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Release of the book ' Gyani Saa II'

Gyani Saa II or Voice of Gyani second is a book with 38 emotional poems.The poems were collated on request of Dr . Shanta Bir Singh Tuladhar.  This book are in Nepal Bhasa in Prachalit script and devangari script. All these poems have been translated into English by Dr.Tuladhar. 

The program started by the ice breaking speech of Dr. Shanta Bir Singh Tuladhar. He shared his journey to abroad. Although he didn't want to go abroad, he was just another victim of the circumstaces. He then shared about his meeting with the writer and how the writer was inspired to write the poem, when she heard about his struggle and hardship.I could feel his emotional attachment to the book 'Gyani saa two' aka "Voice of Gyani second".

The poet joined the conference though a Skype Call. She has been living in London for past 12 years. The poet,Gyani Shova tells the importance of nepal bhasa through her poem. She tells how the poem should be about the mutual language not about the complex.

Chair person of program Dr. Keshab Man Shakya was welcomed by Dr. Shanta Bir Singh and given KHADA. 

Keshav Man Shakya  tells the loneliness a person feels, the struggle he/she has to face can only be understood by someone who has gone through same how a person searchs peace in foreign land. festivals of his own religion (Newar) even though he can feel the beauty of crowded places, in London.

He recites different poems included in the book and also gives a bit of explanation about the poem. Even if we haven't been to London, the writer beautifully describes his experience on the foreign land. He ends his speech thanking the writer for such a great poem and wishes the poet. Without saying much he congratulated Gyani Shova and wished her best for the future.

Chief contributors were honored through books. Durga Lal Shrestha  accompanied by honroed Dr.Keshab Man Shakya,Dr.Shanta Bir asssited by daughter and Son of Gyani honored contributors Nirmal Man tuladhar, Manara Prajpati ,Niranjan Tawaa and Anup Singh Suwal respectively.

Vote of thanks were given by Nhyumila Shuva Tuladhar.

 Though there were many complications to print this book , Gyani realised that she is a born poetess who can compose a poem on any theme.

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