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Panel Discussion Session

‘Panel Discussion session' was started by Ms.Sonika Manandhar welcoming all panelists.This panel discussion session was conducted to have a discussion on different opportunities and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the growth stage of their company.

panelToday’s our very first great panelist is : Mr.Allen Bailochan Tuladhar (Microsoft Regional director) who has been contributing towards the IT sector of Nepal from past 25 years and has been supporting the startup ecosystem in Nepal from many years.Ms.Sonika Manandhar asked a question to Mr.Allen as,”Allen Sir, Tell us about what MIC Nepal is doing in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.” and he replied,”Startup’s are the seeds and MIC Nepal do enough to turn these seeds into plants”.

Then Ms.Sonika introduce Mr.Simon, our next panelists who is a program Director of Rockstart Impact.It is a 100-days business support program which has been specially designed for Nepali entrepreneurs and their business. “What does it takes to build and sustain a startup ecosystem in Nepal and what does he thinks is lacking in present scenario?” and “how is Rockstart impact is helping to bridge the gap between investors and startups?” were the question asked to him by Ms.Sonika.According to him,”If You talk to entrepreneur they see opportunity every where and If you talk to youngsters they see opportunity in abroad Lacking – investor”.

Our third panelist Mr.Ashish Acharya, cofounder of Thread paints, an online apparel store.Recently, he was featured in Forbes Asia 30 under 30.Ms.Sonika started talking about his company and the challenges he faced during the early years and the ways how he managed to establish ’Threadpaints’ as a brand.According to him,”Good communication skills and keeping your goal clear is what you need most to do a business”.

Then she moved on to our last but not the list panelist, Mr.Hari kattel who is cofounder of NepExpress.It provides home delivery service to e-commerce business which is one of the rapidly growing online shopping.His talks were really motivating one of the best inspiration he gave today was,”Business should be done because of passion not because of desire”.

After the introduction session, Q/A session or interaction session was started.First question to Mr.Allen was,”Where Nepal Stands?” and his inspiring answer was,”Nepalese have prove that they can work really hard in every field.Nepalese can work very hard but even if we are trying to develop our nation we are too small,so we need more and more startup’s coming up .According to him,”Last name doesnot matter in business,we should clear all this myth and be creative” which was 100% true point.And according to Mr.Ashish,”Confidentiality in yourself and in what you are doing is the main key to success”.

Ms.Sonika Manandhar wrap-up this session by handing over token of love to our inspiring and motivating panelists.And thanking each of the panelist for their time and for sharing their views and knowledge.

Posted: 05-05-2017 8:14 PM by Shirisha Maharjan