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Gameathon Developers Learn Health Issues at Panchkhal

Post Lunch the Gameathon geeks would have to find out the situation of Health in rural Nepal. Kavre Primary Health Center was their destination. Over there the Senior AHM Officer, Mr. Narayan Krishna Shrestha, orientated the young developers about the Primary Health Center (PHC).

PHC are basically for preventive purpose rather than curative. However, curative health care are provided to the ill. They provide services from Laboratory tests, delivery, dental service, abortion and Tuberculosis.

However, PHC are dependent on Government grants and funds therefore, governed by Government of Nepal Policies. They provide only 35 medical drug out of which only 12 are used regularly. This has create some problems with curing the disease. Another problem is, the people come with vague symptoms which creates problem to diagnose the actual disease due to the lack of equipment. Though the infrastructure are huge and the personnel well trained, they lacked the equipment to provide full service.

People also come and take all the possible service from the health post as health has been the top priority of the government.

During the question answer session, when asked about handling the critical cases, Mr. Shrestha said that anything out of the ability of health post was referred to the Dhulikhel Hospital just 15 minutes away.

One of the young developer asked about the problem in the area, it was found out that malaria was an endemic in the area and blood test were provided to test the infection. The most common problem among children were, diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition and measles however, measles have been almost eradicated now.

Vaccination of children was 100% in the area told the Senior AHM when asked about the situation of vaccination and that’s due to the health agency being good, proper health network with health workers at most remote places.

64% delivery in the Kavre area were Institutional which is among the top in whole of Nepal according to Mr. Shrestha.

People have become aware due to various awareness raising programs and internet has helped take the awareness to a whole new level.

Upon inquiry about the technology, very basic technology for diagnosis such as ECG, lab tests and pulse oxidation were found at the PHC.

For adolescent there are privacy clinic however those aren’t being used properly as people fear the breach of privacy. The clinic is open for discussion about puberty, reproductive health, safe sexual activities and rape cases among the teenagers.

They are also doing awareness programs and providing health education at schools and political bodies like the VDC and ward office where the basic first aid can be provided to the injured and the patient before having to be brought to the PHC.

Home services are also provided to those who are severely ill and cannot come to the PHC.

So, all these queries being answered ended the fruitful field visit for the young developers after a group photo and prepared for the main events where they will be able to use all their skills at the Gameathon.


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