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Art Of Living

Place : Mitra Park

Time : 6 am to 9 Am

Date : 2074/04/16 , Monday

It a 6 days course. There were three teachers Santosh ( Girl ) who is the senior teacher , Madan Pant and Dipendra .


I went to for this course due a lot of request of my friend Sharadha , the intresting thngh about her is that we became friend through facebook , where Amrit Dai had posted on facebook I just forget the what post but it was related to our country I guess and I just commented on that post and she just replied my comment by sending the smiling face smiley, then I asked why was she smiling then she told I just want to smile and spread smile to everyone buddy , I told oh that’s great and I sent smile face too, then she sent a friend request and I accepted . we usually have lots of chat on facebook even we met each other with Amrit Dai that was our first interaction face to face.

So talking about today , well I was late cause I didn't know exactly where the program was and her mobile was switched off but I reached there at 6:23 am exactly according to my mobile time. I registered my name and details. I entered the room glad that I wasn’t late cause everyone were having warm up at that time.

I told Sharadha that I would join these course only if I would like it and if I desired to by sitting for this one day as a trail day and I won’t pay for now. She already had good contact with the people there so she had managed it for this one day as trail for me plus she was also doing volunteer for giving me the company.


Firstly there was the warm up session then introduction of the teachers and about course. Teachers were Santosh ( Senior ) , Madan Pant  and Dipendra.


We were asked a question “ Why you are here? What has brought you here? “

Why we need it ?
Then people answered this question and a volunteered wrote our answers on a white board .

Answer => Santi – Khusi – Mukti

They asked to give your 100% here cause we may have different identity , different background and all leave them outside the door and totally be here.


Participation : There is the ocean, lots of people came around the ocean side watched it and went ,

some people touched the water and went ,

some went little distance from the land and went back,

and some swim into the ocean took out the diamond and went

this is the participation so choice is yours how you want to participate .


There was the greeting system that was taught to us, where we have keep our hands on namaste format and bow down a little saying “ SANGA CHADWAM “ and give your introduction to that person and also know that person.

SANGA CHADWAM – means come let’s go together


This course was designed and prepared by Shree Shree Ravi Shankar who is called the Lighten Master we can search on internet about him.


Then there was many cheat kept at front we need to pick up one , there are some thigh written we just need to find our group from it. There are 7 cheats of same word and we need to find the group who got the same word . I got the cheat written “ KHUSI “ . Now we are group and we need to stay together , from the group everyone should choose one leader and I was the Leader from my group. NExt task was to collect their name & contact no.

1. ISHOWR – 9851117417

2. TANKA – 9851141964

3. SITA – 9849256993

4. SHANTA – 9849892453 ( Kuleshor )

5. HARI BDR – 9801094806

6. NABINA – 9860067973


Role of leader in group – To inform to come for tomorrow , check have they come and if any one from team did not come then whole team won’t be allow to sit tomorrow on class.


There were certain rules that we need to follow just for 6 days

  1. Eat Veg
  2. your position here should be like warrior
  3. Wear Comfortable clothes ( no jeans )
  4. No beverage & Cigarette
  5. No coffee & tea
  6. Rule can be changed

and also keep our mobile in silent mode, switch it off and keep it aside during class period. 

“ Choice is your be a mouse or a lion “

Drink a lot of water

“ Once we think we are right our ears stop listening to others


won’t take any new thigh “

Always try to do manan


The question was giving to write on a copy which was given to us at beginning when everyone's eye were closed doing meditation. So we had a copy and pen to write.

Q1. What do you want in your life?

( write your answer on copy )

Q2. What are your botheration ?

Q3. What do you expect fro this course ?


after writing answers, Madan Pant told to just don’t care about above q1 and q2 cause it would be fulfilled, let’s talk about q3 what do think you would get here. The answers came everone told shanti , mukti,………….

then he said actually you get nothing from here

(silent )

He asked , “ How many of you got hurt listen to this ? How many wants to sit for this course if u get nothing ? “

He replied , “ when I told that    you will get nothing , your mind starts to think , it becomes nostalgic , but your heart tells you you will get something “

why so sit for the course give time follow all those rules and get nothing?  -   He questioned

This brought your mind on action to take the decision .


