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Windows 8 for developers


Windows 8 presents new and beautiful environment that provides touch first experience, simple and always connected experience with new start screen and metro apps. With Windows 8, Microsoft also introduces Windows Store, one distribution point for metro apps. Windows Store remains heart and soul of the Windows 8 where consumers can look for their apps. And it is exciting opportunity for developers to showcase their innovation and skills by publishing their apps in the Store. Store also features desktop apps but will direct to developer’s site for purchase.

Metro is the future of Windows and desktop apps are already called “legacy”. And Microsoft wants every app from paint, photoshop to games to be in metro. So, it is worth talking a look at the Windows 8 as a platform to start your career.

Metro apps for Windows 8

New metro apps are fast, fluid and beautifully designed apps that are different than desktop apps. They are chromeless and provide immersive experience. It means there will be no more toolbars, menus and options and lets you focus on the content on the app by providing full screen  experience. Just right click or swap from the bottom/top to do more. And it just feels natural to interact with the apps. The new metro apps also integrate with social and cloud services and help you get connected to people and information you care about. Live tiles of the apps can provide live information so that you can get the information without opening the app. If your friends send you an email, mail app notifies you about your new emails & people app notifies you about new updates from your friends right from the tile.  Also, all your metro apps and their settings travel with your Microsoft account via cloud. Metro apps are also easy to build and explore featuring horizontal scrolling and semantic zoom.

Windows 8 and windows phone 8 will share same kernel and it will be easier to migrate apps from Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8. And it will really benefit Nepali developers as Nepal is now in the list of supported nations for submitting Windows phone 8 apps.

live notification from people tile

Contracts for your apps

Windows 8 also features search, share, devices and settings contracts that makes extremely easy for developers to build apps that provide consistent user experience.

  • users can search contents from your app from all metro apps
  • share contents and communicate with other apps
  • provide quick and consistent access to settings for your app
  • access to print and hardware with ease


search contract

No compromise experience

Windows 8 is designed for tablets, notebooks, desktops to all in one PCs. It means your apps will just work in all these variety of devices without extra work on the app. Metro apps are especially designed for touch but they equally work well with mouse & keyboard and other inputs.


Build apps with what you know

Windows 8 really makes it easy for developers with different programming knowledge and platforms by providing new Visual Studio for metro apps and app development platforms.

You can build your metro apps with what you know:

  • HTML 5 & JavaScript
  • XAML with C#, Visual Basic and C++
  • Windows Runtime
  • DirectX Graphics


Windows Store and global platform

Windows 8 is all in one destination for all metro apps. It is designed for flexibility & discovery and it provides completely safe and secure environment for metro apps. The store also provides transparent terms and best economics. Quality and adoption reports for apps make it easy for developers to improve their apps, target audience and follow the market trends. And what’s exciting is you can showcase your apps to over 230 markets worldwide including Nepal.

Windows 8 provides great opportunity to developers to make money with their apps through the Windows store. Of course, you can provide your app for free. You also can enable trial period based on time limit or functionality so that users can try the app before purchase. You can set the price of your app from $1.49 to $999.99. Microsoft takes 30 % of the price of your app purchased and when your app reaches $25,000, it will change to 20 % and providing opportunity to developers to make more money from their apps.



See what winners of Windows 8 first apps contests have to say about Windows 8 platform:


Learn how to build metro apps here:



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Facebook account recovery and fake profile' secrets detailed

Facebook helps people to connect with their friends and families. But it has also become a favorite tool for evil minded people to gather details or impersonate as other people for fun or harassing. Facebook is also a great place for stalkers. So, I suggest you to treat every friend request from people you do not know as real world stalker. Here I present some Facebook privacy and security concerns that you might need to know.


Facebook Cover Photos are public

The new cover photos are really innovative that even Google plus copied this feature.  They express who you are but remember anyone can easily see your cover photos but they cannot download your images in original size. And there does not seem to be way to set them private. So, do not set your important and private photos as cover images.

Facebook Security Question

I think this is the easiest way for people to break into others’ account. And mostly your own friends are the one to take over your Facebook account because they know you well and can easily guess your answer.

Also, if your profile information is not private, anyone can easily guess your answer.

And my research shows that 2 out of every 10 Facebook profiles have security question: Mother’s birthplace or childhood teacher’s last name. And the answer is probably Kathmandu for mother’s birthplace and your own surname for teacher’s last name. Or they can be easily guessable based on your information.

