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MSP Diary

  In 2015 MSP presentation was organized in Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology for Bsc.csit students. On that day I came to know about MSP and its process . My friends told me participate for MSP selection from my college but due to exam pressure I didn't even apply for it, also I was not confident upon myself to be selected .

   In 2016 I saw that MSP selection was going on from our college group in facebook where Suchitra Maharjan used to post about events and opportunity from Microsoft. This time some of them from my college had registered. Before 4th orientation Angela Rana sister had been requesting me to apply for MSP and to flow the message but after so much of request finally I filled up the form online .


Date: 2073/02/31 ( 4th orientation day)

   I came to this day with one of my friend to whom I had made to apply for this opportunity. Well at first we were made to give introduction with a unknown partner, for this my partner was Srishti Rimal. I collected information to introduce her in front of all and paste a cheat of drawing which suits for and make this orientation a jungle.

About Srishti Rimal

Age = 19

College = ISMT

+2 from Achme Eng. College

Studying = BscIT , 4th semester

Address = Kritipur

Hubby = loves to travel

The best food she can cook is the chicken

Mom = Sarsawati Rimal (Government Teacher, Dhading)

Family member =4 ( Brother – Sirjan)

she loves to do PHP

And interesting thingh about her was she is not scare of anything , a fearless person indeed

future plan – Complete MBA and start her own business

Imagine Cup winner Basanta Shah had from Nepal Engineering College told her about MSP

she loves to dance   


  Its really coincidence that I met Aditi Acharye who is now my MSP partner .


1st session

    I came to know about Sir Allen Tuladhar through his presentation. We got T-shirt , with diamond coded like logo at front and quote 

             we make computer work for you

at back , and with name tags where my first name was in bigger size , also my college name was mentioned with bar code.

Diamond represent the shine and sparkle beauty inside you.

I came to know from each college there will be 1 male and 1 female Msp representing their college. Well he told us about

  • Mic Studio
  • Himalayan channel – 7 pm
  • Process of Msp selection
  • Impact
  • Network – Powerful tool
  • Raise level,business,convert
  • Mission -  caterpillar to butterflies
  • Challenge – build you for future ( Complete Diamond – make you ready )
  • Passion – Learn , Share , Grow

(  Technology Becomes Absolute Passion )

  • Connect with Smart Friends
  • Msp time July to June ( its 25th year running )
  • Competence builds confidence


Then the list of characteristics were listed ( Sandhya Guragain )

Msp is like a team , that care and share each and every one is altero( special ) grow as technology that inspires and excites. There are around 75,000 MSPs from 80 countries.


Today is dumb

Tomorrow is fresh

Ask to yourself every day when you wake up ,

“ What will you do today? “


Some of thinghs that we will have as an MSP were

  • Business card
  • T-shirt
  • Yammer
  • Website
  • Vocabulary change
  • Mentorship
  • Strike Teams


We were asked to make a video . I got to know about Msp songs

A day in the life of an MSP

MSP voice

MSP TV – long term relationship



         I also have a dream

In break time we were given a title – Climate

and in my  team there were

  1. Neha Manandhar – HCOE
  2. Samriddhi              - KEC
  3. Sabina Timalsina  - National Eng. College
  4. Biju                          - Softwarica

Our presentaion was one of the most comedy one ever.



       Everyone prefer touch device , App development , windows stores , smart TV.


Cloud –  Windows sever / Windows Azure

Interop & opennes

  • The product Wave
  • Skype
  • Xbox(for game)
  • Bing
  • Office 365
  • Kotana

                  The more you share

                           the more you get



  1. Add friends on MIC group
  2. Feedback
  4. Video

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Posted: 02-19-2017 12:49 PM by Dipesh Khadgi