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Digital Mahila

31th March,  2017(Friday)

Digital Mahila Event was started by Registration/Tea and coffee and them Keynote Remarks by Gail Marzetta ,Head of DFID Nepal-Harnessing the opportunities offered by the new digital landscape in Nepal . The main goal of this Event was for Increasing access to Finance for Rural Women in Nepal through the Use of Technology. Digital Mahila were sharing their experience about digital technologies and how technology has helped them to make their everyday work easier . Digital Mahila including  Mahima Neupane (Siddhartha Bank Limited), Bimala Yogi (Nepal Women Community Service Centre, Dang), Shova Mishra (Chhimek Laghubitta Bank Limited), Bhushan Gauli (D’rose Technologies) were sharing their experience and benefits of technology in their businesses.Following are some innovative companies which were discussed in this event :-


It is a DFID-funded project committed to providing access to finance in the most remote and unserved parts of Nepal, is equipping bank and non-bank agents with technology to increase efficiency and make room for other activities during the group meetings. In addition to the technological innovation , Chhimek’s model is built upon equipping female clients to serve other female clients. This is the first women-led technology campaign in the microfinance industry in Nepal. Chhimek’s Digital Mahila is projected to reach 24,196 new loan clients by 2019 with financial services and disburseat least NPR 6.3 billion in loans; 100% of the beneficiaries will be women, and 60% will be from Nepal’s Disadvantaged Groups(DAGs). Over 34 digital points are now in operation , serving over 3,600 clients and disbursing over NPR 85 million.


The Sukarmi program  provides girls with opportunities for “Doing and Learning” . The program focuses on empowering girls from  two aspects. Firstly ,Sukarmi girls gain practical training and real world work experience as they join a team of research Investigators. Secondly, they gain important soft skills as part of a personality development program and social network development initiative.

3.Rooster logic

Rooster logic is an ICT company which signifies a new beginning for the way the software products and services has been running till date. Rooster Logic brings in a new perspective which focus on the operational enhancement in the daily basis bundled with the utilization of the information that are generated on the real time from the activities that are conducted in the organization. Our products and services are flexible enough to handle couple of thousand units of activities per hour to millions of activities per hour that are conducted in an organization.

4.D'Rose Technologies

Branchless Banking (Banking Anywhere) Solution is a flagship product of D'Rose Technologies. It is a system which enables banks and financial institutions to spread their footprints without having to set up a bank branch. In this modality of banking, commercial outlets such as small grocery shops, medical shops etc. can act in some capacity to provide basic banking services on behalf of banks and financial institutions to their customers.


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