Further , Santosh Mam told about the 7 layers of mind

  1. Body – Sawas
  2. Mind – Listening through your ears
  3. Intellect - heart
  4.   Buddhi – Judge
  5. Memory – chit
  6. Ego – aahankar
  7. Soul – self

This the barrier to meet with yourself , the question was asked to make everyone one what happened and this layers of life.


Pran Uraj – Includes Food , Sawas , Sleep ( Rest ), State of Mind


Arrow Up => Smile 

Arrow Down => Sad smile


When we were born on this earth we took breath in and cried

when are at end of our life we take breath out and make others cry.

Our mind always travels from past & future , future & past so it very rare that our mind is in present.

When we think of past we get angry remembering those faults and thighs happened and when destroy our present

when we think of future we are fear of what would happened and that destroy our present

so we just need to be aware where we are right now and suppressed our self cause right now we are in present that’s the presence of mind be aware of what’s happening here.


We are taught the meditation ,

1.Uraja Sawas – breath from neck

2. Pranami – pran + aayami

3. Energy Booster – good to do after lunch


There was meditation done where everyone would follow the sound/ voice of Guru Ravi shankar that would be played from the speaker .



q1. What you need to be happy ?

q2. When will you be happy ?

3rd- Meet three new person and talk to them


2074/04/17 Tuesday

I went little early in the morning today. There were new other participants as well.

If you visit the place then you get to see big board of AOL with photo of H.H Sri Sri Harishankarji , there is the reception , shoe tile , even futsal ground , toilets, parking can be done inside the venue , the big hall where the course is done . Inside hall we have place to keep the bags and our other luggage , the is the photo of Sri Harishankarji and a light is given on a dip , and a sofa for 3 teachers to sit down , there is white board on the corner and a tables , and mace is kept all over where each one can lie down comfortably .


Todays starting was down with some exercise and yoga by santosh mam. After ,she told about yoga that we just did today and what is yoga .

our mind is multiworking so it can’t give 100% to any one work only.

We were told to fill this gaps with what you want

   when ______ then I am happy

For this we should choose our partner with whom we haven’t met yet and ask them yesterday’s question what makes you happy ?
then we would tell tell those answers to complete the blanks on white board. Everyone had something to add shanti , house, achievement , good health ……..

After that she just erased the when and then part from the board and asked what was left now ?

I am happy

so it just brought smile on everyone’s face

when mam said , when we can live the present and not purse for the desires cause it’s goanna asked more and more even those that desire is completed  so don’t search for happiness its within us , its our nature of mind and heart to be happy and sad .


Next task was to find words and its opposite word

and the words would be written on the board by our volunteer

like good-bad , white – bad , happy-sad , peace – violence …..

now she just told the volunteer to hide one column ( there were tow column one for word and next for its’ opposite word ) then she asked what would be the value of these words if there were no opposite words that you mentioned now?
so opposite words are not to show the bad thigh or be enemy its to compliment to each other. Like if you were sad the compliment is to be happy . likewise , what would be the value of winner when there are no loser .


She revised the keys of lesson we just learned

yesterday – Key for present

Today – 1 key to live out present right now

                2 key the opposite words are to compliment each other


Game : Now the break was given to be refreshed and a big circle was made keep the copy in front of you now the task was just see the opposite side and we need to be partner to exchange our position , in the middle there were two person who will act as a sink and he removes the copy where copy will act like a boat so sink when removes copy then we need to understand our boat had sinked into the ocean. Mam will tell to start and we run to the partners place and exchange our position we can’t sit on same position we need to again run to our place then again choose next or same partner and move to that persons place where copy has not been removed so we can’t stop. We would only stop on the position when mam tells to stop and if there is no copy infront of you you lose the game.


it was fun playing is everyone was running the problem was we might get hit by each other but was the task to move to you’re the place of your partner and see all obstacles comes on the way.

