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    how to host php on IIS 7.5

    Posted to Gandip's Blog by gandip on 02-21-2010 | 30,331 View | 0 Comment(s)
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    Php application can be hosted on IIS web server by using FastCGI Module that can be found in IIS. Here I am using Windows 7 as my IIS web server. Same is for server 2008 R2. Remember R2 has IIS ver7.5 ditto Windows 7. First you  need to install IIS...
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    Mobile Phone Applications and Settings

    Posted to Fire by RAVI SINGHAL on 08-27-2009 | 13,343 View | 10 Comment(s)
    Have you ever realized about the potential of the device you carry in your pocket ? May be some of us have realized and some of us have not yet. Yes, I am talking about the mobile phones that you carry for your daily communication with your friends ,...
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    Cyber Crimes & Law in Nepal

    Posted to crazy's blog by ashok neupane on 05-02-2010 | 10,874 View | 4 Comment(s)
    800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The worlds least developed countries including Nepal have rewarded themselves of the opportunity to rapidly develop education, health, agriculture, tourism, trade and various...
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    Get NTC GPRS settings for latest mobile...

    Posted to Om's Blog by om on 01-21-2011 | 9,954 View | 0 Comment(s)
    We list here Apple iPhone, Samsung Corby and touch series, Nokia N and E Series, Blackberry. NTC GPRS Setting for iPhone Go to Menu Go to Settings, Go to General, Network Go to Cellular Data Network APN: ntnet Leave username and password blank Data Roaming...
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    Hard Reset Steps For All HP Printers

    Posted to Suraj's blog by Suraj Gautam on 01-05-2012 | 9,505 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Restoring an HP Jetdirect print server to factory defaults (known as a cold reset) will erase all previous configurations and may require network administrative knowledge, permissions, and access to reconfigure it. A cold reset also allows the HP Jetdirect...
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    Counter Strike 1.6 servers in Nepal

    Posted to Success's blog by Success Maharjan on 03-14-2013 | 8,972 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Counter Strike 1.6 in Nepal is really popular nowadays. There are a lot of players currently playing. Everyday so many players join to enjoy the game. There are many servers currently being hosted in Nepal. Some of them are: mYktm clan servers: 202.166...
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    Computer related health hazards and their...

    Every speaker of the conference talked about the use of computers actually importance of computers and application for development of nation,using computer for better future for whole day yesterday and today also same topics were being presented by different...
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    Analyzing the ICT development of Nepal...

    Posted to Prakash by Prakash on 06-07-2010 | 7,891 View | 1 Comment(s)
    As we know Nepal is the country locked by the largest two countries India and China. The variation in the structure is also another geographical identification of Nepal. So Nepal was greatly influenced by the progress of the many countries in the region...
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    About MSDNAA ELMS Account

    Posted to Tek's Technical Blog by Tek Raj Guragain on 08-24-2011 | 7,342 View | 1 Comment(s)
    We may have seen the various software products are mostly cracked and non licensed. The main issue goes to the Operating system too that we use on our PCs which is "WINDOWS and other Microsoft server Operating systems. In context of Nepal many people...
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    Interview with an MSP 2013 from Nepal:...

    Posted to Allen by AllenTuladhar on 08-11-2012 | 7,173 View | 9 Comment(s)
    I had a chance to connect with Julia Aryal, Microsoft Student Partner from Little Angles College of Management. As a community leader, she was nominated as an MSP from her college to be an ambassador in her college. Question: Describe about yourself....
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    Modified cars

    Posted to Extreme Technologies by Pushpa on 10-04-2011 | 6,749 View | 1 Comment(s)
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    Nowadays modification of cars has become a fashion. Most of the car are being modified for better looks and performance.New parts are added to the cars and different cars are merged together to give a unique look. Pictures of some top modified cars
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    Downloading a Product Key from your DreamSpark...

    Posted to Pradeep's blog by Pradeep Kandel on 03-24-2012 | 6,602 View | 1 Comment(s)
    If you are a university student/ faculty in Nepal studying/ teaching either Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or Design (STEM-D) subject, you are eligible to receive most of the Microsoft software free of cost. This is a fairly easy process...
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    Modified scooters

    Posted to Extreme Technologies by Pushpa on 10-04-2011 | 6,373 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Modified bikes have been a craze for younger people from the very decade of the invention of this wonder machine. Unlike any other vehicle, bikes are being modified into different shapes and looks. There are certain reasons behind the tendency of bike...
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    Mark Zuckerberg | Journey From Facemash...

    Posted to Geekscrowd by Sagar Pokhrel on 08-08-2012 | 6,312 View | 9 Comment(s)
    While attending Harvard as a second year undergraduate student, Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003. He created The Facemash which used photos compiled from the online of nine Houses, placing two next to each...
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    Modified bikes

    Posted to Extreme Technologies by Pushpa on 10-04-2011 | 5,663 View | 0 Comment(s)
    Filed under: , ,
    Bike Modification Modified bikes have been a craze for younger people from the very decade of the invention of this wonder machine. Unlike any other vehicle, bikes are being modified into different shapes and looks. There are certain reasons behind the...
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