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“How Youth makes you successful?”

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Youth means the time of life where the future is decided. This is the time where they can acquire knowledge and spread that to ones who wants grab the knowledge.

As there are many opportunities and many paths in the Youth program organized by unlimited technology that can make youth much more skilled and spread their knowledge all over to the people who wants to acquire knowledge.

There are no one who don’t want to be successful in their life, as I want to become a successful person. The opportunities that I can get from Youth makes me successful and also helps to encourage me to do hard work. Youth is a key of success. As I am a student I want to take the better knowledge that I can’t found in my study. I think the aim of the program is to make the people skilled in the field of technology. It also give me the knowledge to communicate with others and the idea to work in team to solve any program in front of  you.

Youth is the way to spread the knowledge and the idea such as the bird in the cage wants to free from there as I am in the cage and wants to explore my ideas to the whole world to increase the world beauty. This program makes me stronger to communicate to the people who are deserving and I can grab the knowledge from them to become successful.

All the opportunities that I wanted can earn from the Youth.


Posted: 06-29-2018 2:19 AM by Hemsagar Adhikari with no comments