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Soft Skill Training

Date : 2073/8/12


At Sagarmatha College Of Science And Technology

Speaker: Sonam Sherpa : Founder of Yakamoz Institute,Kalikasthan and WAY(What About Youths),Dhumbarahi

Soft Skill Training is of  6 days package where you get to learn following

1st Day Project Proposal & Report Writing

2nd Day Communication

3rd Day Presentation

4th Day Team Work, Team Building and Group Discussion

5th Day Aptitude Test, Resume Writing and Email Writing

6th Day Personal Interview


Day 1 : Project Proposal And Report Writing

Sonam and his assistant started with their introduction.
He is the Founder of WAY email:

He told about the book ‘You can win’ by Shiva Kedar. Then he gave concept of most important thing that’s  presence of mind ; critical thinking;concentration.

Appreciate your friends

Smile cost nothing fetches everything

1. How Do you I prepare a project and write its report?

  • Problem Statement
  • Motivation’'
  • Scope
  • Target Objective
  • Approach
  • Project Estimation

Problem Statement: What?

Structure of problem Statement:

What is wrong->Where it happened->When it occurred->To What extent –>I know that because –>What is wrong

Motivation: Why?

Goal [ Time | Scope | Resource | Quality ]

Target Objective: Write in bullet points

[Diagnostic|Deployment|Development]-Time Estimation-[Operation|Analysis|Design]

Approach: Outlining the steps involved


Day 2: The art of report writing

Telling the reader what you know about the project

Apart from training session they shared something about Git hub – open source-coding0main core/website-work in a team and desperation of work

A typical report format is to  make like a book including chapters, topics and sub chapter. Always include Date.

Acknowledgement: Thanking process to people for giving you chance

Abstracts: Summarize your project

                   Overview of your project

                   Stating problem and trying to solve it

                   Include some technical things

The most important testing is unit testing.


Day 3: Communication

The present trend is to communicate through English.

‘'”If you can’t communicate to empower other’s than shut up your mouth” – Bishwas Pandey

Frame Matters is way to table talking communication. Articulate  your ability to speak in front of individual or mass.

Communication Tips:

  1. Fluency: Be fluent to enhance speak grammatically
  2. No need to worry
  3. Maintain your position , body language
  4. Eye contact
  5. Be loud

Voice modulation: maintain high low pitch that’s sound power

Ex-tempore: It’s the topic to take care  of ‘for’ and ‘again’

LGBT- *** Gay Bisexual Transgender this topic was too discussed.

Day 4: Team Work

Always think out of the box. We played JAM(Just A Minute) to learn team work concept.

JAM: Here we keep on speaking and making sentence the next team should fin the following faults and get chance to further continue the lines in own way and gain points for the team.

  1. Stammer(long pause)
  2. Plagiarist( repeating same sentence again)
  3. Grammar
  4. Framing
  5. Dramatization
  6. Filler

We talked something about EDM(Electronic Dance Music)

For any effectiveness of group there must be leadership and open talk. We played Dumb Charade( act without speaking)


Day 5: CV

#Email_writing #CV writing #Personal Interview(TIFI)

  • To: CEO
  • Name & Contact
  • Academic Qualification till date
  • Technical Skill
  • Area of Interest(Tech)
  • Project done till date
  • Training taken till date
  • Awards & Achievement
  • No. of academic Activities
  • Hobbies
  • Personal Profile

Day 6: Interview

Everyone was given task to bring printed CV and individual wait outside for their turn to sit for interview . Individually they got suggestion to improve and suppress their fear next time for interview in any company.

It was ended with some fun stuffs and jam-up.

Prepare yourself for tomorrow

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