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Cyber Crime and how to be safe

The criminal activities that are done through internet is simply understood as cyber crime. The areas of cyber crime at present is huge. It has been the most fast growing area of crime in present days. Criminals can exploit with speed, convenience and anonymity. The criminals in the most of the cases are hidden so, the crimes are beyond the border and reach. Cyber security has been a major challenge for the major business offices, people, celebrity, government, etc. It has also created employment opportunity in the field of Information Technology for the upcoming generations as well.

“ Internet does not forget, Internet does not forgive ”


Individual people should be aware of the

existing cyber laws.

law Dhara 4

Newly drafted laws on cyber crime.

How can you protect yourself ?


1. Do not accept friend

requests from strangers

Do not accept friend requests from strangers2

2. Use strong passwords,

        and change frequently


3. Set privacy settings on social media


4. Block and/report "bad friends"

PPT image6 

5. Do not share passwords, phone

numbers & personal information

With strangers

Toothbrush & password 

6. Do not store, share or upload

photos/videos/ messages that

could make you uncomfortable

PPT image2

7. Talk to your parents, teachers or

trusted friends if you feel you are at risk

PPT image1

8. Report cases Of threats &

abuses to police (dial 100)

PPT image3

9. If you need help, call Child

Helpline 1098 (Toll free telephone)


10. Major facebook checklist

to secure your facebook

FB Checklist, 11 Apr 2018

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      Pradeep's Blog wrote Cyber Security Awareness Program by ChildsafeNet(
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      The number of internet users have abruptly raised at the present context. With the increase in the internet

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