Who Wants to be an M.V.P?

First and Foremost, let the truth be told, the Blogger himself is not an MVP yet. Now you may be asking, “Then why listen to me?”

How about answering to this , “What if this truly Works out for You?”.

Welcome to the Ladder for MVP TITLE.

This Blog is the Product of attending DevTech Day 2016 as an attendee Blogger and covering up session of six Speakers from India, one from Sri-Lanka and two from Nepal.

The Million Dollars Words here are not by the Blogger but instead the Summary Compilation of the amazing DPE Leads, multiple times MVPs following.


The Speaker of the DevTech Day 2016 were:

Wellington Perera (DPE Lead at Microsoft SriLanka)

Dhananjay Kumar(Six times Microsoft MVP and Developer Evangelist of Infragistics in India)

Tadit Dash (Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development, Microsoft Dev Community Odisha)

Senthil Kumar (Microsoft MVP in Windows Development and Visual Studio and development technologies)

Venkatesan Prabu .J (Microsoft Data Platform MVP)

Inderjeet Singh (Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional)

Prabhjot Bakshi (Most valuable Professional Status on Azure)


Firstly Let us know what MVP exactly is and what not.

- Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is not a certification, Its an Award!

Its a mode of recognition which Microsoft gives for individuals who are technology experts and most importantly, who play a role and are keen in sharing their expertise with the Community. So if your question is, “I have completed my MCTS or MCAD and What are the next steps towards being a MVP?” – You must re-think on your question!

So, if you’ve read over the DevTech Day 2016’s blog, you must have realized by now how much the Speakers today been focusing over Community Service.

DJ already a Six Time MVP has written over 980 Blogs by now and been a Speaker over 60 plus times in last 6 years.

Each of Speakers are avid developers but even more passionate about service the developer community. They don’t do it for the Title. They do it for their Passion and thus, they get awarded for their Service to the Community in ways Possible.


Bottom Line:

1. Serve the Community the Best of you and out master everyone in your field.

2. Be Specific over the certainty to focus on and not just blogging or service in wide range of topic.

3. Remember, its the MOST VALUABLE PROFESSIONAL (MVP) and you need to serve in every way possible (Technical Forums, Blogs / Website, User Group Communities, Books / Guides)

4. Brand Yourself. Its not who you work for but the true worth of yourself and how you solved problems of developers in industry with your expertise.

5. (The Most Amazing Part and the Controversial) Once you are Above 18, then there’s no difference between you and 11 times MVP. You get awarded for your work span over a year. Thus, if you serve you can be an MVP.

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Developers Track: Why ASP.NET 5 changed to ASP.NET Core 1.0?

Mr. Tadit Dash, who has been Software engineer  with 4 years and 6 months experience, asked the audience “why ASP.NET5 changed to ASP.NET Core 1.0”??



The audience were in a deep thought. So he answered himself that ASP.net 5 was renamed to ASP.NET Core 1.0 because the whole idea of ASP.NET 5 is to develop the new theme not the new version of ASP.NET because that will be supported in multiple platforms and multiple browsers. They actually started discovering ASP.NET course which is used to develop ASP.NET. They just went through it and they wanted to build a new version of ASP.NET.

But, the system.web is so massive that they couldn’t be able to split it. They wanted to split it and make it more modularize, which they failed to do so they decided to start writing ASP.NET from the beginning. That is how ASP.NET5 was renamed to ASP.NET Core 1.0.

He also said that ASP.NET 5 is something above 4.6. ASP.NET 5 is not optimized version of 4.6 but it’s something new which is much smaller than ASP.NET 4.6, which is still in development phase and not completed yet.

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SQL Server: Performance tuning and optimization

The second session of the IT Pro part in the DevTech2016 was SQL Tuning and Optimization. The session of SQL Tuning and Optimization was given by the Nepalese Speaker, Mr Pandey. The content of the SQL Tuning and Optimization was to give a brief description of the basic structure of the SQL server and to measure the performance and troubleshoot as well as optimize the query we do at the SQL. We use different performance monitoring approaches . Speaker told that optimization is about the response time , throughput and scalability.