Santosh mam explained , everyone was giving there 100% on the game , so even we need  to give 100% in any task we want to be happy for. In exam the one who gives 100% and get 98% then that person feels why didn’t I get 2% more , the one who got 50% don’t care how much he gets cause he has given less effort and he is satisfied. But the one who gives 100% will wish to get 100%. So if you are 100% here you care what’s here , what’s happening , ig you ony give your 50% you don’t , is it right ?


Now the whole part was about meditation. The Om word is compose of three parts ( aah, uum , mma ), when we chat these , aah vibrates the stomach part, umm vibrates the cheats part and mma keeping your mouth close vibrates the head completely  . And the whole OM word is such powerful word that when you chant it vibrates the whole body.

our mind and heart are linked to body so control them you must control your body , for this some moves and stretching of body was done it show it was feeling so hard to move your hands legs head and breathe on those positions . Control your body it the mediator to concentrate our mid and the heart like when we just keep our hands straight and move up and down then the body along can do it but once we breath in and out for the same exercise then our heart and mind comes together help body do it properly.


The whole yoga involve the concept of breath in and out in every step because we take refreshment in to keep the inside empty when we breath in and throw out all those toxins that are filled inside us when we breath out. So that the yoga cures so many disease  due to this concept to throw away all your toxins filed inside with the breath out .


same position meditation done today as well , plus SUDAR ASAN was taught which is considered to be the powerful breathing technique where we breathe out forcefully and even it keep our mind to check our all parts of our body.


Here in art of living everyone greets  by “ jay gurudev “ it does not represent any person , jay means to win and gurudev means the one who is biggest among all even devils. Here jay gurudev refers to winning to big heart instead of all those smaller ones the would only last for short period of happiness, let the bigger happiness win.



1. What are your responsibilities ?

2. What are your needs ?


I just liked to check out the videos of Ravishankarji and collect some good points

  • If success means nothing then failures also means nothing
  • Before death 2 question comes in our mind
    1. How much knowledge have I gained ?
    2. How much love I have shared ?
    and in 1 minute the whole life cycle comes infront of us
    what I learned from this , what I learned from this?
    and we don’t regret , we will only carry the lesson.

----------------------------------------------------------------2074/04/18 wednesday

The day began as yesterday with yoga by our senior mam santoshi . Then we choose the one partner whom we have not know yet. We asked each other about yesterdays question which were given to us
1. What are your reponsibilities?

2. What are your need?

Then after sharing this answer to our partner
Santoshi mam asked which was more the responsibilities or the needs ?
If you had more responsibilities it shows how mature you are who understands to take more responsibilities than taking more needs in his life. The who’s need are more does not value what he should do in his life . There can either more or less responsibilities and needs but generally it shows that our responsibilities is more important than our needs.


Now it was turn to choose next partner with whom we have not yet and share two experience in life

1. The moment when you took responsibilities on your own decision and what was your experience

2. The moment when you left the responsibilities even though you could and your experience 


After asking to each other and sharing these ,

Santoshi mam asked words to list on white in two columns one for how you felt when you took that responsibilities to help others and next column where you would tell how you felt when you left to take the responsibilities to help. So list was some ward longer in column how you feel when we took responsibilities , this teach us that if we take responsibilities we learn to be happy it teach us to feel good. So take as much responsibilities you can learn from it , it would teach us so much in life.

Responsibilities that are given to us and responsibilities that we take on our own decision has difference . The responsibilities that are given to us like the task given by our boss on office , we take this responsibilities as if its given to us and we do it , but when take responsibilities on our own is like taking the work to complete it by yourself then we take this responsibilities like you have to do this and you want to do it . It shows that we can do so much of work , we just need to take those responsibilities we can do so much of work which we promise to take care of and you want to do it. Like if you want to study o much then you would surely be so early in the school but if you said you should go to school to study then you won’t go early on your will.

So today’s key is take responsibilities.


