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Career Talk

Date: 2074/02/11

Time: 7:3 t0 9am

Training and Placement Unit Head Dakshina Shrestha of Sagarmatha College of science and technology conducted a Talk program on “ Career Talk “ for Third And Fourth year students of Bsc.CSIT.

With speaker Dr.Rajiv Subba ; DIG,Director of Communication Directorate, Police Head Quarter

                      Age is just a number

With the greeting he started his talks on sharing and learning. He told that he is not suppose to come to teach you but listen to students. Rajiv did his engineering from KEC , MBA from Kathmandhu University to learn manger quality , and PHD from Hawaii lived there for 5 years. He is also teacher at King’s College and currently is in Nepal Police ; Rank DIG maintain the system.

What you do , defines you

His message for the IT students was

“ Change the world through technology “

Toothpick activity : He gave 14 tooth pins to group consisting to 3 students at least

and called on student named Preetina Shakya to read the instruction through every group would follow to design accordingly.

Instruction for Toothpick Activity

  • Take 14 toothpicks Per person / group
  • Need one volunteer
  • Volunteer will give instructions on how to create a specific pattern with your toothpicks
  • Following rules must be followed:

            a. No question can be asked to the volunteer

            b. Only verbal instructions will be given

            c. Instructions cannot be repeated

           d. You have 3 minutes

The instruction was for:


What we made :



This activity taught them to have clear vision be clear and articulate for this one must have a boss with clear vision.

Correlation b/w Beer and Diaper : There was some data taken in the supermarket that one day before weekend beer and diaper were soled in balanced . They came to research how this happened and they found out that on weekends the husbands usually comes to buy beer to enjoy their weekend and their wife asks them them to bring the diapers too for the baby. And the market owner decided to keep the Beer and Diaper together and it absolutely made the customer happy.

This teach you to notice , research and makes some decision for positive change .

Why Kodak Failed? : This was the question asked on next slide. Kodak  used to make camera even though they had build the digital cameras they thought that the analog camera business will run even more for 10 years but what happened was slowly people moved digital and they didn’t change so they failed.

This lesson teach you about adaptation with the change, always accept the change , complacency, survival of the fittest  and change your mind shape.

He advised students to meet with different people be conscious about inertia .

Fear What You Ask For !!!

why? :- cause you will get it

what you are today is because you desired

Story: He shared nepali story of Purna: Musi ko Bhawa

which teach them that for whole life if you believe that you are rat then you will be rat

Then he shared next story of Pygmalion Effect

Serendipity: Sarendip : the old name of for Srilanka;the prince of serendip ; look after the different pattern not object

What is Serendipity?

  • With the Story in mind Horac Walpole in 1754 coined a new word “ serendipity “
  • According to him the prince,were “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of”
  • The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
  • What “serendipity” may mean to us?

            - Think of pattern.

            - Random have meanings.

            - Opportunities may come.

Always think of the pattern not object

      Seize the initiative

Serendipity in Technology

  • Serendipity is to see meaningful combinations where others do not.
  • Post-It-Note : In 1968, Dr. Spencer Silver, was attempting to develop a super-strong adhesive .
    Instead he accidentally created a “low-track”, resuable, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Google inventors wanted to sell Goggle @$1million to Yahoo for their PhDs. Yahoo refused.
  • Because of a memory flaw in the late 1980s, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer was considering to abandon Windows.
  • About to sell to IBM,they met David Weise and Murray Sargent at a party.
  • Weise and Sargent made a teasing joke which led to a solution.
  • This one moment sealed the fate of one of Earths largest companies (Microsoft), and ensured that its technology would reach billions of people.

Band-Aid  : Band-Aid was some thing in which a person who used to work in a medical shop his wife always used to cut her hands when she cuts onions, so brought some medical tools and he used only keep some liquid medicine on a cotton with a rolling paper but it would take off soon and the cotton used to get when when her wife washes disks after meal. Then he just used slight cotton on middle of tape then yeah it worked. On day the medical shop owner came for meal and he saw this bandage on her finger and asked about it. He told it was superb idea and let’s turn that into a product. This product got sold for $3millon.

Janus Effect : Past and future . There is a book on this you can even read these.

  • The past serves as a prologue for the future .
  • Your ability to look both to your past and your future for guidance opens up lots more exciting possibilities than  doing one or the other alone.
  • Janus Leadership,Michael E, Burgers,2010
  • Boundary spanner(Tuchman, Michae L,1977).The leader is a boundary spanning position with one foot in the organization( a sense to it’s own past) and another in the external environment(from which blow the winds of change).


when market change  skill change

He talked importance about eAgro-Haatbazar,Bahal,FBchat which are also means of communicational and market business.

Network and Network: Most important then device ( mobile , latop..) we have so build relationship , go to different industry/Organization. People have to meet people , know people.

Rabbit and the Turtle Story: This story always teaches u to take challenge but never take your enemy so easy.

Every one yhinks that every one here is competitor but lern to work together. Take pride on being Unique.

The Movie “Happy Feet” was to give message to take pride what you have , what you are.

Herdt & Avis : These are the two car companies. Herdt was the number one company all the time and avis was always taken in position 2. They were fade up being in 2nd . So create and idea to be no. 2 company and listen to customers. So they kept there main tag line as “ We try harder as #2 “

In 1962, Avis was in search of a new advertising campaign. “ When you’re only No. 2 you try harder,” went the ne tagline, “or else”


#pareto’s 80/20 Rule…. adapt to time MGMT

-> Recogniza your 20% to put 80% ( Your 80% hard work will bring 20% of result)

so, if you do 20% vital work then it brings 80% of result

know your vital work rather than only hard work

IT and management makes the best combination

2020 Careers in E & C/IS/IT :

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Social Network Analytics
  • Health Information/Biomedical
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Research/Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence/Robotics
  • Data Architects/Integration Experts
  • Cloud/Web Technology
  • Software Developer/System Analyst
  • Digital Trucking System Engineer
  • Broadband
  • Convergence: Technology & Management

Can’t grow in isolation

Points to ponder:

  • “I have just three things to teach: Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures” – Leo Tzu
  • Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success:- Napoleon Hill
  • 4Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination, and Cooperation

Keep Network – Build network – Create Network

                      Fear What You Ask For !!!!


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