But don’t panic, if somebody matches answer for your security question, it will take 24 hours for verification and if you login within that 24 hours, you are safe.

The downside to security question is that you cannot change your security question once you set it. But here is a trick to change your security question.

Just recover your account via security question and Facebook will ask you to wait for 24 hours for verification. Again recover your account via your email and log in. Then, Facebook will prompt you to change your security question saying someone tried to access your account with security question. But you may not change your browser or computer that you used to access your Facebook account.

Recovering account via friends

This is an interesting option to recover your account if you lose access to your password, email and security question. You can go to this process by mistaking your security question or from help section. (Note: Not every Facebook profiles are recoverable via friends). It will prompt you to select three friends you trust and sends them secret codes. You can get the codes and unlock or recover your account.  And for security purpose, Facebook suggests friends in such a way that the three people you select cannot have things in common like school, address, or date added. It assures that other people cannot misuse this feature to get access to your account.

But this feature really makes it easy for your friend who share lot of mutual friends with you. If your friend manages to send codes to three people that can send him/her secret codes, your account is over. But Facebook sends the list of people to your email who helped to recover your account and find your Facebook hacker. What if fake or unknown people in your friend list were behind all these?  You would be lucky and could recover your account if the hacker does not change your email address in Facebook, deactivate your account or change your security preferences.


email alert from Facebook when someone tries to gain access to your account via friends


Fake Profiles

It really seems easy to create fake profile and impersonate other people. Just get photos from their profile, add some details and send friend requests. But it is not that easy as it seems. If you try to duplicate someone’s Facebook profile with same details and try to add same friends, Facebook finds that you are creating a fake profile and prompts you to provide your number or digital card for verification. Beside, you also can report to Facebook if someone tries to impersonate you.

If you want to find if a profile is fake, try the following:

Old facebook: Some people dislike the new timeline and do not upgrade. But mostly fake profiles do not have timeline as they are newly created and new accounts take time to get the timeline.

No status, likes, comments and game activities

Never Online

No real photo or profile picture of celebrities

No or less number of friends and mostly from different schools or colleges

No details and blank About Me section


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Office 2013: Read mode with PDF support


The new Office 2013 provides the wave of new features and tools. For me, the best feature in the new office is PDF support. So, I could not stop myself writing about it I like to download e-magazines, online books and documents that are mostly in pdf formats and create notes and copy content from my pdf documents. But it was always difficult and non-intuitive. I had to look for good pdf readers and I even tried pdf to word converters. 

I am really excited that the new Word 2013 lets us read and edit and export PDF files easily just like a word document.  Other office applications like publisher and excel can also export documents to pdf with read only formats.

But sometime, opening a large and complex pdf can take a long time as the application converts pdf file to word document format during startup.

PDF files open in word by the new Read Mode feature. Read mode feature makes the new Word excellent reading device just like magazines and books with horizontal pages. Of course, you can go to editing mode from the View tab. You also can use Read mode for your word documents by going to Read Mode from View tab.

Word 2013 read mode

Dictionary add on from Office Store


Read mode provides immersive reading experience on PC devices by removing tools & chrome and focusses on content still providing powerful tools and options when you need them the new office 2013 is designed for tablets, laptops to desktops for touch, mouse or keyboards. And the Read Mode features provides best experience depending on your device or display size making it suitable for touch or any other inputs.

There are also some exiting tools especially designed for your reading experience. Let’s suppose you are reading a novel and you come across a difficult word or you are trying to read a book in different language. The new word provides you define, translate, comment or highlight the words or phrases. You can also search for them in Bing right from the word document. To define the meaning of word, you have to get dictionary add on from the Office Store. In the Read mode, you also can zoom images or charts with tap or click of a mouse for better view of the images. You can also change the page color to sepia or black if you are having problems in reading in low light.


definition of word in read mode


English to Japanese translation in Word

Object Zoom

Sepia page color

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Office 2013: social and cloud features

Office 2013 is the most transformational release of Microsoft productivity suites we have ever seen.  It provides new metro-fied and simple user interface while maintaining all the powerful features and tools that differentiate Microsoft Office from the competition. The new and modern office embraces new social and cloud technologies and is designed for Windows 8.

Cloud features

Office 2013 is a great cloud performer. The first priority for saving your documents in the new office is the cloud. Of course, you can save your documents locally if you wish. But, new cloud features and integrated skydrive makes it easier to save documents in the web and your important documents roam with you.