Happiness is living the present with joy

when we do meditation do it according to the rules , you not able to get relief , nor you get to experience what happened , nor you would understand , and nothing would happen to you instead you would get a lot of stress doing it cause you don’t pay attention to the things that are said by the teacher you make your gossips important with the person in side of you than the teacher who is giving you knowledge. we give you time to talk as much you want after the class , breaks are given to you , why are these given ? Instead can’t we do without breaks and all day class? So when the teacher are giving you take it grab it so that you would understand or else you would be doing it on wrong and you get wrong answers wrong experience .

So give your 100% .
Always give 10 minutes to your self do parnayam , pran urjaa , OM chanting …. meditation cause this are done to give time to yourself respect your body how much work it does for you.


We made team of three people again with whom we have not talked yet this time we need to share our life story from our childhood to now and each person get 8 minutes to explain then next person starts their story . Here only the person who is telling the story gets to speak and rest two would be listening to them , this shows how much you can give time to listen to them. Well I really enjoyed sharing my story but it was quite difficult to describe it in short period of time. Well in my team there was one foreigner so I need to explain the story in english instead of nepali. There what we find was even though you had so much to share but our mind tells us no you should not share this and you jus suppress those feelings inside and doesn’t let it out cause you don’t want others to listen these things said mam santoshi . Now we are given  1 minute to share those thing you we not able to share and your mind just suppressed it nit to share so that when you go out you become empty  now no any thing should hurt you. Almost everyone’s story has same thing like we do and so we need to take out those hidden part and it won’t go out from this place cause no ones knows you so you are in team of new people. Just make your self empty of those toxins and hidden thing pinching and bothering you still. This is the way to be refreshed and new again.

our sleep is like a charger , we take charge into our body like the mobile and the day comes where we use that collected charge to work what we want slowly when the charge gets low we get tired and we can’t do the work properly . If we take only that much of of charge that we want then we can utilize it for certain work you want to fulfill. But if you take less charge(sleep) then the mobile(body) can’t work till whole day.
when we take so much of charge then it just damages our mobile battery and when we get up to work we get tired soon cause your battery just got damage by over charging and now we can’t manage the damage battery , so that when we take too long nap we feel tired soon as well more sleep doesn’t mean it would let us more charge and we can work more cause there is always 100% to charge  not more than that.


The things that we learn here we might forget when we go out of here , may be we can’t apply it properly, we feels so relax here but we again have those burden in our head …. but still we have practice  this  so many times so we would surely remember this taught things to us so at that time we must try to apply what is being taught here.


1. When did you come on this planet earth?

2. How long do you want to stay on this planet?

3. What do you want to do on this planet until you are here?

4.  Do any kind of service for others today and share tomorrow what you did and how you felt

5. Write name of 5 people with whom you would share this art of living course experience and bring then on next course


2074/04/19 Thursday

The day began with the yoga and some exercise by madan sir and ram shah. As the santoshi mam had not arrived yet the madan sir took a lead to share the knowledge to us.


Madan sir told us why sardana is important. There are 3 kinds of person , consider they are in the meeting and the project comes , one person is of type who takes the project responsibilities to be complete it , next one is who tell even we can do if he can do , last ones is just bowing down his head and is waiting if he would be asked to do it . So decision is yours which category of person you want to be in. The one who took responsibilities completes the project and gets rewarded , the next one says if it was given to us it would also be completed by us, the last remain in silence and thinks even could have done it.

so the point is the person who speaks might be wrong 1 or few times but the person who remains in silent is 10 times wrong.

so open up or remain fool for 10 times.

Sir told there is the jungle , in jungle there is the train , everyone would run in a big circle , we would be keep running but when he would say run in the train we need to clap our hands and say run run run . This act really brought pleasant smile on our faces it was only told to run but it made us so happy . So he told we got happy just by running around and clapping?? so it show we can get happy in any ways? so need to  nothing to get happy? right?


