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MSP SummIT: Career & Internship, faculties speak


Today we got opportunities to interact with faculties from different colleges and companies like BrainDigit and Generation Next.  Here are their personal views in career and internships for students in the MSP summit.


Ganesh Thapa Sir, Everest Engineering & Management College

You are studying bachelor level. There are lots of pressure and it is also time to enjoy. There are many things to focus. You should be happy within yourself. What you want to be is main thing, if you have your dedication, you can go on that hope and you should have definite plans.  Talking about entrepreneurship, what counts is what you have experienced. First of all, you need to make experiences. Earn your potentials. There is gap between academics and industry. Only some paragraphs of books are not enough what students are seeking. You have to look for other sources. Have passion for learning from everything you see. If industries ­tell college that course is not sufficient to work. But universities have provided the same course. But it is also providing extra training as and programs. There should be coordination between universities, Colleges and industries to fill the gap in internship and academics.


Santosh Sir, KEC

I would not like to call myself as computer engineer because I do not have technical knowledge. If u want to be a programmer, just academic is not enough if you want to become entrepreneur. If you want to do something that comes under technology, then you need to do something technical. If you want to do something, academic is one thing, but is not only important thing. To be engineer. You may not be good at studies, but you have to focus in some kind of technology like java, .Net etc. Academic is just a background but you have to go for new technology.


Abshiek Joshi Sir KCM

I graduated in Business Information System last year. I was not sure what I was going to do in the future. I carried out just to fulfil college requirements. I got idea from technology as well as management. So, in future I can focus on what interests me. I worked as system analyst in my internship. As management background, it was easy for me in banking solutions. I chose teaching assistant so I can teach my teaching producers and prepare for my application procedure. To go for exact direction, we have to look for options.

Ishwor Sir, BrainDigit

I am running a company which has 80 % developers. I am not a technical guy, I am from management background. Yet I am running a technical company. Talking about entrepreneurship, we should be doing things that can solve problems of people. In other words, it is touching lives of people. It is following your passion. Since childhood, my passion was in technical field. In bachelor, I had thought to devote my career in technology. You have to follow your dream. You have to think what you have to do in the future.  Just follow and believe in you. Do not be frustrated and you will learn in every steps. Regarding internship in company, college has to guide students. And as for career, salary is not the important thing. The main point is about learning. You are just learning when you are joining. Try focusing on learning and not earning. You can learn from anyone you see. And no one can stop you. Look at solving other problems and success will be yours.

Reg Bhandari Sir, LACM

We have merged course of management and technology. I am also coordinator of Lord Buddha Foundation.  To talk about internship, I feel there is problem in internship. Main requirements are not known and they are important in solving problems. You have to accept the given works.  Students go to intern area without mobility procedures.  Intern may provide you chance to be a entrepreneur. If u are interested in financial section or Business Analysis, you have to clarify the domain. Then accordingly provide applications. Then your career oriented objectives will be fulfilled. Make some guidelines where you really want to walk. Prepare reports that act as your business plans.  Do know the goal of organization and what they do. And then your internship will be fruitful. Neither college has analyzed not industry has analyzed the data. If we can manage in above way, then internship will be fruitful.


Nabin Karki Sir, Acme Engineering College

There is a trend in students that students do not work hard. They focus in theory and do not take practical work seriously. You have to develop good quality and make base in practical knowledge. Before doing internship, strengthen your base and determine your area of interest. You can consult with college and follow up accordingly.





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MSP SummIT: How far will you take Virtual ?