When you sign into the Office with your Microsoft account, it uses cloud to save your favorites, preferences, remembers what you were doing and notifies to resume your work where you left.  With new version of office, Microsoft introduces Skydrive pro that works just like Sharepoint online but aimed at home users.  The cloud computing also makes the collaboration and online presentation seamless and intuitive.




Online & Social features

The new office application provide a social and connected user interface. You can embed online videos from Bing video search or a website in your document. And, now you don’t have to search for images in the web, save them in your pc and insert in your documents. You can directly insert online pictures from Office clip art online or bing pictures without leaving the application.

Now, outlook provides Hotmail and social connector integration to see updates from facebook, linked in and other networks. With the new contact card, you also get to see social activities of your contacts. And what’s exciting is you can just start a video conversation from outlook with your skype friend.  Microsoft is also looking how it can integrate yammer in Office 365 for its enterprise customers. 

Read more about new features in my previous blog: 

Office 15 Consumer Preview: In Depth Look


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Be a part of next big thing in Windows Phone platform: Match App

Microsoft is a great platform for developing career for software developers, IT pros and database administrators. But where it really shines is providing great opportunities for students to explore, learn and create new things with Microsoft tools and technologies. MSP, MTA and dreamspark programs are benefitting students and helping them to explore their innovations and skills.

The next big thing about mobile development is Windows Phone and Microsoft is providing unparalleled opportunity for students to be part of it. And Match app from Microsoft is bringing the talents of technology minded students to develop apps for Windows Phone.

Match App is a facebook application that helps you to collaborate with like-minded students from around the world, develop your skills and create your Windows Phone apps. You can search and connect with students based on skills and interests, showcase your work or help someone with their projects.

This online hub is for you if:

You are looking for an app developer with specific skills

You are a developer and looking for design, marketing and business

You have a great idea and want someone to create it

It provides great platform to meet new people similar to their interests, share your knowledge and develop your skills required for today’s job market. With Match App, you can create your profile with your skills and interests so that members can get help from you based on your skills for their projects. You can also search for the projects you are interested and help them complete/create their windows phone projects with your skills. Or you can add your own projects and get help from the community members.

Match App is a pretty cool app for students looking to turn ideas into windows phone apps. Good news is Nepal is in the list of supported nations for submitting apps to marketplace in upcoming Windows Phone 8 and Match App can help  excited Nepali students to be the part of next big thing in Windows Phone platform.




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Are we all online pirates ?

Image courtesy of chip.com.my


Have you ever wondered about it? I guess you do and you may be proud of it. Or you may be pirating online but completely ignorant because this is what you have been doing since you started using computer.  And your friends and teachers have always been encouraging you to do so.

Pirate in computer science refers to somebody who uses or duplicates copyrighted products without permission. So, if you are downloading songs on web for free, watching full movies on sites, getting serial keys or patch for software and sharing documents/photo that is not yours, you are an online pirate.

Mostly people enjoy and feel they are computer geeks if they can get crack or patch software to full version. And they are eager to share it to their friends. It is like a kind of habit for Nepali people. The irony is that most Nepalese even do not know they have to pay for the products they are using.

But it is very complicated and sometimes beyond understanding to differentiate legal and illegal things that you are doing on web. So, let’s have a look at some of these:

Downloading youtube videos

You can watch videos on youtube anytime but nothing more than that. Downloading videos to your device or adding music, ripping, converting and distributing are illegal according to youtube terms and conditions. There may not be legal consequences but you account can be deleted or suspended. There are also sites that directly convert youtube video songs to mp3s for free and youtube is actively banning these sites from accessing youtube servers.

And full movies available on youtube are copyrighted and likely to be removed when youtube’s algorithm or owner of the content find about the upload.

Bypassing proxy to view content not available in your country

When you are viewing contents on web or trying to watch some videos on youtube or signing/creating account on services like Spotify, xbox live etc. you may get notice that the content is not available in your country. But you can easily bypass IP blocks and disguise your location to view the content. And this is still undecided is it legal to disguise one’s IP address using online tools. Some argue that it should be treated like copyright protection but there is no final verdict.

Downloading songs online

Downloading any song you want may be the easiest thing on internet. Just search for the song on search engine and you get the download link. But unauthorized copy and distribution of song without approval from creator or copyright holder is not legal. Many users have false impression sites like songs.pk and dilandau provide songs free legally, but they are not genuine services.