The people run after money , they earn and then they spent do that gives you everything , you earn then you spent it goes on so we keep on searching things we want , even when we get disease people spent so much to cure . The one thing we should keep in our , we should give our 100% to take 100% as you are old from 1st day of class. You get nothing if you want nothing . The guru ji says if people comes to you leaving all almost everything  home, family , work …. don’t take those people they are running from there responsibilities , let them first complete their responsibilities then let them come here. He would get anything here what he want cause he is running from life. So always complete your responsibilities. We come here to give tie to ourself , we haven’t come here to give time to earn money . In 24 hours in a day have your given time to your self ?

You think you should give time or waste / kill time in thing that will keep your day busy in something else if if entertainment then its more better, but what about you ? to know about you there are meditation taught here which you have to do at home.

These meditation always that you firstly can’t focus on it , but after some practice you learn to give time to yourself , you enjoy , you find peace , you find answers most importantly you find yourself.


The word OM , is combination of 3  aaa, uuu , ma . Who created this universe ? yeah the Bramha did, the aa sound vibrates our stomach area, and stomach is the Generator of energy from food it takes to our heart then to our mind , so heart is in cheats region which vibrates by sound uu where  the Operates generated energy  , and finally it comes to the sound ma it viberates the whole of our head portion which is taken as the Destroyer that’s destroys the energy for our body to work.

These three sounds symbolizes those first capital letter G, O , & D = GOD. People say God is within you yes it is.


We were taught the surye namaskar today and it shoul be done in 12 sets . As it was or first time our body would feel lots of stress and even it would take lot more time to keep to teach again and again so better to do it 5 time for today but from next time 12 set and faster. It was taking lots of time to to keeping guiding this position then this and that to everyone so it would take more time that , plus we were having stress and problem in making those body position so that simply shows how much time we have given to our body. If we had exercised our body then it would not have been so difficult for to make it. Our body is very tight one , its really hard to stretch it and the yoga and exercise are meant to make it loose and flexible so that it can move it any direction you want , you can have control even over this hard body that’s what it tells you all about . It’s your body , who would give time to it, who would train it to be better and better day by day , who would take care of it , and who should , do your body agrees if you’re your friends take breath and give it to your body is that possible if you are so lazy enough  ?

Your body can do anything for you so just give time to it by meditation , yoga and some exercise cause that is only the way .


We are taught to do sudarsahna kirya at home . People are in search in peace but here you felt that peace was within us . 
The peace of mind was within us and we just went to ask for peace of mind with others. If you can’t keep your state of mind you can’t give peace of mind to others.


Just close your eyes and long long breathe in then out , now think of  person who you accept to give you peace of mind , now again think the person whom you don’t accept in life , again think for next person whom you accept to be in your life , then think of next person whom you don’t accept to be in life . Just notice your behavior , experience that you create with in yourself when you thought about them. You have opposite feelings for both type of people, just note those feelings they are different. If you see  the noted feelings then you come to see that you would to accept the people cause the feelings are so good fro them , so what is needed is to just accept those people as well according to person and situation cause they not the one who is goanna be hurt cause you didn’t accept them in your life they don’t even know about it then why are you hurting yourself for them . You the problem was you the one you didn’t accepted them so just accept them how they are then it push you towards happiness.

So today’s key of happiness is accept the person and the situations.

Present moment is inevitable

If there are problems then there are solutions . When you focus on problems you get more problems , when you focus on possibilities you have more opportunities.

People have habit to judge others why not you start judging yourself as well. If you had done something wrong you would feel ohh it was a mistake and then when others do it then ohh you do it cause you want to it’s a blunder you must be given punishment for . You forgive yourself so fast and easily but you don’t accept the mistakes of other you just can’t tolerate them in anything . If forgiving yourself is so simple forgive others as well see if you can make them happy as you forgave your mistakes.


1. Who are you?

2. Where are you?

3. What are you?

Also do the pranayama , OM chanting , Vastra kriya , pran urja …

Saturday we are goanna be here for about 1 pm so we are goanna get hungry so we are asked to bring food which could feed two person . So for that the team should discuss about it tomorrow with team leader.


2074/04/20 Friday

The day began like always with some body stretching , exercises and yoga . Then meditation that gives us such a peace and relax.

