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    Hack a Wireless Network

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 09-03-2010 | 1,027 View | 2 Comment(s)
    I always use to wonder how this hackers crack in to wireless network and get access to internet through others network. This is not a smartness of a Hacker rather than its the mistake of a user to keep the security type to WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy...
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    now am also on my blog

    Posted to Pushpa's Blog by puspaathapa on 09-03-2010 | 120 View | 0 Comment(s)
    finally i got my blog.nw i can express my feeling also.
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    International Calls Using Gmail

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 09-03-2010 | 595 View | 1 Comment(s)
    Gmail has now provided the net calls facility to its users a d is charging very less for specific countries and even free calls for some countries. I have added some snapshots so that it gets easier for you to start calling today. Enjoy :D View Full Album
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    How did MS deploy Windows 7 internally...

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 09-02-2010 | 314 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    I’ve been running Windows 7 since Beta stages and as soon as the product was finished most people in Microsoft moved from Vista. Are you interested in understanding how Microsoft deployed Windows 7 to around 100.000 people worldwide? On Microsoft IT Showcase...
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    Use Windows 7 for a year without activation

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 09-01-2010 | 616 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    Most of you might be aware of the fact that it is possible to use Windows 7 and Vista for 120 days without activation. This is actually possible using the “slmgr –rearm” command which will extend the grace period from 30 days to 120 days. However in this...
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    IE 9 Platform Preview 4

    Posted to Best Baffle by Sujan Shrestha on 08-26-2010 | 721 View | 0 Comment(s)
    The fourth Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9, already available, shows the opportunity of fully hardware-accelerated HTML5. You can run new test drive samples that show modern SVG and native JavaScript integration in action. Get more information...
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    All About MSP Summit 2010

    Posted to Spandan"s Blog by Spandan Pradhan on 08-24-2010 | 540 View | 5 Comment(s)
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    Summit Moments “I learn to share I learn to care I am an MSP And I am proud to be.” An event “ MSP SummIT 2010 ” was organized by MDP Nepal in Hotel Space Mountain at Nagarkot. It was a two day event . Different sessions were run...
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    Event conduction

    Posted to Prabhat Dawadi's Blog by Prabhat Dawadi on 08-23-2010 | 199 View | 0 Comment(s)
    We, the MSPs 2011 of Kathmandu Engineering College successfully conducted the college event on the topics: * MTA * ELMS * Windows 7 Introduction of new MSPs to the colege was done on the same event. The event was 2 and half hours long. Students registered...
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    MSP 2011 orientation programme

    Posted to Spandan"s Blog by Spandan Pradhan on 08-22-2010 | 601 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    Crawling Catterpillar Dreaming Of Being Butterfly On sunday 18th july an orientation programme was held for selected MSP's( Microsoft Student Partners ) 2011. Alen sir gave the introduction (about an hour) , then next session was run by pradeep kandel...
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    Be Secure on Social Networking

    Posted to Rajan Adhikari "Jugal" by Rajan Adhikari on 08-21-2010 | 335 View | 3 Comment(s)
    Be Secure on social networking Social networking has been a good junction for the communication and sharing of information worldwide. Social networking websites are being used by millions of information sharer people and is now like a part of digital...
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    Egovernance-2: Why egovernnment in Nepal

    Posted to Prakash by Prakash on 08-20-2010 | 527 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 As I already discuss about introduction of e-Government in my previous blogs. Where I regard egovernment as the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) to transform the traditional...
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    Really cool feature of skydrive DRAG AND...

    Posted to Infotechnab by INFOTECHNAB on 08-15-2010 | 500 View | 2 Comment(s)
    i really inpressed with new feature of skydrive. In the skydrive we can easily upload by just drag and drop just like on one directory to another directory with in computer.
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    20 Most useful tips and tricks for windows...

    Posted to Infotechnab by INFOTECHNAB on 08-14-2010 | 434 View | 0 Comment(s)
    20 Most useful tips and tricks for windows 7 1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts Using the mouse, you can drag-‘n-dock windows to either side of the screen, or drag it to the top to maximize it. These keyboard shortcuts are even faster: * Win+Left Arrow and...
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    Network Security - An issue to be address

    Posted to Dipak's Blogs by Dpak on 08-12-2010 | 287 View | 2 Comment(s)
    The term Computer Network is so complicated and the vast one. The more we try to conquer its depth the more we are exposed with the new boundaries. Therefore I thought to compile some of the resources that I’ve got access and publish it to my blog...
  • 09

    MSP SummIT 2010

    Posted to Lata's Blog by Lata KC on 08-09-2010 | 352 View | 1 Comment(s)
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    MSP SummIT 2010 DAY 1(31 JULY, 2010): One hours and fifteen minutes of waiting at the stop for the bus to arrive, that’s when my journey to Nagarkot started. All new faces but the same excitement and enthusiasm were what common to all. Singing,...
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