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Entrepreneurship and Startups by EMFound

According to statistics, every year 4000 IT and Engineering students graduate every year but only 300 jobs are created in the field of technology.

One of the major focus of EMFound is Entrepreneurship and startups for youth. Naina Shakya leads and mentors this program. The main objectives behind this program is to motivate youths to use their ideas for startups and create the idea of self employment. For the motivation  there’s “Katha Ra Byatha” program oraganized every once in a while. Many successful entrepreneur and business personality are invited to share their failure and hard work stories so youths are inspired. It also organizes “Invention Life Cycle” that mainly focuses on innovation and creativity. It teaches youths to think differently. There’s also a ventures week program under this category. Similarly many Youths are provided with 1000s of Genuine software essential for their startups and learning. Preacceletor is another program for youths. It is a 3 months training for technical startups. It helps youths to give life to their ideas and start a company. This pre-acceletor was initiated by Microsoft Ventures and Nepal is one of 4 countries that is allowed to conduct this program. Also “Hraswo” is another program where youths work for visually impaired people by developing audio gaming app. Similarly “Tech Camp” is another amazing program organized for girls. This program focuses on girls involvement in technology field with a tagline “Equal if not Better.”

Summing of the programs of Emfound for Entrepreneurship and Startups:

  • Katha ra Byatha
  • Ventures Week
  • Dreamspark Account
  • Preaccelator
  • Hraswo
  • Tech Camp for girls

Posted: 12-29-2016 4:14 PM by Sandhya Guragain