Today’s key was “ Don’t be the football of others opinion”
We keep on listening tot what others say and we don’t believe on our self and we are afraid of doing mistakes.  Mistakes are the only medium that’s gives the true lesson to us but are are afraid of it. One of the person used to do the same listen to people and she got so much of stress and can’t think what’s right and wrong , then she came to AOL did some meditation and had such a peace in her mind that now she used to say “ The voice of others are just a noise , they are not the sound “


It always take time to understand. Our life is like a dream , if we just remember what happened to us till now it seems like dream it comes like a dream for us . If you ask why do AOL keep the hand palm facing upward instead of downward then its simply if u breath keeping your palm downward then its would feel abit hard to breath if you try and when you keep  facing the sky then you would notice that its abit simple for you to breath. The poster of keeping it facing upward is like asking or its shows if someone gives you then you can take it. The Gods gives you blessing keeping hands  slight downward and grab it keep it open . When you take relax you are told to keep it in same poster so that you keep on collecting energy , if you had kept it showing to the surface then your energy are said to go down . This was concept of keeping the hand palm showing to the sky.


We choose the one partner to our side and we were given the homework for yesterday so we need to ask the question “ Who are you ? “ repeatedly for 5 minutes and the net person who keep on giving the answers that comes to our mind for the same question. The person who would ask the question need not stop asking the question even though they  stops answering . . Then after 5 minutes next one would ask the same question and listen to it. This will make  a person aware who is they actually , they never thought of it, why are hey here , why?  We keep on answering to this question we are this and that but the point comes when answers are finished but our mind would be compelled to search to reply anything. The person who don’t know will keep answering but the person who knows will never answer to it they will hide from you . This question gives you awareness to you about you. We should be aware for yourself as well . You would the answers are some ward similar or may not be.


We were taught to do namaskar one side at a time i.e. east , turn right then to south, again turn right then to west and then to north and finally to the east from where we began keeping our eyes closed. It symbolizes that each side gives us trouble from what we are not aware of so we just do OM chanting remember our mistakes and when we realize them we lay down bow ding namaskar and never troubles us from now. Each side are related with us , like the east is where love and affection comes from , south from where greed and jealousy comes, west from where anger and aggressive comes, and north from where selfishness comes. We close our eyse do om chanting in namaskar position when we realize the peace we bow down . When we come to east again making around then  we remember the Sun thanks to it for seeing this world without whom world would not have been possible do Om chanting and then finally thanks to our motherland  who allowed us here and needle down keeping our eyes closed in namasakr with pleasant smile on our face .

The people around the world would recognize the people of AOL one by their smiling face next by greeting “ Jay Gurudev “

. If you the time has always changed you from child to old person  your thought , your shape  , your capacity ….. but there is always one thing that has not changed yet, like the clock it keep showing you from 1 to 12 but there is always that center point that has not changed yet. What is that center point in us ?

Even the world has changed , its said once you come here you must , but there is some one who has send us here. When we die we take rebirth again how? Well we keep on collecting knowledge and energy and these thing cannot be destroyed cause its said “ The energy can neither be create nor be destroyed but can be transfer from one body to another “ , SO when we die we go in the from of energy that we have collected and when you find the suitable place where your knowledge and energy matches then you take birth there again this is how its going and keep on going . The medium to collect energy for our body is do sadana and meditation. If just close your close and see then , you can imagine your birth, the time when you became 2 years old , the time when you became 10 . then 20 , then move ahead imagine you life when you would turn to 30 , 60 , 80, and the death and you are here all the time again you would take next life may be in america and your appearance has changed but you same person , in next life you go to china you changed as they are but you are still the same … so you are here in this place , in this continent , in this planet , in this solar system , in this universe … you are here everything are temporary but there is something and never changed . Life is a energy .