Posting photos from web on facebook or twitter

It is also controversial that uploading photos from web, liking and commenting them is right thing to do or not. And judges are still fighting over it. However, sharing contents from sites like flickr or stockimages without approval is not genuine.

File sharing on file hosting sites

File sharing and downloading files, documents and software are legal. But downloading content is restricted if the offered copy is distributed without owner’s consent. Due to the violation of copyright terms and conditions, file hosting sites like Megaupload and kino.to are history.

Downloading software from torrents

This might be the best tool for enthusiasts to get full versions software. But these sites are also favorites of evil minded freaks to distribute malwares and viruses disguised as cracks and patches. So, it is not only illegal but also harmful to get applications from these services. Also, infamous thepiratebay is banned in some countries for the violation of copyright laws.

How to be genuine and legal

It does not mean that you have to pay for every product and  service and song to be genuine and legal. There are number of good free solutions and measures that can keep you away from piracy.

Get genuine Microsoft products including Windows 7 for free

This is strictly applicable only to students. Under dreamspark/ELMS program by Microsoft, students studying in colleges of Nepal can get free access to Microsoft products and serial keys.

All you have to do is contact MSP from your college or email MIC with scanned copy of your id with your details. But you are not allowed to distribute or sell the products.

Listen to songs

There are number of commercial services like zune pass, itunes, amazon music etc where you can purchase songs. But if you want to listen to songs anytime and anywhere completely free with music streaming services like MySpace Music, Grooveshark etc via their sites or apps.

Watch Movies

You can watch full length movies for free legally on youtube from YouTube Movies
And if you are fan of Hindi movies, it has a good collection for you.  

File Sharing

Unlike file hosting sites, cloud services like skydrive and dropbox are transparently legal for sharing your files and documents with your friends and family. But you have to make sure that you are not violating copyright terms of the site or your account may be terminated.  

Free alternatives for paid applications

Most people have misconception that paid applications are always better than free ones. Some commercial applications are really worthy for the purchase but there are also excellent free programs that will keep you away from the cracked and paid applications once you try them.

Microsoft Security Essentials

It guards your PC against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software in easy and intrusive way and has significantly minimum impact on system performance unlike other security solutions. You can get it for free after genuine validation and it is ON by default in windows 8. Once you try it, you do not have to look for other free or paid antivirus loaded with tons for features that are rarely useful to home users.


There are many systems optimizing software like Tune up, Norton Utilities, Speed up my PC etc. that claim to tune your PC to top performance. But instead of optimizing, they can cause your PC to slow down by their all time running services and automatic startups.

Actually, tools included in Windows like Defragmentation, Check Disk, Disk cleanup etc. are enough if you want to optimize your system. But you can use CCleaner for removing temporary and unwanted files and registry entries without affecting system performance.

VLC Media Player

This application is going to be more useful since there will be no default DVD playback support in Windows 8. And it supports almost all media formats.

There are really other good free programs that can complete your work without looking for the pre-activated or cracked version of the applications.

Extend trial period of some paid apps

 You can use the program Revo Uninstaller that uninstalls programs and removes all registry entries and leftover data and files and hence, also resets the trial period of programs. It only works some apps including internet download manager.

Why to use genuine apps?

It is a difficult and complicated question (at least in the context of Nepal).  I simply can not ask my friends to pay for the application that cost 80 $ when they can get it for free in matter of seconds on the web. Besides, if they really do want purchase, then also, it is hardly possible due to the weak online payment system in Nepal.  

One of the reasons may be they contain malware or virus that may affect and harm your sensitive data. But, people in Nepal are not much worried or aware about this issue or they do not have sensitive data that author of malwares can benefit from.  

I think what matters is the progress of our country in the IT sector compared to the world. I see there is no interest of international IT companies to launch their products in Nepal. Nepal is not in the list of supported nations for their service. Nepali is not getting latest software and hardware and enthusiastic Nepali students are deprived of latest technologies.  Furthermore, getting localized Nepali sites of Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia etc. is dream for Nepali people.

And all credit goes to piracy that we are doing proudly. There is literally no one who pays for the software, song or movie. Nepali is not a viable market for these products and can not attract their interests.  

So, what do you want to be: proud online pirate or genuine consumer?


