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    Really cool feature of skydrive DRAG AND...

    Posted to Infotechnab by INFOTECHNAB on 08-15-2010 | 499 View | 2 Comment(s)
    i really inpressed with new feature of skydrive. In the skydrive we can easily upload by just drag and drop just like on one directory to another directory with in computer.
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    20 Most useful tips and tricks for windows...

    Posted to Infotechnab by INFOTECHNAB on 08-14-2010 | 433 View | 0 Comment(s)
    20 Most useful tips and tricks for windows 7 1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts Using the mouse, you can drag-‘n-dock windows to either side of the screen, or drag it to the top to maximize it. These keyboard shortcuts are even faster: * Win+Left Arrow and...
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    Network Security - An issue to be address

    Posted to Dipak's Blogs by Dpak on 08-12-2010 | 285 View | 2 Comment(s)
    The term Computer Network is so complicated and the vast one. The more we try to conquer its depth the more we are exposed with the new boundaries. Therefore I thought to compile some of the resources that I’ve got access and publish it to my blog...
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    MSP SummIT 2010

    Posted to Lata's Blog by Lata KC on 08-09-2010 | 349 View | 1 Comment(s)
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    MSP SummIT 2010 DAY 1(31 JULY, 2010): One hours and fifteen minutes of waiting at the stop for the bus to arrive, that’s when my journey to Nagarkot started. All new faces but the same excitement and enthusiasm were what common to all. Singing,...
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    Being MSP

    Posted to ShRiSti'z Blog!! by srysti on 08-06-2010 | 417 View | 3 Comment(s)
    Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) is program for technology passionate students which comes with responsibilities and to learn lots of ideas and knowledge. I feel very proud to be selected as one of the MSP and feel lucky that we get to learn variety of...
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    Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1...

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 08-05-2010 | 215 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    Later this year we will release the first Service Pack to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Already now you can try out the first public Beta to see what the Service Pack will bring. Remember that this Beta is not supported by Microsoft so don’t install...
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    A way to create easy-to-remember passwords...

    Posted to Best Baffle by Sujan Shrestha on 07-28-2010 | 544 View | 1 Comment(s)
    Filed under:
    Complex password requirements--rules like "passwords must be 14 characters long and contain at least two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, and three symbols"--make it difficult for attackers to guess passwords using a so-called "dictionary...
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    Windows 7's Extended Functions

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 07-26-2010 | 534 View | 0 Comment(s)
    The progress Microsoft has made with Windows 7 in terms of usability and functionality is an undeniable fact. Only at the taskbar level the improvements are notable: jumplists, thumbnail preview, icon-like windows, pining option or rearranging of the...
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    Develop Web Research Skills

    Posted to Best Baffle by Sujan Shrestha on 07-25-2010 | 441 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Fig: When you use hover preview, the Bing search results page displays a preview of webpage content. Search engine tools. Not all search providers are created equal. Yes, all search engines sort by relevance to the keyword one enters and do not discriminate...
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    Egovernance-1: Introduction

    Posted to Prakash by Prakash on 07-22-2010 | 1,364 View | 2 Comment(s)
    I am trying to just making clear about egovernment and it’s condition in Nepal. In different program, seminar, different conference and in different presentation we option see and hear that every ICT personnal and expert were making their sound...
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    Windows 7 Service Pack 1…..

    Posted to Aerrow's blog by The Aerrow on 07-20-2010 | 594 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Finally after a long wait Microsoft has released it’s first service pack for Windows 7. Actually Service packs are the patches and updates that makes your Operating system more stronger then it is before against the security holes. So what’s new in windows...
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    Photo Download from Facebook at once.

    Posted to Best Baffle by Sujan Shrestha on 07-12-2010 | 622 View | 2 Comment(s)
    Filed under: ,
    It takes lots of time while you need to download lots of individual photos from your friend's albums. Here's some easy way, Pick&Zip is a totally free online tool that will allow you downloading pictures from Facebook in a single zip or pdf...
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    Features and New tool available on Office...

    Posted to Infotechnab by INFOTECHNAB on 06-27-2010 | 306 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Microsoft Office 2010 On the event of Microsoft Office 2010, Message form Nachghar, Jamal On June 15 Features and New tool available on Office 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 -By dipendra bajaracharya sir >Easy Photo and Video Editing Tool >New cool...
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    Future is in Cloud: A Cloud Computing time

    Posted to Pradeep's blog by Pradeep Kandel on 06-27-2010 | 392 View | 1 Comment(s)
    What is Cloud Computing? Folks! though, I believe that the concept of Cloud Computing is not new to many of us now, yet it’s always beneficial to increase the level of understanding by going beyond the barrier of timeworn knowledge. In this blog, I have...
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    Microsoft working for secure, trustworthy...

    Posted to Pradeep's blog by Pradeep Kandel on 06-27-2010 | 423 View | 0 Comment(s)
      A major talked about internet topic right now is cloud computing which holds center stage in the IT industry. Different vendors, service providers, press, analysts and customers are all evaluating and discussing the opportunities and challenges...
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