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The number of internet users have abruptly raised at the present context. With the increase in the internet user so, along the users in social media has also increased with huge figures. As more people use social media to tell the story of the future, the wants and needs of more people will be reflected. idiots

With the growing importance of the internet in everyday life, more and more people are accessing various online resources each day. the world wide web is informative, convenient, resourceful, but also potentially way for internet addiction.

In order to aware the youth about internet addiction Unlimited in Partnership with ChildsafeNet( had organized Cyber Safety Training on August 22, 2018 at Unlimited’s Auditorium (New Road).

ChildSafeNet works with children, young people, parents, schools, government, media, private sector and organizations to protect children and young people online.


Mr. Anil Raghuvanshi Sir, founder of ChildSafeNet, talked about the present condition of internet. In this digital age, information and communication technology sector is advancing tremendously. Along with the fast progress, this revolution brings with it numerous adversities and dangers. Children and young people are heavy users of the technology.  Unsafe use of the digital technology exposes them to serious harms, such as, online sexual abuse & exploitation, cyber bullying, phishing and sextortion. Such harms affect children’s mental and cognitive development, humiliate and lower their self-esteem. Children, young people, parents, teachers and governments need to take cyber safety seriously and fulfill their responsibilities in making the internet safer place.


The power of social media are many. Some of them are:-

    1. Fast – with the help of one click the information can flow to worldwide
    2. Big Reach – the number of internet user is huge so, can reach to many people
    3. Easy Access – we can easily access through smart phones and devices
    4. Beyond Border – it becomes popular within and outside the border of a nation
    5. Anonymous – the sender or the publisher becomes unidentified
    6. Open and Frank – anyone can easily speak out

    What is Internet Addiction ?

    The term "addiction" is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction (e.g. alcoholism, nicotine addiction), work addiction, computer addiction, video game addiction, pornography addiction, television addiction. In these kinds of common usages, the term addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences, as deemed by the user himself to his individual health, mental state, or social life.

    “ Internet addiction is defined as the compulsive urge to continually use the Net, whether it be to spend hours surfing the Web, hang around in IRC chatrooms, or play on-line games.”

                                     Depending upon the types of internet users the types of Internet Addiction maybe of following:
    • Web surfer
    • Pornography/Cybersexual
    • Chat rooms/online dating/social networking
    • Gaming (video/computer) and online gambling

    There are many challenges for the young people who spend their most of the time over internet. First of all the become internet addicted. They prefer using internet than going out of home. This leads to social isolation and breaks social communication (face to face) relation. Staying in home only involves less physical activities which will hugely affect the health of the individuals and may lead to obesity. Staying too much in online games and social sites may lead to negative impact on education, loss of privacy and severe problems on eyes and neck. Too much internet addiction leads to information obesity of negative news and may increase the ego in the young people as well.

    What are the negative impacts of Internet Addiction ?

    Research have shown that people who stay longer in online gaming and chatting are likely to have higher level of Dopamine hormone in the body. Dopamine hormone is secreted when the body is in the extreme state condition. The increase in dopamine hormone is similar to that of drug addict which is supposed to impact with the same level. Most of the people lost the track of time and their daily schedules get affected. Internet Addicted people are never on time for any daily schedules. In teenagers internet addictions also leads to neglecting of basic needs such as eating, going to washroom, etc. For online gaming addiction failure in games may lead to demotivation and feeling of failure. The adverse negative impact on the huge number of people is that they are likely to become abnormal state on seeing virtual life of other people. People only post about happiness and their virtual life on the social medias. Seeing these post make the people feel that they are unable to do anything in life and motivate them to negative activities.

      Internet Addiction Impacts


      What are the Risks and Threats in Digital Age ?

      The major risks and threats in digital age mostly comprises of online exploitation and sexual abuse. Online exploitation includes online child sexual abuse. In the similar way sextortion has also been common these days. Not only online sexual abuse, offline sexual abuse are also the risks and threats of digital age. Common risks in teenage and college students includes cyber bulling. Sometimes cyber bullying also leads to violence. Most of these issues do not get reported, therefore these problems are more often common day by day.

      Risks & Threats in Digital Age

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