How can youth make you successful?

YouTH, as the name suggests, is all about increasing one's immense potential. It's program on education, mentoring, entrepreneurship , financial literacy, technology, career, networking and empowerment is in itself a full packaged program for both career and personal development. It not only prepares us for our future but also produces competent individuals who can contribute to the society at large.

I believe that success is a group activity and being surrounded with like minded people and experienced mentors will really help me grow. In fact, collective efforts instigate creativity, which in turn leads to innovation. This realization has convinced me that youTH is the best program for me I could be on. I mean where else do we get a chance to sit around with such a dedicated and motivated team, working on a common mission- to help develop our society through technological advancement.

Besides that, the training program youTH has designed this year, separating itself with the whole ecosystem of Microsoft is very beneficial for me. I really liked how the training programs prepare us to work with future technologies. As I am really interested in new technologies like Machine Learning ,Cloud , and IOT, this could be a really good place for me to start my journey. I would get a chance to learn and work with the new cutting edge technologies like Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the opportunities I could get are endless. Also according to the interactions I had with the previous MSPs of my college, the training programs that MIC conducts is one of the best in the country and I am quite sure that this is really going to be interesting and challenging for me. Moreover, I think I am going to constantly design and innovate new technologies.

Apart from honing the technical skills, youTH will develop my communication, networking and other personal qualities, which will be very necessary while tackling and solving the real world problems in this digital era. We will also get a change to work with various organizations on different projects. As there will be common group of people working together along with mentors, I believe, this will in the long run make significant impact in the society.

Furthermore, I am equally excited about the exchange program with Bangladesh. I believe we could learn a lot from this visit about how technology is being used in development of Bangladesh and how can we apply the similar concept in solving problems of Nepal.

I am also interested about the initiative that unlimited technology has taken in promoting digital finance. As establishing a physical financial services providers like Banks are expensive and unreachable especially in a poor country like ours, digital finance can make it both cheap and accessible and I would feel really proud to be the part of this process and I really look forward on contributing in this project.

Finally, I believe that youTH program will help me expand and re-shape my personality and my mental architecture. I am really excited to go through this journey of becoming a butterfly from a caterpillar and i hope the Youth program is indeed gonna be my mulberry leaves.


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