“There are different performance monitoring approaches in SQL Server “ said the speaker , pointing out that establishing the baseline, making one changes at a time and then again measuring the performance and if needed repeating the process again is the key. He also described about the design and tuning tradeoffs were Locking(Consistency and concurrency), Workload mix(Selects and Updates) and Indexing (Space and Time).He also described about the major performance killers were:

-Insufficient indexing , inaccurate statistics, improper query design

-Poorly generated execution plan,

-Inappropriate database design

-Excessive fragmentation



Some of the performance issues and CPU Bottleneck according to the speaker was Insufficient hardware resources , badly designed process and Poor indexing. The resolution of this bottleneck could be done by Optimizing application and eliminating or reducing excessive queries. With the description on the theory session speaker started the Demo in SQL SERVER Management Studio showing the process utilization graph of the queries and finding out what is slowing our process and description about allocating the memory to the SQL Server. The Q&A session that was followed by the demo session was interesting and participants were busy asking the different problems like the migration of the Oracle to SQL efficiency and so on. So far SQL Tuning and Optimization was awesome.

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Panel Discussion - Microsoft Loves Community!


The Panel Session Kicked off shortly after the Keynote Address from Mr. Wella.

Each of the Speakers were welcomed with Khada to the Panel where they discussed over the Technical Issues in national level and international.

A quick Summary of the Discussion:

The Major Point of the Discussion noted over the Importance of Community Service.

From Wellington Perera who’ve been running Microsoft Communities in SriLanka;

Sandeep Kumar publishing book on Windows 10 Essentials to enable more networking and purposes for readers;

Pradeep Kandel  running WinServer Community in Nepal;

Allen Sir keeping the Tech Net Community alive still today in Nepal being the only nation across globe to have this today;

The Conclusion is how Community Service and help the new generation of developers from Discussion Panels and Forums and the Build in Leadership Qualities in Community Leader.





What we know today will be absolete in next 2-3 years. It all about getting updated. The Best way to get to do is through forums and discussions.

Wella Talks about how Community service boosts the Leadership qualities in a person.
People servicing community from young age go up and some become Department Head leading team of 50-60 People in just 3-4 years in career.

So, the how do you balance the Personal Life and Work? Its basically life hack and the knowing, utilizing and contributing to source of knowledge.

When you've got More Knowledge you'll progress in your career more faster and earn more.

Pretty Sums up everything, doesn’t it.


The Panelists were:

Wellington Perera (DPE Lead at Microsoft SriLanka)

Dhananjay Kumar(Six times Microsoft MVP and Developer Evangelist of Infragistics in India)

Tadit Dash (Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development, Microsoft Dev Community Odisha)

Senthil Kumar (Microsoft MVP in Windows Development and Visual Studio and development technologies)

Venkatesan Prabu .J (Microsoft Data Platform MVP)

Inderjeet Singh (Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional)

Prabhjot Bakshi (Most valuable Professional Status on Azure)

Pradeep Kandel (Technical Specialist, WinServer Community Nepal)

Ravi Mandal (Azure and Cloud Specialist, BrainWorks Nepal)

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Short Interview with Mr. Tadit Dash

Meanwhile, as the day was getting hectic, we decided to have a short talk with Mr. Tadit Dash. He is a Sr. Software Engineer, who motivates and inspires youth. He stated that he has always been a curious kid since his childhood. He said that, students always look up in Google for our questions and answers. Google has made life much easier. If you don't know something, you just ask Google and it will provide you the answer, “he giggled”. When he was browsing forums for answers, he saw some posts still unanswered, which he had already resolved while working. He continued this practice to check unanswered questions mostly in Code Project Forum. He was then rewarded by Code Project as a "Most Valuable Professional" on 1st Jan 2014 for his exceptional contribution to the Question Answer section.



Gradually, he then started to write articles after getting the award and also started blogging. He came to know about the Microsoft MVP Award and applied for that. Slowly he started to improve his communication skills, started speaking in events. He along with his 30 team members co-founded Microsoft Developers Community, Odisha. He believes in community service and providing knowledge to under privileged students. He along with his team conducts special programs and events and shares knowledge in schools where technical education is still not up to the mark. He motivates youths by encouraging them to get connected with expert people, talking to them and sharing information. He believes in learning new things each day and contributing to the community.

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Developers Track: AngularJS beyond the basics (Part II)

Note: Since, the Previous Blog turned to be going too long, its been divided into Part I and II for easier Read.

