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SOCHWARE- Things can get easier.

Sochware is a dynamic team who are currently  working on their product “MUSHROOMATION”. Mushroomation is an IOT product which communicates with mushroom farm, perceiving temperature and humidity of the farm, Mushroomation controls the temperature of the farm automatically. It also supports water flow control and CCTV surveillance via image processing of CCTV surveillance Mushroomation conveys the message to farmer about the growth of mushroom without the farmer himself being present at the farm.

The aim of Mushroomation is:

  • to help farmer to maintain the water flow
  • to control temperature of the farm
  • keep eye on the farm remotely

The CEO of Sochware, Miss Eeda Rijal explained how they are doing research on image processing so that, the farmer can watch their seed growing without actually going to the farm. Besides the Mushroom Farm, they are looking forward to work on the other form of the agriculture. And they are developing a lab setup to create a platform for the students , whose main theme is to collect the ideas form the students, merging them and working on them, together!

Customers are reaching out to them and they already have two orders . They are looking for investors and partners with whom they can work.

The team is formed with six enthusiastic persons.


To be Electronics and Communication Engineer.

Social worker/ entrepreneur

PR Managers in two offices. 

Hardware Enthusiastic

CTO: Mr. Milan Thapa

Software Engineer

Computer Network Specialist

COO: Mr. Shishir Shrestha

To be IT engineer

Business Creative Head

PR: Milan Khanal

Media marketing manager: Saurav Shrestha

Technical Lead: Raju Sharan

Human Resource Facilitator: Asmita Koirala


Posted: 05-04-2017 10:27 PM by Aditi Acharya