We people never like to come out of comfort zone . We are so afraid to do out of it so there is the strong word HUmm that gives you energy to the body just try this cause if you see when we get sick and we are lying on the bed with so much of illness then the sounds comes it self from our mouth humm humm humm so its trying to make to stronger . Even if you see in puranam then there was these devil tarkasur who was not defeated by any dev in bhraha lok so what they did was prayed to paravati maa and others were worried cause if she would go then there would be problem of food and shelter . When maa took the for of bhawani and killed the demon with the trisul then she made that sound humm that gave her power to kill that demon.


We just made the group of 4 person and one who stand and we got 2 minutes where the person who is standing would act like a TV and rest would act like remote . SO the remote tells fashion TV then the person standing TV would have to act. Similarly after 2 minutes next person to his right had to stand and gets turn to act TV which would act like the remote wants to. It really brought some joy in us , more than that it shows that we can act in anything w like to so just have the key to lifer that you can do anything you want to just have the remote on your hand and don’t be football other persons opinion.


We talked for next day which would be our last day for the course. There is always a social service done on last day , we can talk to our group and ask what you can do and if the idea matches then then group would be combined . Our team choose to clean the society as a service so we talked about materials that would be needed for us like masks , globes , dustbin or some bags to collect the waste and tools to clean . WE would be given 1 hour to go out and complete our task. So today we divided who will bring what and ended the discussion.


Next thing that we need to bring tomorrow is the gift , we need to wrap it if you want you may write from: or also put a message on it and exchanged would be done . Just remember you need to give gift with your love cause if you give even  a pen then the person who gets it would be happy cause you gave it with pure happy heart.

Its behavior of our mind that it travels so it really necessary to keep the track of state of mind that is possible through some sadana and meditation.

Santoshi mam always respect and praise the person who are always on time cause is valuable . Our body works in a rhythm when this rhythm are broken then we get sick. The problems to our body so it is very important that you balance them with sadana and meditation. If you give food to others it would be eaten, if you give money it would get spent ,but if you give knowledge to others than its goanna go on and and goanna its goanna be applied in our life applied in time or in next time its not goanna be wasted in any way its goanna be applied in any way in life .There are plenty of oxygen in this world to take in and take out those unwanted toxins.

There will be at least % five in your life who would listen to you , obey you and help you at least 5 in life which symbolizes our five fingers in our hand. Some may have 6 as well . We just got up and choose a partner right to us now what we nee to do was one who has long nose would be Tom and next would be jerry, tom would run clapping your hands jerry’s work is to stop tom from clapping. In next round the tome comes jerry and vice versa .

We were informed that we would bring those 5 person who listen to us or at least 2 or even one in guest seminar which would take place tomorrow from 12 o’clock.



2074/04/21 saturday

Today we were told to be at 6:30 am half hour late. We were shift to futsal ground for today. We followed the daily routine , but while doing yogas and all we really felt different cause today we were in open air and sun light but was quite good to be there. Now we need to do sewa ( Service ) that our yeam had decided so their were around 6 or 7 group and two serivces were common that is society cleanig and awareness program about no plastic so two groups were made combining common service. Then we went fro the service. I was in the cleaning society group and we cleaned from ganesh mandi to our art of living . The next group visited pashupati for awareness. There we need to click photos to show they have really done the work and show to our teacher. They want the group to stick to everyone so they asked us to choose a leader from the whole team and his work was to come back with whole team and take care on one is missing or less on one from the group would be allowed to sit in the class. From our team Ravi was chosen. It was really good to clean the society we felt we need to clean our surrounding cause there were so much polluted with plastics and all those unwanted wastes. We saw most of the plastics of surti , pagha parag , chocolates wrapper…
We understood much from this so we kept awaking people we did it now its your turn to clean cause it your place keep it neat and clean. 