Check out the Part one at: http://technetnepal.net/blogs/devtechday2016/archive/2016/02/27/developers-track-angularjs-beyond-the-basics.aspx


DJ says, “Donot Believe the Speaker. They are all liars. Watch over their demo, and better  believe in the work instead”.

With this Liner, DJ starts off with from very Scratch of Development in AngularJS to teach his lessons.

Below is his Agendas that he went over and awestruck with codes that now worked like magic. When you are so used to that Language and someone tells you things that you’ve never figured out, that’s what you feel.



You Perception would never believe scratches of Glasses from floor coming up together to become a Full Unbroken Glass. You just can’t.

It’s basically because our mind believes on expansion more, thus we become happier as our Knowledge expands similarly as the Universe out there is continuously.

DJ then talks more about Scopes in directives  and Getting deep into shared scope, isolated scope and inherited scope.

DJ is rewarded with Token of Love from Mr. Alok, CTO of Brain Digit.




The Session ends with a Group Photo with all the Participants and the Organizers and our Speaker DJ.



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Sharepoint 2013 Essentials

The speaker for this session was Mr. Inderjeet Singh. Mr. Inderjeet is a well-known personality in Microsoft Technology world especially in Sharepoint. He is one of the MVP among 8-Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional in India. He has awarded Sharepoint MVP in October-2014.


Mr. Inderjeet Singh discussed about what is in the document library in sharepoint, offline sync feature in sharepoint documents library. He discussed about the enhanced search features in sharepoint. He also explained the audience about the enterprise content management with site level retention, discovery centre, ediscovery  and team folders. He also mentioned about the sharepoint designs and designer work flows, cross site publishing variation and content translation. He breifly discussed about the search engine optimization and about my sites with features following micro blogging , activity feed , discussion and blogs.

He later shared inputs about excel Business Intelligence (BI) and excel services and performance point services.He explained about sharepoint on mobile related features, themes on sharepoint and sharing in sharepoint. He mentioned about sharepoint 2013 architecture service application in sharepoint 2013 and hardware & software requirements. Later on , questions were raised by the audience and the session was very creative , informative and energetic.


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Dev/Tech Day 2016, IT Pro Track


How to enhance virtualization performance in the cloud for different workloads

The speaker of this session was Mr. Prabhjot Bakshi who is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Trainer, Mentor, Lead of Various Start up and Azure Communities across India. He is also the  Director of  Getwings Technologies Pvt. Ltd- India, Operation Head of BSP- India, Executive Director of Econsultancy Dubai - UAE.


He started off his first session sharing his childhood memories abouhow he was fascinated with technologies. He discussed about Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), Software as a service (Saas) and Platform as a service (Paas) in the form of demonstration. The demonstration consisted of hosting website on Paas and Iaas. He showed a demo to the audience. On Iaas, he created a virtual machine, then configured IIS web server and hosted the web page. In detailed he discussed about the benefits of Iaas over Paas model.


In the above figure, Mr. Prabhjot Bakshi is showing Raspberry pi computer.

And on the second session, enhancing virtualization performance in the cloud was achieved by implementing load balance, availability set, networking over two virtual machines hosting environment. The session was very interactive and informative.


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Developers Track : .NET Native



In the Main Hall of Developers Track, we have our third Speaker of the Day, Mr.Senthil Kumar.
Senthil Kumar is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development and Visual Studio and development technologies who leads the Windows App development team at Cleartrip, Bangalore. 
He is a co-author of the book "Windows 10 Development Recipes using HTML and JavaScript" for Apress publication.
Senthil is actively involved in the local developer communities and is also one of the active member of the Bangalore .NET User Group (BDotnet).
He is a regular speaker in local User Groups and Conferences and has presented in conferences like Great Indian Developer Summit, Microsoft DevCamps and WebCamps. He blogs at DeveloperPublish.com.

This Session is mainly for the ones desiring to further and build their skills on .NET Native. Mr. Senthil took us on his ride of exploration of numerous features available in .NET Native. He further explained over the overall its benefits, offerings and advantages over its competitors.


The session ended with Q/A session from the Audience with question coming to and fro between audience and Mr. Senthil. Not much sessions turns out this interactive and fun, more fun when you get rewarded with Microsoft T-Shirt for your Question.

