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InFos-“Stop wearing stupid hat and start developing nation.“

“We are team INFOs, If you are wondering what INFOS is then here it goes, “InFos”is an organization that provides Consulting and R & D services to Small and Medium Enterprises especially those established and run by students, women and individuals from marginalized communities to help make their business sustainable.” said by Mr.Nimesh pd adhikary .


According to him ,“Their main aim is to contribute in the nation’s development by helping entrepreneurs that are building it from the ground up. Their mission is to create a consulting business that offers insight and solutions that help solve problems entrepreneur and business face, emphasizing on quality and affordability, without having to comprise on either . They believe in Quality, Punctuality, Professionalism, Uniformity and Affordability.”

There are all together three members in “INFOS”,they are:


Stop wearing stupid hat and start developing nation.

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"Avocados and More"

"Avocados and More" is a startup involved in the production and distribution of organic avocados and other organic products. Their Unique Selling Point is the "Hass" variety, with 80+ health and fitness benefits, found less in the 18362699_1785222701504720_1889036411_o[3]Nepali market and making the purchase a real-time investment.

Their first marketing was done in Farmers Market, and right now "Avocados and More" is based on 10 vigorous growing Hass trees. They plan to expand their production to a 100 trees in the next four years and also aim at diversifying/processing their products at a next level. With the increasing consumer awareness regarding harmful effect of pesticide added food, they are targeting right now on a niche market like gym goers, but will soon will expand to a larger market. With diabetes, blood pressure, stress, exertion, among others being the major problems of the population, they chose Avocados because of the exceeding benefit it has to be a single, impactful solution. They have organic farming and e-delivery features in their startup, thus forming a direct link with the production and distribution. They are determined in continuing a 100% organic in their products, as they are focused in making it a consumer-centric business. In the Demo day, the startup pitched about collaboration to organizations and investors regarding seed banks and product processing like Avocado oil and Avocado wine.

"Avocados and More" in the MIC Pre-accelerator was represented by Ms.Shreeya Sharma, a Veterinary student, the CEO, as a single woman team, due to the keen interest to make it a family business. Her father, Dr. Shyam S Sharma, is the Chief Advisor and Executive Board member, having a 20+ year experience in the Agri and Livestock systems .  one "Avocados and More" is hoping to expand with Organic Livestock products in the near future.  "Avocados and More" was named accordingly as 'Avocado' being their main product and 'More' being the other expanding auxillary products. "Avocados and More" in the near future wants to scale up in integrating marginalized farmers, to benefit them from Ground-level up, make organic products accessible through e-commerce and focusing on the foremost: the consumers.

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Agro Concerns "Grow Quality Food In Quantity"

‘Agro Concerns’ is a startup company that uses the combination of cutting-edge technology and renewable resources to reasonably, organically and profitably grow all the seasonal 18339715_923187294489090_184921662_ocrops throughout the year. It use the greenhouses for growing seasonal crops throughout the year taking full control of environment inside them.i.e Automation. IT use renewable resources i.e. Solar energy and water resources to provide proper heating and cooling environment inside green house. It also maintain and continuously monitor temperature and humidity to work as like in natural environment inside artificial environment. All this is done using Raspberry Pi and IOT technology. And it also include use of data analysis to improve methods answer process to make it more efficient and then share those data to the farmers. The team ‘Agro Concerns’ intend to implement modern and advanced technology in the agriculture. With this they also have a vision to establish our own Agro Data Center in the country within 5 years.

There are four members in this amazing team,they are : Shashi Shah(CEO), Kabindra Gyanwali(COO), Anuj Rai(CTO) and Bishwajeet Sherstha(CFO).


During the pitch, Mr.Kabindra Gyawali  says that, they are working on the prototype and looking forward for the setup of their first farm and cultivation.

Conventional greenhouse and the community farm are their targeted customers.

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GaadiBook-We promote tourism

Gaadibook CEO Mr.Mahesh Kafle started his presentation showing the traveller problem in Nepal.


  In Nepal there is always a problem of booking tickets online. Although we pay high amount for online booking it is never reliable. Hence, This team has come up with a solution called ‘Gaadibook’ . It is online web platform which lets a travelers to rent/hire the bus with just a click of a Button. With the help of this platform brought by them, Customers can get quality service at affordable price.This solution gives both Long term and short term hiring platform as well.It also include Live location tracking.It was a great idea for solving traveller problem and to promote tourism in Nepal.

