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Book Review on C++ Pocket Reference

The book "C++ Pocket Reference" by Kyle Loudon is a quick reference to the C++ programming language. The writer has done a phenomenal job in explaining C++ syntax and codes in only 130 pages. This book gives easy descriptions on C++ class, method, syntax, commands and keywords. Since, every programmer cannot remember all the syntax of C++ elements this reference book provides easy guidelines to execute codes in C++. This book is also useful for Java and C Programmers who occasionally does programming in C++. It aims at the programmers of different levels to be efficient. The writer also focuses on infrequently used parts of the language.

As a beginner in C++, I was quite impressed with this book as it helped me to learn and understand different sections of C++.  This book really made it simple to learn type conversion, declaring variables and functions, statements, function and operator overloading in C++. Programmers are often confused in choosing between classes, structures and unions but this book makes it easy to understand the difference and their appropriate use. The book discusses on dynamic memory allocation and memory reclamation along with warnings for the wrong syntax. It also teaches us about exception handling in C++ with its specifications. Simple and clear code samples with comments further helps to understand the program easily. In addition, short note in every chapter adds value to the book.

So, as the name suggests, it is a handy book that you can take as a reference while working on your C++ projects.







Suraj KC

MSP 2013

Everest Engineering & Management College



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Windows Phone 8: Time to Shine


 If you are looking to get your next smartphone, I suggest you to hold on. New Windows Phone 8 is set all set to release in the last quarter of this year. The new series of Windows Phone 8 looks promising and innovative.

It is fascinating how Microsoft is quickly developing its mobile platform and is trying to shine in the duopoly of Samsung and Apple with Android and iPhone. Apps are heart and soul of any platform and Microsoft knows it better and with more than 300 app uploads per day, the Windows Phone Store (Previously Marketplace) has over 100 thousands apps.

2012 is an exciting year for Windows Phone. And especially in recent days, there were major announcements from Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia and HTC regarding Windows Phone 8 and its next generation devices. With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft leaves no area to complain about and offers something new and innovative for consumers to get excited about. The new features include new and more customizable start screen, Micro SD card support, multi core processors, NFC, screen capture, new kernel etc. And Microsoft has yet to announce other new features. May be it is holding off excitement for the launch of Window 8 on Oct 26.

In fact, the new Windows Phone 8 devices look better than recently launched iPhone 5. I am surprised that Apple is not innovating something new in this release as people had expected. And Samsung and other android phone makers are having hard time due to patent cases with Apple and Microsoft. So, it can be perfect time for Microsoft to capitalize the smartphone Market with Windows Phone 8.

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Deactivate facebook account: What you need to know ?

Facebook is kind of fun and awesome place to connect with your family and friends. But if you want to get unsocial and delete your social profile on Facebook, deactivate your account.

Facebook is just like part of our lives. It is all about our friends, special memories, jokes, hangouts, friendship & love and more. So completely getting out of Facebook is not possible. Therefore, Facebook has a feature “Deactivate your account”.  You can just delete yourself from Facebook and still get back to it anytime you want along with your complete social profile.

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook, you can do it here. Before deleting your account you can download a copy of your data from Facebook.

To deactivate your account, login to your Facebook and go to Security Settings under Account Settings.

Facebook will try its best and make it hard to change your mind about deactivating account by showing your photos of your friends with a message “If you deactivate your account, your 302 friends will not be able to keep in touch with you”

It will also asks for reasons leaving Facebook and will suggest solutions for your reasons. Just ignore all these, select “I have another Facebook account” and confirm deactivation.

And do keep in mind, if you are admin in any group, when you deactivate your account, groups with open privacy will no longer be editable. So, change your group settings to closed to allow any group member to become admin or make other member admin of that group or page. And don’t worry that your group might deleted if you leave Facebook.

After deactivating your account, your timeline disappears from Facebook immediately. People will not be able to search you, visit your profile, send you messages though some info like messages you sent may still be visible to others. And all your comments, photos and tags will disappear from your friends’ timeline.  But people will still be able to find you via Forgot your password and filling your information.

And what’s interesting is you can get all these back just by signing back to Facebook.

And when you deactivate your account, your name will still be visible in your friends’ list. Also, you will still be there in groups but your name will only be visible to admins.  If you were admin in groups, you will still be admin after you reactivate your account. And wondering if you will get notifications when you reactivate your account, of course there will be, but only about posts from groups you joined.



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