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3D Perspective Drawing in Illustrator

Software: Adobe Illustrator CS 5 o higher

Time: 15 minutes

Level: Medium


This tutorial is for absolute beginner. If you are not good at illustrator, do not worry.  So, lets get started.

Step 1

Open Illustrator and open new page

File -> New (Ctrl +N)

Step 2

Play with the Perspective Grid Tool.

Click Perspective Grid Tool (Shift + P)

Various menu under perspective grid tool allows to define your grid.  Look for suitable front view and side view of your project.

If you are an engineering student, you will understand, one point, two point and three point drawing. Here, we are working in default two point setting.

So, create a perfect two point grid that defines your front view and side view of the object.

Step 3

Select Rectangle Tool and draw in the perspective grid. Make sure left grid is selected when you are drawing in the left side of the grid. Similarly, change the selection to right grid to draw the part of right side.

The rectangle automatically defines its perspective and aligns with the grid.

You also can create 2D plain objects and drag and drop to the grid via Perspective Selection Tool (Shift + V )

Step 4

Draw the other side of building on the right grid. And do care about the lighting in buildings. So., the right side is a bit dark here.

Step 5

Now, you can create the remaining parts just like in Step 3 and 4. 


Step 6

Here is just 3D perspective view of two buildings. But you can create whole city view easily with Illustrator. And if you are creating in 3 point view,  that is more cool.


Illustrator is not just about perspective drawing. Do take a lot of time and hard work, you can create masterpiece with simple tools in Illustrator. And by using Perspective drawing in illustrator with textures and paths in Photoshop, you can create something like this



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Microsoft goes tough on kids with Windows 8


Windows 8:  Parental Control goes tough on kids

Microsoft is going bold with Windows 8. Security is one of the key feature that Microsoft is giving much more focus. With Windows 8, Microsoft is vastly improving its parental controls for strict monitoring and controlling kids' online behavior and PC activities.

Parental control is still there in Windows 7 with opt in download for Family Safety via Windows Live Essentials. But it was nicely hidden and due to its complex setup and user experience, people did not seem to care.  However, Microsoft clearly wants to keep your family safer in Windows 8.

So, Windows 8 is just perfect for parents who are worried about online safety of their kids and want to control their PC usage and other activities. But kids are sure to hate Microsoft for strict parental monitoring in Windows 8.

Unlike Windows 7, family safety option is nicely presented when you add a new user.  With new family safety in Windows 8, you will receive weekly email reports about your child’s PC usage and online activities. That makes it difficult for child to mess up with computer settings and hide their PC history.  And the restrictions that parent can set can make the kids go crazy.


In additions to restrictions available in Windows 7, parents can do more in upcoming release:

Web filtering for social networks, chat and websites

Safe Search for filtering adult contents on search engines

Windows Store app downloads limit by age

Application and game restrictions

Time limits


Windows 8 creates family friendly environment and can protect kids from cyber criminals, malwares, scams and identity theft.

 But what about kids’ digital life and privacy? Strict monitoring on PC activities can be harassing to the child.  Family safety tools can ensure that kids do not run into problems. So, how do they learn to tackle problems when they do not have one?

Technology is all about exploring and with monitoring and other restrictions, that is not possible.

And what’s more serious is The Family Safety if used in enterprise scenario can be nightmare for employees.  Reports on employees’ online activities and strict PC restrictions can be serious issue.

So, what do you think about Microsoft’s bold move with new family safety tools? Parents are going to love it. But what about their kids ( who have strict strict restrictions on their PC) ?




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Blogging Workshop @ MIC by MSPs


Today we all had a great day at MIC in blogging workshop. The program was interactive and kind of fun. I guess it was the first blogging workshop conducted by MSPs for the community.  The participants were from Everest Engineering & Management College, St. Xavier College, Prime College and Thapathali Campus. I am really happy that participants were interactive and had passion for blogging. 

All the MSPs worked really hard for the event. We started the program by kickoff presentation from Allen sir. We got chance to learn about some new and amazing products that will be launched this year by Microsoft and other new technologies.

We  basically focused on web 2.0 and blogging in technetnepal and msdnnepal. So as per the web 2.0 concept, blog is not just about texts and pictures. It  has to be interactive, participatory and fun. So, we had presentations and demos on following cool tools to make the blogs fun and exciting for the reader.:


Deep Zoom Composer

Image Composite Editor

Live Writer



Auto Collage, Photo Fuse and Panorama Maker ( Via Photo Galley  )

I was happy to get feedback  that we had good coordination among the MSPs. But all credit goes to such a good audience for cooperating and helping us. We had interesting time sharing what we learnt with demos and presentations.  So, hope to be part of this kind of events in coming days. 


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