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                     “HOLOLENS” is a topic which is probably familiar to you all.. A virtual reality headset with transparent lenses for an augmented reality experience..As I am a student of KCMIT I tried a lot to organized an event of hololens in our college premises but due to least number of student I couldn’t do so..

                             So on 13th September, 2016 Tuesday I had my first hololens experience in Prime College.It was really worth it, as I was not the organizer for the Hololens program in Prime college so I was given a time of 4 I decided to divide those precious time in sets of 2 mins each..The first 2 mins I got to experience a tour kinda thing and the other 2 mins was spent playing game..The scene was aesthetic which was perfectly described by a lady in it..And yah not to forget about the game, I had a really fun time playing it.. I felt like those 4 min went by in a swift of a second. All thanks to Bipin dai, Prithika,Suchitra didi and yah MIC nepal..

                               Actually this is my first blog and I know I am kinda late for blogging but believe me there is many more to come……              

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