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Being a Microsoft Student Partner

This year as an MSP has been pretty exciting with surprises and new experiences. I think it has completely changed my life and redefined who I am. I am getting everything that I had ever dreamt of – new friends, playing with new technologies, learning new things etc.

 If you are a so much into technology being an MSP gives a platform to explore the insights of new technologies, meet like-minded people and opportunity to share and learn with IT community. And you can be a on your campus with the knowledge on latest technologies.

I am really glad to be part of MSP 2013, to be meeting new people and interacting with fellow MSPs and contributing to make in difference in the students' community. 

 The most exciting thing about being an MSP is you get to explore and learn new solutions and technologies. And here in MIC, we got chance to play with Windows 8, before it was globally launched. And to be using Office 2013, Lync, Hyper V and other Microsoft solutions is quite a fun. As an MSP, we are provided MSDN subscription that gives us access to all the resources, products and developer support from Microsoft. MSP program has been helpful in building and igniting career path with Microsoft Certifications. And it is feels pretty awesome to be a Microsoft Certified Professional. MSPs also do get opportunity to get to build relations with Microsoft Valuable Professionals who are best in their own fields. And we can join the online community of MSPs and Microsoft experts and discover and learn new things.

We are provided with trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance our knowledge on cutting edge technologies. And the best part is we can take the trainings to students’ community and share what we have learnt.


We have organised different college events with support from MIC Nepal. These include:

Web Road Show: This event was jointly organized by MIC Nepal and Brain Digit with the MSPs to teach students about SageFrame as CMS.

Windows 8 Utshav: It was quite a fun to showcase students’ community Microsoft’s new and bold OS. There were presentations on new features in Windows 8 from the MIC team.

Tech Explosion: The Tech Explosion is about bringing best brands together: Microsoft and Dell (by geNext). This event featured Hyper V virtualization in Windows and new Dell technologies.


Windows 8 App Dev Camp: This is of course the best program run by MSPs in their colleges. MSPs, from Prime, Pulchowk, KEC, St. Xaviers and Everest ran these trainings and provided students with tools and knowledge on building Windows Store apps.

Blogging Workshop: We took this training to the students’ community and introduced them to blogs and helped them create their own blogs.

Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy is run by MIC that helps elderly people learn basic level computing. And MSP from St. Xavier shared this event with her community in Patan. Similarly, MSP from Bernhardt College took this training to Dang and educated the community.





 Being MSP is not just all about technology. It is something more and I guess that is the best part why we are here. It is about meeting new people who you can be best friends with. We sure had a great time during the MSP SUmmIT at Dhulikhel. Meetings and events are always pleasing to attend.

MSPs in action

A day in life of an MSP, Rushmi Bhuju ( Nagarjuna College)



And here are interviews of MSP from Nepal (via technetnepal):


Shraya Joshi

Suraj KC

Julia Aryal

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Windows Blue: Everything You Need To Know

Windows Blue aka Windows 8.1 is the next release of Windows 8.



Windows 8 was launched in Oct 26, 2012 with the re-imagined UI embracing touch for tablets and touch devices with mouse and keyboard support as well. And Microsoft is supposed to be preparing new updates code-named “Blue” that could be announced for public beta sometime around June 26 at Build Conference.

Windows Blue ie 8.1 could be a feature/service pack and might be provided free to users pushed via Windows Update.

However, the unofficial version is already available on the internet. This release shows some of the improvements and updates coming in next release of Windows.

I am glad to be using Windows Blue (on Hyper V in Windows 8 Pro). And if you want to try, I recommend you to run in virtually and not to install on your hard disk as it is an early beta release ie. it can be unstable, cause problems and incompatible with drivers.

Windows Blue add improvements and adds new personalization options in Windows 8 “metro” environment. Microsoft is phasing out desktop in favor of new touch friendly UI, shows Windows Blue.

Here are some of the new features in Windows Blue:

New Personalization options

Now, the personalization for start screen pops in right side making it more user friendly and adds infinite color choices for foreground/background. But, no new start screen pattern is added.

Also, it enables Windows Phone 8 style new tile size. Desktop tile is unique and you can make it extra-large and other app tiles support smaller size. Arranging tiles and renaming groups is efficient.

Snap two apps on 50/50 screen

This is probably the best feature I am excited about. In Windows 8, you can snap an app only on 1/3rd of the screen. But the new snap feature makes more sense and enables easier multitasking.
Windows 8 requires minimum of 1366 * 768 px to use snap. However, Windows Blue lets you snap two apps side by side in 1024 * 768 px.

New Windows 8 default apps

Movie Maker aka Movie Moments, Sound Recorder and Calculator are going Windows 8 style in Windows Blue. They have beautiful design but for now they are broken and I guess coding is not completed as it is just in early beta.

New PC Settings

Windows Blue adds some of the settings from Control Panel to PC Settings make it easier for touch users. And now Search feature is also integrated in PC Settings. However, it is not working for now.

Skydrive Integration

In addition to Skydrive app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 could have skydrive integration in the PC by default. There is Skydrive tool in PC Settings ( but under construction for now)

Share from Desktop

If you wanted to share something from Desktop in Windows 8, you would be greeted with weird message, “Nothing can be shared from Desktop”. Windows Blue lets you use share charm to share screenshot of desktop or use Skydrive ( I have no idea what skydrive shares from desktop, as it is broken for now).

Internet Explorer 11

Windows Blue has RTM edition of IE 11 which is just like IE10 but adds more HTML 5 capabilities, loads sites faster and SPDY, WebGL support in the Internet Explorer.

However, the default apps like People, Photos, Music etc. are not updated and Desktop part is all same as Windows 8.

And the worst thing is you cannot access Windows Store. You need some kind of confidential Microsoft ID to use the Windows Store.

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