“If you are interested to use this product then this product will soon be releasing.”

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Panel Discussion Session

‘Panel Discussion session' was started by Ms.Sonika Manandhar welcoming all panelists.This panel discussion session was conducted to have a discussion on different opportunities and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the growth stage of their company.

panelToday’s our very first great panelist is : Mr.Allen Bailochan Tuladhar (Microsoft Regional director) who has been contributing towards the IT sector of Nepal from past 25 years and has been supporting the startup ecosystem in Nepal from many years.Ms.Sonika Manandhar asked a question to Mr.Allen as,”Allen Sir, Tell us about what MIC Nepal is doing in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.” and he replied,”Startup’s are the seeds and MIC Nepal do enough to turn these seeds into plants”.

Then Ms.Sonika introduce Mr.Simon, our next panelists who is a program Director of Rockstart Impact.It is a 100-days business support program which has been specially designed for Nepali entrepreneurs and their business. “What does it takes to build and sustain a startup ecosystem in Nepal and what does he thinks is lacking in present scenario?” and “how is Rockstart impact is helping to bridge the gap between investors and startups?” were the question asked to him by Ms.Sonika.According to him,”If You talk to entrepreneur they see opportunity every where and If you talk to youngsters they see opportunity in abroad Lacking – investor”.

Our third panelist Mr.Ashish Acharya, cofounder of Thread paints, an online apparel store.Recently, he was featured in Forbes Asia 30 under 30.Ms.Sonika started talking about his company and the challenges he faced during the early years and the ways how he managed to establish ’Threadpaints’ as a brand.According to him,”Good communication skills and keeping your goal clear is what you need most to do a business”.

Then she moved on to our last but not the list panelist, Mr.Hari kattel who is cofounder of NepExpress.It provides home delivery service to e-commerce business which is one of the rapidly growing online shopping.His talks were really motivating one of the best inspiration he gave today was,”Business should be done because of passion not because of desire”.

After the introduction session, Q/A session or interaction session was started.First question to Mr.Allen was,”Where Nepal Stands?” and his inspiring answer was,”Nepalese have prove that they can work really hard in every field.Nepalese can work very hard but even if we are trying to develop our nation we are too small,so we need more and more startup’s coming up .According to him,”Last name doesnot matter in business,we should clear all this myth and be creative” which was 100% true point.And according to Mr.Ashish,”Confidentiality in yourself and in what you are doing is the main key to success”.

Ms.Sonika Manandhar wrap-up this session by handing over token of love to our inspiring and motivating panelists.And thanking each of the panelist for their time and for sharing their views and knowledge.

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Manche Chahiyo

Manche Chahiyo has been providing people a platform to publish and connect to available freelancing/employment opportunities at click. It helps in connecting individuals either as a job seekers, or as a employers.

Their purpose is to be the leading platform that helps people to start earning with the skills they have/learn. Their vision is to make people able to monetize their skills. Their  mission is to provide a platform for users that can be used to present the available opportunities for employment/earning money.

Core Values

  • They believe in treating their customers with respect and faith.
  • They grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • They combine honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of their business functioning.


  • To develop a strong base of key customers.
  • To build good reputation in the field of training employment opportunities.
  • Continuous innovation for the improvement of service delivery.
  • To organize skill-up workshops for users.

They currently have a website To get along with Manche Chahiyo, one need to fill up the form and users can rate each others.

Besides that they have planned to conduct workshops on photography, tailoring etc.

The team behind the Manche Chahiyo.


Mr. Kishwor Shahi



Miss Rina Baral


Mr. Ujjwal Shakya

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Echo Innovators- Imagine Cup SEA Regional Finals






Beside the Demo day program, people got a chance to know about the "Echo Innovators." Echo Innovators were  at the Regional final of Imagine Cup with their solution 'FarmLi'.

FarmLi is an attempt to bring livestock farming, machine learning, cloud computing and IOT together to solve livestock problems. It is a smart neck band which monitors temperature, activity & behavior of each individual animal. Our actionable recommendations help significantly improve income on daily farms.

