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GaadiBook-We promote tourism

Gaadibook CEO Mr.Mahesh Kafle started his presentation showing the traveller problem in Nepal.


  In Nepal there is always a problem of booking tickets online. Although we pay high amount for online booking it is never reliable. Hence, This team has come up with a solution called ‘Gaadibook’ . It is online web platform which lets a travelers to rent/hire the bus with just a click of a Button. With the help of this platform brought by them, Customers can get quality service at affordable price.This solution gives both Long term and short term hiring platform as well.It also include Live location tracking.It was a great idea for solving traveller problem and to promote tourism in Nepal.

“If you are interested to use this product then this product will soon be releasing.”

Posted: 05-05-2017 8:33 PM by Shirisha Maharjan