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    Free Virtualization E-Book

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 02-10-2009 | 1,192 View | 13 Comment(s)
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    MS Press is right now offering a free E-Book on Virtualization Solutions like Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Application Virtualization and much more. Download it here .
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    I am still XP and “ Am I Behind” ??

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 08-20-2009 | 1,023 View | 12 Comment(s)
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      I am sure many of the people in Nepal are still working on Windows XP as our hardware is not of enough strength.So, what is it? Are we really behind? No I don't think so, and we should thank Microsoft for this.All the new applications which...
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    Mobile Phone Applications and Settings

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 08-27-2009 | 13,093 View | 10 Comment(s)
    Have you ever realized about the potential of the device you carry in your pocket ? May be some of us have realized and some of us have not yet. Yes, I am talking about the mobile phones that you carry for your daily communication with your friends ,...
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    Difference between 64 bit processors, Operating...

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 10-15-2009 | 2,020 View | 10 Comment(s)
    Difference Between Processors Mathematically First, I’ll talk about the pure mathematics and structure of the processors that are involved here. I’ll keep this part short and sweet.  A bit is short for “binary digit.” It is basically how a computer...
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    Posted to Diwas by Diwas Bhattarai on 10-07-2009 | 3,728 View | 9 Comment(s)
    We cannot resist the look and feature of the windows 7 to use it. But there are many user who still don’t want to change their current windows xp to windows 7 due to some compatibility problems of software or developing tools or by the problem that they...
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    Posted to Diwas by Diwas Bhattarai on 08-31-2009 | 1,162 View | 9 Comment(s)
    Bing is the search engine of the Microsoft corporation. Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions. Now you may think what a search engine is???? As the name clarifies it is the...
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    What a "Facebook Browser" Means...

    Posted to TECHNOXICATION by pratima on 08-17-2009 | 753 View | 9 Comment(s)
    This week Rumors of a new " Facebook Browser " called " Rockmelt ", have surfaced in the techno arena ,which is desinged with a star-studded cast of backers. The techno-society hasn't yet recieved of what exactly the browser looks...
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    Windows 7 Beta availability ends at February...

    Posted to Maria's blog in Nepal by maria on 02-03-2009 | 1,057 View | 9 Comment(s)
    We announced the general availability of Windows 7 Beta in the beginning of January and the interest has been massive. Millions of people worldwide have downloaded the bits so now the Beta program will close on February 10th. If you have a MSDN or TechNet...
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    Not caterpillars, We are butterflies now...

    Posted to Pradeep's blog by Pradeep Kandel on 07-17-2009 | 2,342 View | 9 Comment(s)
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    Idea pops out at any time (yes! they do), as says Allen sir. Something similar happened to me. It had been ages since I drew anything artistic (except diagrams and figures in academics)  for the last time. Then, today suddenly my wit asked me ...
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    Interview with an MSP 2013 from Nepal:...

    Posted to Allen by AllenTuladhar on 08-11-2012 | 7,027 View | 9 Comment(s)
    I had a chance to connect with Julia Aryal, Microsoft Student Partner from Little Angles College of Management. As a community leader, she was nominated as an MSP from her college to be an ambassador in her college. Question: Describe about yourself....
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    Conversion of FAT32 to NTFS

    Posted to Prakash by Prakash on 08-07-2009 | 809 View | 8 Comment(s)
    It is important to convert the file system while installing the window7. So here is the procedure to convert the file system from FAT volume to NTFS 1. After completing Setup, click Start , click Run , type cmd , and then press ENTER. 2. In the command...
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    Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Posted to Best Baffle by Sujan Shrestha on 12-07-2009 | 2,078 View | 8 Comment(s)
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    Let's kick off with keyboard shortcuts – the first thing every power user must memorize with working with a new operating system. In Windows 7, there uncovered several new sets of essential time-saving shortcuts that will make your mouse jealous...
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    Microsoft MultiPoint

    Posted to Pradeep's blog by Pradeep Kandel on 11-16-2009 | 2,655 View | 7 Comment(s)
    Dynamites are small. Rather I would say, good and powerful things come in small packets. Truely, I never imagined before that a mouse which is attached to every desktop PC can be so powerful today. Yes, I am moved by what the technology Multipoint has...
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    Network BUSY??????????????????????????

    Posted to TECHNOXICATION by pratima on 08-19-2009 | 1,368 View | 7 Comment(s)
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    "The subcriber you have dailled cannot be reached at the moment.Please try again later." Tired of hearing this?? but have you ever thought of what does "Netwrok Busy" exactly mean? Well if you are a networkin student, am sure you kno...
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    Incoming and outgoing Servers???

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 08-23-2009 | 1,665 View | 7 Comment(s)
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    Windows Live Hotmail aka MSN Hotmail has finally added POP3 and SMTP support for its free user base. Previously, POP3 and SMTP access is only available to paid Windows Live Hotmail Plus subscribers. POP3 and SMTP protocols allows user to use desktop-based...
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