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WSC holds Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 for IT Professionals in Kathmandu

As part of GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2017, One has been conducted  for Professionals at Microsoft innovation center Nepal, organized by winserver community with support of  Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal and Unlimited Cloud. Program was hosted in Microsoft Innovation Centre, Nepal which started sharp at 11am.


Among One day deep dive class on Azure happening Globally, this one started off with first speaker, Mr. Pradeep Kandel , President of WinServer community, covering the topic “ Azure Iaas ” .  He Spoke  about, digital transformation, and role of cloud in it. The topic focused on the utilization of  cloud to bring up respective business. In addition he gave a demonstration on how to set up virtual machine and its various aspect of usage. 
With around 60  IT professionals, developers and data scientists  in the hall, Mr. Kandel successful delivered his experience, to exact targeted audience grabbing their attention into versatility of Azure.

With our second speaker, Mr. Sachin Jung Karki, Microsoft Technology professional, CTO at MahooNepal Pvt. Ltd,   talking about “ Azure information Protection”, Session drove toward the depth of azure exploration.



Mr. Karki’s content was basically focused to visualize, the information protection aspect supported by Microsoft azure, which ultimately, proved to be one of the interesting topics to professionals present out there. Following Mr. Karki’s presentation, event took a short tea break which was one of the interaction session. Professionals present out there communicated with one another sharing their views and other such. WinServer community was successful on creating smooth environment for IT professionals to get indulge in community.  

After tea break, Mr. Shree Niraula, IT security officer at Access world/ HiTech was the third speaker who delivered his content on “Azure storage” .


With his ample experience in the field, Mr. Niraula, dealt with Storage facility of azure, with its type, usage and accessibility. The demo followed by presentation, gave additional idea to the audience present out there.

Following the event structure, after Mr. Niraula, we had our fourth speaker,  Mr. Anup Karmacharya DevOps Engineer, at Fuse Machine Inc. talking about “DevOps in Azure”. His presentation, contained the benefits of DevOps for faster deployment and fewer failures. It also highlighted, its importance for smooth running of company and its benefits.  IMG_6799

Our fourth speaker was Mr. Sandesh Karki, a developer at Unlimited Technologies, who with his expertise in Xamarin, opened up cross platform availability of Microsoft.  His topic included, mobile app architecture and its approach, performance, forms, authentication etc. which gave wide vision of Xamarin for developers.


With the versatile but, closely linked approach to services of azure, The fifth session of the day was followed on the topic of “Azure Backup and recovery” covered by Mr. Madan Shah, developer at unlimited cloud.

His topic was a conclusive one, providing IT freaks, a key tool to securely work in cloud platform. Inclusion of demonstrations by Mr. Shah, did win over the attention of   60 enthusiasts present in the hall.


Last, but not the lease, The opening speaker, Mr. Pradeep Kandel closed up the entire session with his short, informative topic,  “Automation with Azure PowerShell”. In conclusion, Mr. Kandel also took the feedback from personals present there, on their requirement of upcoming sessions.

With an entire day of hardwork of WinServer community organizing team, speakers and patience of the attendees, Global Azure Bootcamp 2017, successfully wrapped up with a group picture. By the end of the day, entire topics covered, demostration showed upon, did prove to be fruitful one to individuals present out there. Such events will be on the flow in up coming days!


Posted: 04-21-2017 6:34 PM by Eeda