Monetization of HTML5 Applications and Games

IMG_3627Michael Budzynski, Web developer from Poland is also HTML5 trainer in w3c. He had a great presentation about Web Page, Web Applications, Mobile Development. He said that there is vast difference between Web Page and Web Application as Web Page is that which gives only information about anything whereas Web Application is that which handles, saves, controls the requests and information of the user.

As example, Wikipedia is a Web Page where we can get any information about anything. Facebook is termed as Web Application where we can control the status update, information exchange, photo sharing and every activities.

Browser is the new platform where the Web App runs.


WII is the gaming console by Nintendo, which is created using web technology i.e. HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Samsung Smart TV with operating system, which is also web based which can be accessed using remote control using the internet connection and more web stuffs.

Firefox is a web browser which is created using web technology.

Web Applications are the application that are created in one system whereas they can be used/run on different sort of devices and can be distributed through any store or directly by the developer.

Mobile Development:

MeeGo, Symbian OS, Android, Windows are the recent mobile platforms where Web/Mobile Apps are been created.


JavaScript Games and HTML5 Games are the games which are very easy to use in every device. These games/software are develop once and run on every device. Flash has been the old technology and is no the answer anymore for creating JavaScript and HTML5 Games.

There are also the many open web alternatives where we can work in open source environment. Two of the Open source web alternatives are mentioned as: Blysk, Sencha

go open web today, the future is in your browser

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