Numerous more problems of audience is solved by Mr. Senthil and the 105 minutes session ends with this final Question from audience.

Q. What’s the Procedure of getting app installed for Debug Mode in Windows unlike we can easily install it in Android with the .apk format?

- Mr. Senthil answers in Windows it turns out to be much easier. All you need to do is use Powershell and the Windows Phone Application Employment would take care on its own for rest. Pretty much easier for the Developer.

Mr. Senthil also Announces to Provide this E-Book to Top 3 people sharing their writing on ASP.NET community in facebook each worth Nepalese Rs. 4800.
We hope to see the Feedback from the amazing Present Audience and their view and learning of his Session. 

At the Very End, Mr. Ashok Hands over Token of Love to Mr. Senthil. With this our 3rd session on .NET NATIVE also ends.


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Dev/Tech Day 2016 concluded with distributing T-shirts to the attendees

The Third year of Dev/Tech day series 2016  was concluded with distributing Dev Tech day T-shirts  to all the IT Professionals, Software Developers, CIOs, Technology Geeks  present out there throughout the event.


This event takes place each year with all the national as well as international Geeks and speakers revealing the latest technology truths and facts and how to learn them. This event  gave attendees complete insight on end-to-end technology stack learning through PowerPoint presentations, demos and face-to-face interactions in the areas of advanced computing with Windows Server, Visual Studio and Azure bringing together the power of cloud first and mobile first world thru integrated applications and services.This year, Dev/Tech featured various cutting edge Microsoft technologies for the whole day with three halls running parallel breakout sessions each of deep-down technical briefing.

A big thanks to the Mic Nepal Team ,Brain Digit IT solution and shangrila  microsystems for organizing this event. Hopefully We will catch up later on the same event Next year.

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Azure Session on Creating a Cloud Based Photo album in an hour by Dhananjay Kumar

Dhananjay Kumar(DJ) is an avid developer blogger and speaker. He has been six times Microsoft MVP and Developer Evangelist of Infragistics in India.


Currently he is focusing on MEAN stack, MVC and Azure. In his session/demo, he explained how to integrate ASP.NET MVC with Azure BLOB Storage by saving an image for an ASP.NET Identity 2.0 user in Azure BLOB Storage.


Giving example of the real world scenario on how a website or the system works, Mr. Dhananjay Kumar made his presentation very interesting and very effective.


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Creating a photo album for ASP.NET MVC 5 Users using Azure BLOB storage By Dhananjay Kumar

At the last but not the least Mr. Dhananjay kumar,six times Microsoft MVP and Developer Evangelist of Infragistics in India will be speaking on Creating a photo album for ASP.NET MVC 5 Users using Azure BLOB storage.



In this session, he helped us to learn to integrate ASP.NET MVC with Azure BLOB Storage by saving an image for an ASP.NET Identity 2.0 user in Azure BLOB Storage. We covered a lot of ground in this session, including:

  • Using ASP.NET Identity 2.0 user as reference in other table.
  • Creating a one to many relationships with ASP.NET Identity 2.0 user table
  • Connecting an ASP.NET MVC application to Azure Storage
  • Creating or Uploading a BLOB
  • Deleting a BLOB
  • Downloading a BLOB
  • Uploading a file from MVC form to an Azure BLOB

This session ended with a keynote to explore azure cloud more; experiencing all its features along with its application to business and administrative stuffs.

About Dhananjay Kumar:
Dhananjay Kumar(DJ) is an avid developer blogger and speaker. He is six times Microsoft MVP and Developer Evangelist of Infragistics in India. Currently he is focusing on MEAN stack, MVC and Azure. You can read his blog at debugmode.net and follow him on twitter @debug_

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Azure session on Azure for start up (about benefits for entrepreneur) by Prabhjot Singh Bakshi
Starting from the introduction to the startup company, Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, Microsoft Valued Professional-Azure, presented on how the Azure and BizSpark can be used to flourish a business companies.
Prabhjot Singh Bakshi is a Tech Entrepreneur and lead of Azure Communities in India. He has been awarded the Most Valuable Professional Award for Microsoft Azure
on April 2015. His area of of Focus is Cloud Computing Technology- Azure and Internet of Things with Azure.