Here are main points from the presentation by Pradeep sir from MSP Summit:

- Microsoft Virtualization delivers more capabilities and more values

- Windows Server OS: provides various services to client computers

- Virtualization

IT based organizations need to virtualize existing infrastrucures


The Old Model

- a server sunning every application

- software and hardware tightly couples

- underutilized resources real costs infrastructures


The New Concept

- physical hardware is abstracted by virtualization layer or hypervisor

- manage OS and applications by single unit by encapsulating them into virtual machines

- separate OS and hardware and break software indepedencies


Virtual Infrasturucture

- brings uniformity to data centre

- dynamically map computing resources to business infrastructures

- Hyper V provides hardware virtualization in Windows 8 and Windows Server

- VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) is common virtualization format and is supported on virtual PC, Virtual Server and Hyper V



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MSP SummIT: Office 2013 Highlights


Here are the highlights from presentation on Office 2013 by Shreesti sis from MSP Summit:

New modern office is the most exciting release of Microsoft Office.

- Exchange

- Sharepoint

- Lync

- Office Pro Plus

- Web apps

 -Supported by all popular browsers


Office 2013 features

- modern style interface, cool and simple metro look

- Start Screen featuring templates, online services and opening documents

- Skydrive integration

- designed to integrate with cloud services

- syncing across devices

- save office documents online from any device at any time via office 2013 on PC or tablet or web apps and windows phone

- distract free and full screen use

- designed for touch and gestures like tap, swipe, pinch

- working and editing pdf files

- formatting task panels in powerpoint

- format picture and background in powerpoint

- easy charting

- recommended chart in Insert, add lines, parts

- bars, pie-charts to work on data easily

- more cool graphic options

- insert pictures from pc or online sources

- include office clipart, bing images or from your won online accounts – skydrive and flickr

- account login, easy access, edit and save files from skydrive

- integrated with skype and lync



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MSP SummIT: Microsoft Today


MIC Nepal is organizing MSP Summit in Mirabel resort in Dhulikhel for two days 10th and 11th November in partnership with GENXT, Dell exclusively for MSPs 2012 and 2013. The event is pretty exciting with presentations on new technologies, fun programs and lots of freebies.  And we have are having a good time learning new things with games and fun in between.

The summit started with keynote by Allen Sir and here are important points from the presentation.

The World Today

-Today’s technology is all about connected and continuous services.

-The developer landscape has changed and it is hard to imagine a device that does not run service in the background.

-Standards and openness are normal

- Now, we do not call PCs. Instead they are devices since windows run across all devices.

- Now, its not about competition about Microsoft with open source. Microsoft embraced open source technology and supported it by integrating linux in azure and with online source code communities like codeplex, sourceforge etc.



- Success or potential for success in the marketplace is what makes a device interesting enough for developers to write apps for the platform

- touch first, full screen and social and cloud integrated experience


Cloud Platform

- Windows platform that operates on global scale and provide developers with infinitely scalable computing, storage and networking

- Identity, management, virtualization, app platform

Windows server is about cloud optimization in datacenter with enhanced support for virtualization and high active directory.

- .Net/node.js/PHP.Java/SQL/Hadoop/Mongo DB/REST/JSON support in Windows Azure


Biggest launch year in the history of Microsoft

- Skype, Xbox 360 gets TV, Kinect, Lumia 920, System Centre, Skype, Intune, Windows 8, Barnes & Nobel, Yammer, Smartglass, IE for Xbox, Visuual Studio 2012, Bing plus facebook, Office 365 for education,Halo 4, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Dynamics, Kinect for Windows, SQL Server 2012 and many more


