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Installing Hyper-V Role
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Installing Hyper-V us very easy and supported by window server 2008.However my recommendation is windows server R2 service pack 2.Its good for Hyper-V.


From Administrative Tools>>select Roles and Add Roles 



From Select Server Roles check on Hyper-V


Select now Network adaptor for Communicating with Virtual machine






Install and BOOM!!!






How To Create a Hyper-V machine?(Click here)

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Hyper-V in windows server 2008


Hyper-V:A server role in server 2008 that allows you to run multiple operating system in Virtual Machines on single physical machine.


Virtual Machine-A software-based instance of an operating system that uses shared physical hardware.

Virtual Hard Disk -A file that lives on a physical HDD that acts like a physical HDD on a virtual machine.

Minimum system requirement to run Hyper-V

  • Server 2008 64-bit Enterprise or Datacenter edition
  • RAM-4GB "minimum"
  • Processor-64bit-Must support virtualization
  • HDD-Vary  
  • Network Card-At least 2


Licensing: With Windows server 2008 you can have License for Virtual server for FREE!!!!!!


Server 2008 Type Hyper-V Licenses
Standard 1 virtual machine
Enterprise 4 virtual machine
Data Center Unlimited


Planning Hyper-V:

Even though Virtualisation is very effective means of having multiple server inside a box some of precautionary Steps can boost up Virtual server performance.

  • Do not virtualize your forest root domain controller
  • Selecting server with less Resources hungry can be beneficial
  • Legacy application that require older version of server can be virtualised e.g. windows server2003, NT
  • Virtual server can be used of testing purpose it can be very good means of testing   
  • Secondary DNS ,Windows Deployment server at branch office cane be good example of it


Virtual Server Migration Tools:

With virtual server migrationtools you can migrate your physical server to virtual server.Here are some tools for migration

  • Virtual server migration tools: It is free download from microsoft however it is meant only for small server and is natively for virtual server 2005.virtual server 2005 virtual hard disk is compatible with Hyper-V.It is not recommended tool for big servers.
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager: It is not free not its worth you can migrate big server.SCVMM has great graphics that ease the migration.

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      It is concept of having multiple operating system running in one single physical machine.Operating system can be Linux or Microsoft or any other type.It is not only beneficial to a home user but also beneficial to organization.






     Obviously virtualization  help on minimizing cost to run server. Think what if you can run 5 server within a single physical machine.You don't have to invest on buying 5 server and maintain them , instead you can simple get one server and host multiple instance of  server.Another good part is you will be saving the energy need to  run 5 server instead you will only consume energy of one server.



     Virtualization helps system admin to manage server at very ease.You only have to manage one machine and hence you are managing different machine at back end.Suppose you want to to have different server roles for your organization on different machine then you can just have that thing in one machine and run different server on host machine.And greater part is that don't need have panic to switch from one virtual machine to another virtual machine ,its just like switching between different application! 


Compatibility and Multi Platform:

     Virtualisation support wide variety of operating system.You can run UNIX,Windows   within on machine. Even you can run 32bit-64bit server in one machine.You can now wide selection for yourself.In most of cases it helps to resolve problem we get from compatibility issue.Let us suppose your new upgrade doesn't support a particular application which is making you to have a old version running in you cooperate environment.For these issue you can just virtualise  the old server in your one machine.This comes handle incase of space management.


Virtualization Product

    There are so many product that facilitate you with virtualisation .Among them Microsoft Hyper-v is latest product which comes in with Windows server 2008.Other virtualisation solution can be

  • Hyper-v (How to setup?)
  • Virtual server
  • Virtual PC
  • VMware server
  • VMware workstation

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