In his presentation, Prabhjot also explained about the Raspberry Pie 2 and how it can be connected to the cloud using Azure IoT hub.
And also he included a presentation about the data anlytics and machine learning which can be used for the Startup companies.
At the end of the session, he interacted with the participants regarding their queries about the Raspberry Pie and Azure IoT hub.

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Azure For Start-ups

Prabhjot Bakshi explains cloud as a platform for startups to enhance their own business. He further comes up with a question for audience asking.. How azure can contribute to the startup companies through Microsoft bizspark programs and the azure clinic programs? He further talks about the prospects and resources available for start ups and business personnel in the cloud platform. He adds his personal experience on how cloud has enhanced the growth of business across him and his peoples. 


The objectives of this session as enlisted by Mr. bakshi goes this way:

Start up cons and pros to be considered.

Here he talks about about the definition of startup meaning a temporary organization which has to convert its idea into working prototype namely products or services for its customers. Increasing more traffic through cloud can be easily achieved by Microsoft  bizspark programs. He merely talks about old companies already existing in the markets rather he focuses on fully new personnel's who have just entered into this business world to launch his/her product through bizspark programs.What is required to qualify for bizspark? The list goes as:

i. a website for your business

ii. a company email address for your business.

iii. to be a  business that marking less than us$ 1M annually.

iv. To be a  business that is less than 5 yr old and privately held.

v. To be a business of developing software or apps for the public.

Realizing the digital business:

Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical world,promising an unprecedented  work for further uses. In between he talks about the devices that links the cloud and their usefulness. The block designation describes briefly the path the data follows in reaching the cloud from a virtual machine. It includes the hot as well as cold paths that are solely responsible for data passage into and out of cloud.

The program was further followed by the local startups  showcasing their products or business ideas to the audience .

About Prabhjot:
Prabhjot is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Trainer, Mentor, Lead of Various Start up and Azure Communities across India. Director Getwings Technologies Pvt. Ltd- India, Operation Head of BSP- India, Executive Director of E-Consultancy Dubai - UAE. Did MBA from NMIMS-Mumbai worked with an Ad Agency and then drifted into the Technology world as a popular trainer. Microsoft Awarded him Most valuable Professional Status on Azure, in the year April 2015. He is currently mentoring various startups and also offering trainings to industry giants as a renowned trainer. And area of of Focus is Cloud Computing Technology- Azure and Internet of Things with Azure.

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Developers Track: : AngularJS in a Nutshell(105 minutes) by Mr. Dhananjay Kumar

The first session in Developers track started with the introduction session of AngularJS by Mr. Dhananjay Kumar.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. It is a library written in JavaScript created by Google and is used to create single page application.It can be added to an HTML page with a <script> tag. AngularJS extends HTML attributes with Directives, and binds data to HTML with Expressions.

Components of AngularJS:

  • Client side framework
  • Single page application
  • Business logic can be unit tested with ease
  • To create dynamics web page
  • Can be used with any server wide technology

Created in Two ways:

  • using $scope object
  • using Controller As syntax

Topics Discussed:

1. Controllers:

  • It control the data of AngularJS applications.
  • They are regular JavaScript Objects.
  • It creates two properties (variables) in the scope (firstName and lastName).
  • It should start from capital letter & ends with controller.

2. $scope:

  • It is an application object (the owner of application variables and functions).
  • It is the binding part between the HTML (view) and the JavaScript (controller).
  • It is an object with the available properties and methods.
  • It pass data and behavior to view from controller.

3. Services:

  • It is a singleton object
  • It organize and share data and function throughout the program.
  • Types: service(), factory(), provider(), value(), constant()

4. Directives:

  • They are markers on a DOM element (such as an attribute, element name, comment or CSS class) that tell AngularJS's HTML compiler ($compile) to attach a specified behavior to that DOM element, or even to transform the DOM element and its children.

5. Module:

  • AngularJS has only one main module.
  • Function be a part of a module.

6. Data Binding:

  • It syncs the data between the Module and the View.

The  session ended in a humorous way in the Q/A round. Mr. Dhananjay says,“ Don’t ever trust your speakers. Always try to challenge your speakers with demo, not with some random questions” and suggested all the audience to read the book “Confession of a Public Speaker”.

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