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InFos-“Stop wearing stupid hat and start developing nation.“

“We are team INFOs, If you are wondering what INFOS is then here it goes, “InFos”is an organization that provides Consulting and R & D services to Small and Medium Enterprises especially those established and run by students, women and individuals from marginalized communities to help make their business sustainable.” said by Mr.Nimesh pd adhikary .


According to him ,“Their main aim is to contribute in the nation’s development by helping entrepreneurs that are building it from the ground up. Their mission is to create a consulting business that offers insight and solutions that help solve problems entrepreneur and business face, emphasizing on quality and affordability, without having to comprise on either . They believe in Quality, Punctuality, Professionalism, Uniformity and Affordability.”

There are all together three members in “INFOS”,they are:


Stop wearing stupid hat and start developing nation.

Posted: 05-07-2017 7:25 PM by Shirisha Maharjan