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Office 15 Consumer Preview: In Depth Look


Microsoft unveiled its next generation of Office named "Office 15"  in San Francisco on Monday with revised user interface. The most notable change from previous versions is of course the move to clean, flat and metro like interface. As with metro apps in Windows 8, Office 15 provides chrome-less experience and helps you focus on your work rather than menus and tools making it like a true metro app.  Microsoft took the concept of metro to application icons as well giving them nice and modern metro feel.

“In my 18 years at Microsoft, I think this is the most transformational release I've worked on!” says Gray Knowlton, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office Division.

According to blog post from Office team,
the new Office also has a fast and fluid design that works with touch, stylus, mouse, or keyboard. It's also social, and unlocks modern scenarios in reading, note taking, meetings, and communications, all delivered through a personalized cloud service that's always up to date. 

What’s New

Start Experience

With Office 15, Microsoft provides a Windows 8 like start experience for its core office applications similar to Office for Mac.  The new start experience provides clean, simple and consistent user experience providing document templates to choose from or simply create a new blank document. You can also disable the start screen for your convenience.


Skydrive integration

Office 15 fully supports and integrates cloud services: Skydrive and Office 365 associated with them so that you can access your documents where ever you are.  This feature makes collaborating with people in projects easier and ensures that you never loose your data by protecting in the cloud.


Now, working with documents, presentations and worksheets is more fun with new background patterns (similar to Windows 8). You can choose from six styles: Calligraphy, Circle and Stripes, Circuit, Clouds, Straws, and Tree Rings.

Online picture supports

If you want to make your documents visually appealing, you can do more with the new office that lets you insert photos from online services like office clip arts, bing images, flickr and skydrive.

Multi-touch and gesture support

Paul Thurrott notes Katy Perry might say, “I touched office and I liked it”. 

The new office supports multi-touch devices like tablets and touch-screen ultrabooks. The new gestures make the office experience amazing. And touch mode and full screen experience makes multi-touch and gesture easier to use and convenient. Microsoft is taking Office productivity suites in the post pc era where touch and gestures will define computing.

Tap: Single click with mouse

Tap & Hold: Right click

Pinch & Stretch: zoom in and out

Slide: move the object

Flick: Scroll


Office Web Apps

Office web apps are not much changed from previous versions. Maybe Microsoft is trying to position web apps as Office companion but not as office alternative.  Microsoft is incorporating its favorite metro concept and giving menus and tools in word, powerpoint, excel and one note flat and clean meto look. Other changes include new page layout and new commands like grow /shrink font and line spacing for word, co-authoring (working on the same project from desktop app or web apps at the same time) comes to powerpoint and excel.




- Read mode provides immersive reading experience with handy reading tools such as define, translate and search on web. You can also zoom in on tables, charts and images.

- PDF support lets you view and edit PDF documents. It is also one of my favorite features.

- New navigational panel with its heading structure and page thumbnail view

- Live layout to preview of text flow around the image before releasing

-Design tab centers design related tools like theme, style color and more

-Present online that generates hyperlink that you can share with others so they can view online in browser

-Video support including online videos from youtube or bing video search

-Reviewing improvements with multi-author collaboration, comments debate and tracking



-Presenter view shows two displays and provides new tools to add notes to slides while presenting, grid of slides, new slide and more

-Onscreen present tools provide slide navigation, zoom and others.

- Theme variants with multiple colors and patterns

- Master level and smart guides to ensure slides and positioned properly and consistently.

- Eyedropper color selection to choose the exact color from anywhere on the screen. WOW!!

- More video format supports and play music in background during presentation

-Create new shapes by combing existing shapes


-Inline reply by default rather than opening new windows

-Windows 8 metro like notifications

-Hotmail and social connector integration to see updates from facebook, linked in and other networks

-Weather bar updates to calendar

-Exchange Active Sync support

- Navigation bar with pop up peeks to mail, calendar, tasks and people

-People provides single view for contacts from multiple accouts


-Native one note metro app for windows 8

-Embed office documents, link, video files directly into the notes

-More powerful tables similar to Word

-Improved ink support with full handwriting recognition

-Connect notes to outlook meeting

-Screenshot cropping that can be sent to notebooks in OneNote




For more screenshot, visit my previous blog: Office 15: What's New with Screenshots


Download Office 15 Consumer Preview


Reference: www.winsupersite.com

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Facebook aligns with Microsoft & McAfee to protect users from malware

Facebook is now helping its users to protect their computers by providing free security software downloads.  The social network is trying to help its nearly 1 billion users to combat against viruses and malwares.

