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Digital literacy Day:Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal

SIKXYA.COM the online learning platform:

ok let’s take a moment and move on the world ,

         world that you think ,

         world that you dreamed,

         world that you imagined but thought it is impossible.

Many teachers of Nepal has dreamed to bring change in education system of Nepal. Been grounded on the quotes “Every student is different so is every teacher”  many teacher dream to replace human effort by tech effort so that student can get the knowledge in the way they understand or love to gain.
So to bring the CHANGE and to provide ‘a student a teacher’ Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal has designed a portal under the surveillance of Pradeep Kandel (MVP=Microsoft Valuable Person) named as SIKXYA.COM . Where Every student can learn and Every teacher can teach under their fantasy. SIKXYA.COM is an online learning platform where every student can collaborate and share their knowledge to uplift their ability and capacity so they can compete with global.

The conference was leaded by Mrs.Junu Thapa, Miss Nairsha Shrestha and Miss Jamuna as well.Though the session was a long day but all the participant felt like the time get spent in a jot of few seconds as the session was so interesting.Digitize education system  begins with a long journey of collaboration ,creation  and discovery.

Posted: 09-12-2017 7:29 PM by Shrijana phanju