We reached the AOL but as we were 5 minute early than the time given to us so were not allowed to come in. When we all just reached at the time told our 2 members in the the team was not we us so we all were just standing cause leader was asked where are other two?? so we need to wait for them to enter the class in futsal ground. Then the next team also arrived from pashupati and so did our missing members. For one mediation we needed speaker so we again went to the hall where every Saturday follow up meditation is taught for free once you attend this course so as time was from 6 to 8 so it was finally vacant. There we meditated for half an hours and then we took out the food we brought then made a big circle and sat down. We were given a plate where we would take the food as much we want them pass to our right side , so what ever food comes to just need to take as much we want then pass it to our right for this we were given 2 minutes within 2 minutes what ever comes you will take or pass them and finally eat . Now after two minutes we were asked to close our eyes then we would be given something in our right just wait for it, as soon as everyone go it we were told to keep it in our mouth and Teacher told open your eyes . Then Madan sir told I just told to keep in in your mouth but what we did was we just swollen it and got to know it was banana. We were really felling shame but told it’s the awareness that we had to create from what service we just did today. Now finally we could eat and even we can ask for anything you want to add but you must finish the food here but you are not allowed to waste it. It really feels great to eat the food and taste everything that was brought I really really felt bless to have food so this kind which I had never did with unknown people.

After food we all together cleaned the floor and arranged the mace . Then 1 minutes of meditation was done and told rest is needed after we eat so that we could collect all those energy we got from it or else if we suddenly work after having food them we could not let that energy circulate to our whole body.

Then we made a big circle again and we cached each others we would walk in only one leg come to the center and loudly say something (which I just forgot), we did this for 3 times and sat down . Now we were going to see the story of Guru Ravishankarji in a projector as it was taking time so everyone of us would come one by one and share their there experience in this 6 days. It was really do to hear and share our 6 days of experience in this course and hop to connect to AOL in future too. Finally we watched the video .


Finally its time to share our gifts so just took it in our hand and made a big circle we closed our close and we would move in any direction and the person with whom we would get blocked we would exchange the gift with them keeping out eyes closed , if we don’t get hit by next person then volunteer would see the person who raised the hand who’s gift are not got exchanged and finally see what’s inside or what we got . It really gave us such a happiness to see what we got today as our gift . Now we all closed our eyes and a song was played now we would dance or over here and there keeping our eyes closed and our hands in the air until the music don’t get stop. When the music was was stooped we really got amazed where were we and we we got now so its shows us that the music has power . We all dance like no else . IF the music was played more no ne would like to stop dancing cause everyone was enjoying it. Our Madan sir told a sentence “ Nasa pinay may hay , basa pinay ka tarika aalag hay “ then then loud music . A well day to spent . We departure to our home.


I even came at 4:30 pm cause there was satsanga where the people would sing , dance , meditate. enjoy to the full. I went the the one who had brought to AOL who really requested for a year to attend this program . Really loved the music , voice and people. I was glad to be there even though the satsanga was over some of them were still there I didn’t went cause it was raining and I didn’t had raincoat nor Sharadha had it . I had good ride in Navi scooter. People went home some of them went to Rudra puja at Nepal Music but the person who sang so good in satsanga was still there . W talked to some people outside as the it was raining so we went inside and we keep playing the musical instrument . The vocalist of satsang just arranged the instrument , sound system and we keep sing songs Oh My God it was so good to sing with them play instruments and just cherish the moment we just created . As most of us don’t know the lyrics so we keep on acting on mice and sing little as much we know. My whole was awesome to be here .


Some of the thing that I learned from Ravisahnkar videos

- You are already in the path – Like rice is already in the paddy , you already have what you need once you are in path you just need to relax

- A wise man accept the mistake . Fool doesn’t see the mistake .

Wise man when sees mistake in others they help them come out of it. Stupid man takes pride on others mistake

Wise man tells it may have happened through them too, they praise others . Stupid man blames other guys

   “ A donkey can carry the books but can’t carry the knowledge it has “


- God is only the concept in their life they are not life for those who don’t know

- Negativity is the thing that promises to give pleasure but leaves pain

- We have linear thinking once it s created it would be end,

but there is the spiral thinking that doesn't end keep repeating keep going

- If you wat to see God you must must seeing  the world

- This world is maya , if you try to grab it all runs away

  but if you are stable than it all runs to you

- If you follow joy it follows you

    if you follow knowledge it follows you

    if you follow God the world will follow you

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