PC and tablets

Windows -> 1.3 billion PCs

Windows is for everyone

Windows is remagined with no compromise experience

Support for XBOX 3690 architectures

World’s biggest developers opportunity



- Windows Phone 8

- relate to people who mater to you most

- best of Microsoft services built in

- XBOX, Bing, IE, Office integrated

- Global platform with 50 languages and up to 180 countries support

- Developer momentum, pretty exciting

>100,000 + 300 new apps aside

>16,000 >registered developers


Gaming and entertainment

-Xbox – console of choice around the world

- View your digital media

- Moution based and voice controlled Kinect experiemce



> 250 million connected users per month

> 40 million users at peak time

- Office / Lync integration

- Skype as common communication choice

- Billion people every day for sharing experiences


Server tools and cloud

- Windows azure

- Windows Server 2012



- Office 2013

- Office 365

- Sharepoint and Yammer

- Exchange and Lync

- Office for iPhone, Android and iPad coming soon



- Bing

less searching, more doing

- make it social

- partnership with yahoo, facebook, twitter

- enhance Microsoft assets

- Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone



- connecting consumers

- rich advertising experiences across Microsoft platform

- empowering developers

- advertising at large scale

- connection across Windows, XBOX, Windows Phone


Windows 8

Windows 7 -> 690 M

Android -> 343 M

iOS -> 190 M

Mac -> 32 M

As on March 2012, IDC

 - windows remained

- tablets, laptops, to all in ones

- touch, mouse and keyboard


Windows store

- unprecedented reach

- optimized for discoverability

- transparent approval process

- flexible business model

- developer revenue

- revenue sharing with Microsoft

- Nepal too in Developer market for Windows 8 apps


Windows Phone 8

- more markets

- better monetization

- next generation platform

- more opportunity

- might get Nepali language support in March, 2013






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Multi-Screens for work and play in Windows 8


Windows 8 is pretty amazing with hundreds of new features. And multi-monitor enhancements vastly improve productivity in Windows 8 devices. And you do not have to be geeky or IT pro to use this feature. It is quite simple and easy.

First, you require a primary windows 8 device and second or third screens to setup multi-monitor. And if you are a student like me, you might have a laptop and a desktop monitor. Then that’s it, you are ready to go on with multi-monitor experience in Windows 8. Just connect the cable of monitor to the laptop and it acts like your secondary screen.

When you connect your secondary screen, it might duplicate your primary screen. But that is only useful for projection on a large display. So, what’s cool is new Extend option that gives you multitasking capabilities across the multiple screens seamlessly.  To extend your display, go to devices and second screen via charms or just press Win + P and Extend.

start screen on both screens


Multiple screens in windows 8 allow side by side metro and desktop apps. That means, it just creates perfect environment for work and play. You can just browse the web, play games or chat with your friend in new start screen alive with updating tiles and new apps. And you can continue with your serious work, may be in Word or Photoshop which need to run in desktop in your secondary screen.

Windows 8 app and desktop app side by side

desktop mode in both primary and secondary screen


span desktop background across screens 


And what I do is, play videos and movies on secondary screen and use Facebook in primary screen. That is not productive, still fun and amazing experience.

Windows 8 also provides rich set of options to enhance your multi-screen environment. You can go to desktop or start screen on both screens. You can easily switch screen to open apps. But you cannot run two windows 8 app side by side on both screens and the case is same for desktop apps. Still you can open start screen or desktop on both screens at once.

Other features include:

Different desktop background on each screen.

Span desktop background across monitor with new panoramic themes.

Multi-monitor slide show

Extended multi-monitor taskbar




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Mobile broadband and metered connection in Windows 8

Windows 8 is re-imagined from chipsets, apps to whole user experience.  And it is also designed to connect with mobile networks and internet data cards providing uncompromising internet speed while saving the data cost.

It provides integrated and simpler mobile broadband connection. If you are using mobile broadband dongle ie Ncell Data Card or embedded SIM module, Windows 8 provides you rich set of features connecting to the internet and also reduce your data cost.

Mobile broadband was first included in Windows 7. But it was non-intrusive and required drivers and software setup to connect mobile broadband in your PC. In Windows 8, mobile broadband should just work without needing to install extra drivers, according to Microsoft. But this may be true in case US and international mobile networks like At & T, Reliance etc. And mobile broadband in Nepal may not be compatible with universal driver in Windows 8. However, it is an awesome feature and things may change over time here in Nepal too.

