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"Avocados and More"

"Avocados and More" is a startup involved in the production and distribution of organic avocados and other organic products. Their Unique Selling Point is the "Hass" variety, with 80+ health and fitness benefits, found less in the 18362699_1785222701504720_1889036411_o[3]Nepali market and making the purchase a real-time investment.

Their first marketing was done in Farmers Market, and right now "Avocados and More" is based on 10 vigorous growing Hass trees. They plan to expand their production to a 100 trees in the next four years and also aim at diversifying/processing their products at a next level. With the increasing consumer awareness regarding harmful effect of pesticide added food, they are targeting right now on a niche market like gym goers, but will soon will expand to a larger market. With diabetes, blood pressure, stress, exertion, among others being the major problems of the population, they chose Avocados because of the exceeding benefit it has to be a single, impactful solution. They have organic farming and e-delivery features in their startup, thus forming a direct link with the production and distribution. They are determined in continuing a 100% organic in their products, as they are focused in making it a consumer-centric business. In the Demo day, the startup pitched about collaboration to organizations and investors regarding seed banks and product processing like Avocado oil and Avocado wine.

"Avocados and More" in the MIC Pre-accelerator was represented by Ms.Shreeya Sharma, a Veterinary student, the CEO, as a single woman team, due to the keen interest to make it a family business. Her father, Dr. Shyam S Sharma, is the Chief Advisor and Executive Board member, having a 20+ year experience in the Agri and Livestock systems .  one "Avocados and More" is hoping to expand with Organic Livestock products in the near future.  "Avocados and More" was named accordingly as 'Avocado' being their main product and 'More' being the other expanding auxillary products. "Avocados and More" in the near future wants to scale up in integrating marginalized farmers, to benefit them from Ground-level up, make organic products accessible through e-commerce and focusing on the foremost: the consumers.

Posted: 05-07-2017 7:09 PM by Shirisha Maharjan