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Agro Concerns "Grow Quality Food In Quantity"

‘Agro Concerns’ is a startup company that uses the combination of cutting-edge technology and renewable resources to reasonably, organically and profitably grow all the seasonal 18339715_923187294489090_184921662_ocrops throughout the year. It use the greenhouses for growing seasonal crops throughout the year taking full control of environment inside them.i.e Automation. IT use renewable resources i.e. Solar energy and water resources to provide proper heating and cooling environment inside green house. It also maintain and continuously monitor temperature and humidity to work as like in natural environment inside artificial environment. All this is done using Raspberry Pi and IOT technology. And it also include use of data analysis to improve methods answer process to make it more efficient and then share those data to the farmers. The team ‘Agro Concerns’ intend to implement modern and advanced technology in the agriculture. With this they also have a vision to establish our own Agro Data Center in the country within 5 years.

There are four members in this amazing team,they are : Shashi Shah(CEO), Kabindra Gyanwali(COO), Anuj Rai(CTO) and Bishwajeet Sherstha(CFO).


During the pitch, Mr.Kabindra Gyawali  says that, they are working on the prototype and looking forward for the setup of their first farm and cultivation.

Conventional greenhouse and the community farm are their targeted customers.

Posted: 05-06-2017 8:29 PM by Shirisha Maharjan