to Nepal Community by Pujan Thapa on 01-30-2017 | 552 View | 0 Comment(s)
    After the second sessions Mr. Amrit Thapa Chhetri who is a Senior System administrator at Swift Technologies and also the active contributor of Win Server Community took the stage for his sessions on File and Storage Services and DHCP Services. Mr. Chhetri...
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