On April, Facebook launched Facebook Antivirus Market place to provide free and best antivirus from industry leaders including Microsoft to protect users and devices from threats and stay safe whether on Facebook or other sites. The market place provides Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee,  Norton Antivirus,  Trend Micro Internet Security and Antivirus and Sophos antivirus for Mac.



Recently, Facebook announced that it is providing two products:  Microsoft's Security Essentials and McAfee's Scan and Repair. When facebook finds that your account or even your device is having issues that may be the result of malware, it prompts you download Microsoft Security Essentials or MaAfee one time scanner.

According to blog post from Facebook:

The Microsoft Security Essentials option is a full anti-virus product. Upon download and install, it will add anti-virus software to your computer that will continue to protect your system with the latest anti-virus signatures from Microsoft. 

The McAfee option will download a small program onto your Windows computer to perform a one-time scan of your system for malware. It will not interfere with your existing anti-virus or other security products. After it scans your system, it will give you the option to automatically or manually remove the files it flags as malicious.


Facebook is making technologies available to more users and helping users to keep their data and devices secure.

So, I hope you will make use of security solutions provided by facebook to secure your PC and also, help your friends to stay safe online or offline.


(images courtesy of facebook)

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How Microsoft Kinect changes technology

I think kinect is the most exciting technology ever created by Microsoft.  Microsoft kinect is truly the future of technology and computing.  With kinect, interacting with computer is fun and amazing.  It is changing how we watch movies, listen to music and most importantly, how we play games. With kinect, we are the controller. There is no keyboard and mouse or remote control.  We do not give commands but interact and talk with device.

Microsoft did not invent this technology. But we have to give credit to Microsoft for making it affordable, bringing in the homes of millions of people and providing developers endless opportunities to showcase their talent and creativity with Microsoft kinect.

And did you know Kinect holds the Guinness World Record of the “fastest selling consumer electronic device” by selling a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days.

 Games are more amazing when we are the controller

Playing games with kinect on Xbox 360 is like playing in real life. Controller-free gaming means full body play.  It tracks our every movement and responds accordingly.  It is all about getting off the seat and start kicking, jumping, dancing and many more.  And with voice recognition, kinect experience is more amazing. 

If you like dancing, you can show your dance moves in Just Dance. You can be your favorite character from Pixar movies like Incredibles, Ratatouille Up and Toy Story and begin the adventure with Kinect Rush.

Kinect is something for everyone- whether you are casual gamer or hard core gamer, there are amazing games for you.




You can get the feel of kinect like motion based gaming by playing Fitball in Windows 8 which uses webcam to track user's motion and heat maps.

Watch Kinect Video Demo at E3 2010 here:


TV is more interesting

Watching movies and listening music is exciting on kinect with xbox live – all controlled by the voice. Just say xbox and kinect listens.  Now, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Netflix, ESPN and other great services are part of xbox that provides unique experience not available on other platforms 

Kinect enhanced Internet Explorer

Now, Internet explorer is making its way to the living room. Microsoft announced at E3 Conference that users will be able to browse the web with their voice and gestures. Users will also be able to click links, type and scroll via smartglass app from smartphones. This is cool and of course changing the way we browse the web with new and amazing experience. And latest Smart TVs with internet apps already seem outdated, all credit to Internet Explorer for kinect.

Keeps us fit and healthy

With kinect, we are the controller. It means with every jump, kick and dance, while having fun, we  move our body. It is not only a good time but good for health too. There are games related to health and fitness like Zumba Fitness Rush, Dance Central and Kinect Training that will keep you physically fit.

So, if you do not like exercises, just play games and have fun.

How the world is using kinect

Kinect is more than playing games, watching movies and browsing internet.  Scientists are using kinect technology to develop small satellites that can be attached to form bigger satellite. Kinect is helping doctors in theraphy sessions and treating diseases like Store.  

Microsoft 's vision of what kinect can do in the future

Here is the video that shows the endless possibilities of kinect and how it can change our lives.


How kinect technology works



You can see Kinect Fusion demo at CES, 2012 here:



But I think Kinect is not yet available to purchase in Nepal and probably Microsott has no plans to bring kinect in emerging markets like Nepal. Anyway, if you can not hold your excitement for kinect, you can order via services like harilo.com


Source: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/kinect

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