Mostly internet data cards come in limited internet packages and your internet data can be used up pretty quick if you do not care giving you bill-shock. Of course, there are couple of tricks like using  Opera Unite for compressing web pages, disabling flash content and images,  IM apps for chatting etc. while on mobile networks. Windows 8 brings new feature ie metered connection that can help you reduce your data cost. And the best part is it just works intrusively with no compromises.

WiFi network is non-metered and mobile broadband is metered by default. And ethernet connection cannot be set to metered.

When you are in metered connection:

You can monitor data consumption and set data limit. You can even set WiFi network as metered connection but cannot set data limit.

Your windows update is paused and will resume when you switch to WiFi or ethernet connection, thus saving you from downloading MBs of data from your limited data card. But Windows update labeled as “critical” like fix for blaster worm will be downloaded even if you are on metered connection.

Syncing of apps, settings and data will be disabled.

Apps downloading from Windows store might be paused.

Tiles might not be live updating.

Images in apps and web pages might be of low resolutions.

You also can change settings to download info and device drivers or sync settings even on a metered connection via PC settings.

And there is a new option Airplane Mode. Just like in smartphones, this mode cuts off all radio communications. So, if you are not using your WiFi or mobile broadband, you can enable airplane mode. 


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Create a Virtual OS with Hyper V


One of the best feature in Window 8 I have come to love is Hyper V. In simple words, Hyper V lets you create a virtual environment or virtual OS.  Of course there are different virtualization tools like VMware and Virtual box that can get the job done. But Hyper V really stand outs in its rich and integrated features in Windows 8 and making IT administrations easier to deploy their apps and resources in virtual environment.  

The best practical example for me is running multiple operating systems on my device. Yes there can be dual boots but that just creates hassles of switching between the operating systems and mess up with hardware settings. Hyper V creates a new kind of layer to the installed virtual OS that can just use the allocated resources and thus remains isolated with outside hardware and software settings.

You might ask yourself do I need to run multiple OSes. So, if you want to try a new system may be Linux Ubuntu or Fedora without messing with your current OS, or if your device drivers were just compatible with the earlier versions of Windows, you may need to virtualize Windows XP.

To run Hyper V, you require Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Server.

So, let’s get started.

Note: Click the image to view in large size.

Step 1:

Hyper V is turned off by default in Windows 8. You have to enable it by:

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Add remove Features -> Tick Hyper V

And restart your PC for changes to occur.


Step 2:

Run Hyper-V Manager from start screen.

Step 3:

 Under Hyper-V Manager, right click your PC name, Select New and then Virtual Machine.

Step 4:

New Virtual Machine wizard will appear plain and simple to configure. You can specify name and click finish. It will save your preferences with preconfigured settings. We will come to setting later on.

Step 5:

 Now you will require new Network Switch. To create one switch back to Hyper V Manager and open Virtual Switch Manager under Actions panel. The new wizard will prompt you to select External, Internal or Private Switch. For now just add External Virtual Switch. Apply your appropriate Network settings.

Step 6:

Virtual OS will appear in Virtual Machines. Right Click and Click Settings. You will get to Add Hardware option. There are different settings that you can use to add devices to your virtual machine. The earlier versions of Windows might not support new Hype V network adapter settings. So, select Legacy Network Adapter and Add your New virtual Switch.

Step 7:

 Go back to your virtual machine settings. Click Memory give a required value.  Min 1 GB for Windows 7. It means your virtual OS will use that memory from your Total RAM.  

Step 8:

Go to Hard Drive and click Edit under Virtual Hard Disk. Select Expand (or other options as you prefer).  Click Next and five Hard disk size for the virtual drive and finish.

Step 9:

To load your Operating System. Go to DVD Diver under IDE Controller. And locate your ISO image.

 You can apply virtual machine settings.

Step 10:

To start your virtual machine, right click your virtual machine name and Connect.

Step 11:

Turn on your virtual Machine by clicking Green button on the top.

Step 12:

Your Windows 8 Virtual OS is ready to install.





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