To make the Farmli work, first of all, you have to tie the FarmLi on the your animal's neck which works with GSM Module. The Farmli simply consists of a strap designed to comfortably fit around your pet's neck and a small box that measure temperature, activity and animal behaviour, i.e. whether it’s eating, sleeping, ruminating or showing lameness.  After that, download their mobile app and  register your device and select which animal your looking at is. The data of the animal is then, transferred to your mobile's dashboard. The dashboard shows your pet’s temperature & activity readings over time through immersing graphs along with easy to understand insights and actionable recommendations that can be converted into tasks, for your ease.

Their target is all the livestock farmers who are struggling with there life, veterinary doctors who are always there to help and all the research and survey agencies working for the welfare of livestock. In our first phase we will be targeting, Nepal and SAARC countries then we will move towards emerging asian countries and slowly to the other part of the World.

The dynamic and hardworking team from Echo Innovators are:

· Pradip Subedi: Web-developer. Looks after management of every project.

· Bhupendra Ojha: Lead developer.  Technical geek.

· Melisha Ghimire: IOT developer. Looks after every research, documentation and over-all management.

· Sandesh Karki, Mentor: Looks after project management.


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Start Ups coming up with their Demos


Fig.Six different teams demonstrating their solutions.

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SOCHWARE- Things can get easier.

Sochware is a dynamic team who are currently  working on their product “MUSHROOMATION”. Mushroomation is an IOT product which communicates with mushroom farm, perceiving temperature and humidity of the farm, Mushroomation controls the temperature of the farm automatically. It also supports water flow control and CCTV surveillance via image processing of CCTV surveillance Mushroomation conveys the message to farmer about the growth of mushroom without the farmer himself being present at the farm.

The aim of Mushroomation is:

  • to help farmer to maintain the water flow
  • to control temperature of the farm
  • keep eye on the farm remotely

The CEO of Sochware, Miss Eeda Rijal explained how they are doing research on image processing so that, the farmer can watch their seed growing without actually going to the farm. Besides the Mushroom Farm, they are looking forward to work on the other form of the agriculture. And they are developing a lab setup to create a platform for the students , whose main theme is to collect the ideas form the students, merging them and working on them, together!

Customers are reaching out to them and they already have two orders . They are looking for investors and partners with whom they can work.

The team is formed with six enthusiastic persons.


To be Electronics and Communication Engineer.

Social worker/ entrepreneur

PR Managers in two offices. 

Hardware Enthusiastic

CTO: Mr. Milan Thapa

Software Engineer

Computer Network Specialist

COO: Mr. Shishir Shrestha

To be IT engineer

Business Creative Head

PR: Milan Khanal

Media marketing manager: Saurav Shrestha

Technical Lead: Raju Sharan

Human Resource Facilitator: Asmita Koirala


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Pre-accelerating Ideas into Business || Demo Day V4

Unlimited Ventures DEMO DAY celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship along with the dedication, continuous effort and journey of 8 weeks Unlimited Pre-Accelerator program, a unique free startup training program, connecting entrepreneurs to resources and support they need in validating and building their ideas into solutions.

Ideas are the seed of innovation and we are glad that we have finished planting the seed. May be it will take 5-10 years for the seed to grow into trees but every innovation has to start with an idea that seems possible. With such innovative ideas that inspire the change, six tech startup have come to pitch their ideas  on the DEMO DAY!


SochWare is a dynamic team who are currently  working on their product “MUSHROOMATION”. Mushroomation is an IoT product which helps in automatation of  the traditional way of mushroom cultivation.



InFOS is an organization which provides Consulting and R&D services to Small and Medium enterprises especially those established and run by students, women and individuals from marginalized communities to help make their business sustainable.



Gaadi Book is online web platform which lets the travelers to rent/hire the bus with just a click of Button.




Avocados and More is a start-up predominately based on marketing avocados, and other organic products.


display manchechahiyokishworrinaujjwal


Manche Chahiyo has been providing people a platform to publish and connect to available freelancing/employment opportunity at click.


Agro LogoAgro Concerns Team


Agro Concerns is a startup company that uses the combination of cutting edge technology and renewable resources reasonably, organically and profitably grow all the seasonal crops throughout the year.

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