Computer related health hazards and their prevention

Every speaker of the conference talked about the use of computers actually importance of computers and application for development of nation,using computer for better future for whole day yesterday and today also same topics were being presented by different people .But then came Dr. Tara Man Amatya trying to aware all of us about hazards caused by the excessive use of computers.He started his presentation by showing us his Bio Data and continued talking about increasing computer related health hazards .

DSC02777 IMG_3795 <--Dr. Tara Man Amatya.

25% of computer users suffers from computer related injuries/hazards like;

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Repetitive Strain Injuries

-Cyber Addiction

-Joint Pains


-->Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS):


He defined Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as a condition that affects the hands since it is an upper limb neuropathy that results in motor and sensory disturbance of the median nerve.A person suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may complain about pain into wrist and arms as well.,numbness and coldness,loss of strength or joint movement,discomfort,swelling etc.This is caused by repetitive stress causing muscle tension,long hours on keyboard,,lack of circulation,genetic reason,improper posture,poor diet(lack of vitamins) and other health problems. As we all know there is a prevention for every problem so CTS can be reduced by doing rest and rest and some more rest,keeping hand warm and using wrist brace or splint could help a lot,anti inflammatory drugs ,cutting back on  sugar,caffiene,taking a balanced diet can be used as treatment.Surgery is last option if needed.


-->Eye Strains:


It is a single largest complain of access computer user.It’s major symptom is considered to be Redness,Tenderness,Headache,Impure Vision,Double Vision,Discomfort while looking at computer,difficult looking at one point etc.This eye strains are caused by bad monitor resolution,poor lighting conditions in comp room,electromagnetic induction etc.As of CTS, it also have some treating methods :taking breaks when we feel strained,use our knowledge of ergonomics,adjust brightness and wear protective glasses.


-->Cyber Addiction:

Its pretty much similar to pathological gambling or compulsive shopping, he described this term in this way.Some of the symptoms I could remember are: having a sense of well being or euphoria while at computer,inability to stop the activity and craving for more time in computer,neglecting the family and friends,lying to employers and family about the activities which one does in the computer,feeling empty,depressed or irritable when not at computer.The above symptoms which he briefly described were mental symptoms.Then,he talks about some of the physical symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome,eating,irregularity,migraine,dry eye,sleep disturbances,failure to attend personal hygiene and headaches .This can also be treated by identifying any of above signs and symptoms at the earliest to limit the damage and prevent disabilities and certain medication can also be taken.


-->Joint Pain:

Pain in wrist joint,elbow joint,shoulder pain is a major problem for most of the people or of course for those who uses computer excessively.He further said preventing  yourself from joint pain is very easy by keeping your body and mind as relaxed as possible,breathing regularly and deeply and keeping hands and arms warm,alternating non-computer jobs with computer jobs(which I think is impossible in this century because every job in entire world is almost based on computer),eliminating unnecessary computer uses,taking micro-breaks in every 15 to 30 minutes,do stretching and lastly,leading a healthy life styles.


After this,he suggested us healthy habits related to computers like fixing keyboard at elbow level,using mouse in the right manner,right posture when using computer,keeping monitor slightly below eye level(18-25 inches away from face),vision should be checked frequently,font size should be increased.

DSC02783   DSC02784DSC02785

He then, highlighted 20/20/20 exercise i.e, taking a short break of 20 sec approximately in every 20 minutes and look at place more than 20 ft away.He concluded his presentation by saying" It is clear that there are definite health syndromes that occurred with prolonged computer use .if above mentioned some precautions and good working habits are used,these disorders can be minimized or prevented".Lastly my personal view about this presentation is we cannot see today’s world without computers and cannot stop anyone to use computer but this presentation really will help me to get somehow away from computer related hazards and I really want to thank Dr. Tara Man Amatya for such a nice presentation.

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